Samsung would like busy moms to believe that their new Galaxy Tab is the key to efficient motherhood. Targeting moms seems as though it's becoming a trend lately (Hi, Verizon and Palm!), but it's not like men won't be buying it, too.

Toting a 7-inch WSVGA TFT-LCD display, Android 2.2, front- and rear-facing cameras, and a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, the Galaxy Tab is a device that most of us are clamoring over, not just our dear mothers. And with the Galaxy Tab on all four major U.S. carriers, we'll have ours soon enough. [Samsung]


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Samsung wants your mom to use the Galaxy Tab


I don't usually care what the he'll steve jobs say, he doesn't dictate what I want & what I buy. But I have to agree w/ him on this. That is literally to small, holy sh*t. At least make it 8 or even 8 1/2. I really wonder how this thing is gonna do.

I agree with you, and Jobs. I have on my wish list a 10-inch android tablet (preferably HTC)... not a 7", not an 8"... a 10"!

p.s. makes sense to market to women though, it's too big for a pocket and too small for what most of us want... but it'll fit perfect in a purse!

It will do good. Its the only real option to the ipad right now. Alot of people aren't going to wait for the Android tablet rush in the next few months. Plus moms will most likely appreciate the purse friendly mini tab. Im waiting for HTC to launch a GOOGLE Chrome tab w/dual core processor

That's what I'm talking about. Your speaking in terms of a geek. I guarantee no one is gonna care about dual core processor. The os is everything. It's not always about tech specs, there not desktops. There low powered devices. And how is having 10 inch tablet different then carrying a 13 laptop around. Get a book bag, a briefcase. And also this is way too big to be a phone & too small to be a tablet.

I'm certainly not clamoring for a device that just blows my Galaxy S up to a 7" screen.

Give it a tablet optimized interface (and tablet optimized apps) and we'll talk... for now, it feels like an overgrown phone released for the holidays so Samsung could say "See, we are competing with the iPad!"

Thankfully we aren't going to see too many of these half-baked Android tablets before Gingerbread. I'd far prefer device makers wait until Google has a real tablet story than sell a bunch of overgrown phones that give the platform a bad reputation.

My mom, no... my wife, maybe.

BUT someone needs to make a larger screen... I like the size of the iPad's screen... the 7" screen might be a little too small, even for my wife.

I would het one. O have an iPad and it is a bit large to carry around. This seems to be almost perfect bit I think 8 will be right on the money instead of 7or 9. It is perfect for my daughter to watch movies on.

I'm going to sound off on this. I had a chance to play with these at a Sprint event in Kansas City. They were live and working on our Sprint Network. I wasn't sure what to make of it when I started tooling around with it, but I have to say these are impressive tablets. Its big enough to feel like its substantial and provides plenty of viewable space for games, ebooks/magazines, and application space. One of the things that I found interesting is that its just at the size where you can still hold it and bang out a text/email or whatnot using the keyboard but still HOLDING the device. There is no way to do that with the iPad. I tried as they had one sitting next to the two Samsung tabs. The calendar and photo albums are very nice and the integration with Google, again is key to a lot.

So, for first hand look, I would say that I'd be tempted to get one to replace my netbook option. I like that the 7" screen is actually quite workable and its very hand holdable versus a larger tablet that may have more space but is not quite as "handy".

Plain and simple. If I'm forced to carry something that weighs more than a pound and has a 10"ish screen, it's not going to be a tablet.

Netbooks are cheaper, run better, do more, and can be used without hooking them up to another computer to activate them.

If I were to buy a tablet, the first requirement would be the 7" size, followed by being able to be used without iTunes.

I have a notebook. I don't use it, unless I'm going to visit with relatives for a few days. I've looked at netbooks, and I've decided that they're unusable notebooks. I got my Nexus One in January (before Apple announced their "revolutionary" device) and realized how great a ten inch version of it would be. And the iPad was announced, and I wondered who Jobs thought he was kidding. Apparently, he was kidding a lot of people.

While I will still want a ten inch tablet for around the house, I think a 7 inch will be perfect for taking with me.

Thanks to Google, we have to wait for Gingerbread for that, at least if we want it with the market. And Google maps.

Wifi n non contract and priced between$300-400. Then sold. I'd rather a netbook than an ipad for the same weight/size.

So basically, you want Samsung to build it for you, then just give it to you at their cost? There's a reason you have to pay $500 and up for a smart phone. Touch screens aren't cheap. Just look at what touch screen monitors cost. And you want that and the computer for under $400? Might as well ask for a Lamborghini for 10 grand.

i just wish this device was a phone as well, id try it out for awhile as my daily device, tab/phone and ditch my evo...

Do you guys agree that Samsung have got their pricing for the Galaxy Tab wrong? It seems like they are pricing it as a cell phone rather than as a tablet PC. In order to win the "mom market" I think they need to price themselves cheaper than the iPad. At the moment the best Galaxy Tab offers seem to be sim-free.