Yesterday we saw the Skype app received quite a large update that brought an enhanced interface to everyone, but video calling to only a few select devices. The Google Nexus S was included, but not its Wimax cousin on Sprint. But Skype just tweeted that they have added the Nexus S 4G. While we would sure like to see more devices, it is a start, and at least we know they are working on it behind the scenes still.

Source: Twitter: Thanks, John!


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Skype adds Nexus S 4G to its video calling roster


downloaded the apk yesterday and had video working awesome on my SGSII. Just downloaded the hacked new update one too.

I tried it on my Nexus S 4G, and even over 3G it's surprisingly good. Streaming is rather smooth, and the other party said my video was coming through fine.


still doesn't work on my Nexus S with ATT 3G bands.

Downloaded the hacked version and it works fine.

What I'm not getting at is how all these other phones get the official Skype video calling when the thunderbolt suppose to be the first.

Are folks loving this update? I hate it. There doesn't seem to be a way to change your status (e.g. Away, Invisible, Offline) as was possible before. All I can find is Sign off at various time intervals.

On top of that, Skype insists on launching and running in the background EVERY TIME you boot your phone and it takes a surprising amount of memory.

There is no way to unset this option.

(Please, no "its all paged out and doesn't hurt you" lectures.)

Hey, I must be dumb but i don't understand when trying to create Skype account the phone#. It has my cell phone# in the box but it says to use country code e.g.+44 1234567 , please help! I don't understand?

Try creating your account on your computer via (US), and then log in via the mobile app. Sounds like you are creating a European account.

Hey Skype how bout newer phones like EVO 3d.... Front facing camera and and Skype not supporting .... Sup wit that

The Nexus S (I9020AUCKD1 with AT&T/ROGERS 3G bands) still doesn't have official support for video calling. That is really effing annoying. I was looking forward to video chatting with my girlfriend overseas no matter where I was, only to have my hopes and dreams shattered. Skype must have forgotten that there is more than one Nexus S model out there.