ScoreMobile for Nexus 7 and Android tablets released

Sports fans, you'll be happy to hear that most excellent ScoreMobile app for Android has been re-jiggered to run on the Google Nexus 7 and other Android tablets. The usual features are still there, like:

  • Personalized navigation with "My Score"
  • Game view offering scores, stats and Twitter streams
  • Interactive live blogs during key games
  • TV segments and video highlights for selected leagues
  • Integrated social sharing tools

There's also some dedicated 2012 Olympics coverage nestled in the app among all of the other football, basketball, golf, MMA, auto racing, soccer, and tennis sections. If you're seriously into the Olympics, be sure to check out our Olympics app roundup for a few more suggestions. 


Reader comments

ScoreMobile for Nexus 7 and Android tablets released


I've never tried Scoremobile but I'm willing to give the tablet version a shot. Sending it to my N7 now. Looking forward to trying it when I get home tonight.

Tried to download to my Transformer Pad tf300, & it says not compatible. Read app description & it says only for Nexus 7. Not sure why they would do that. Hopefully they'll update soon. It's my go-to sports app for my phone.

Yeah, I use this app frequently also. I like the fact that MMA is included. I don't have the N7 but it work's great on my Gnex!

WTF? It says it's for tablets. Not everybody has a Nexus 7. Why is the entire line of Transformer tablets left out? It's the only sports score app that updates often enough to keep up with a game but has left tablets out for over a year. C'MON!

I spoke the developer and they said it is only compatible with Jelly Bean tablets. So the story is incorrect. This is for one existing tablet. Seems pretty silly to me and I am surprised that the AC missed this in their article.

Only for Jelly Bean tablets... 0.o I hope this is fixed in the future, otherwise this is just awful. The tablet I have will probably never even get Gingerbread, definitely won't get ICS, and especially JB.

Where were my hopes? They were up, just to come crashing down to Earth in fiery wreck.