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Korean manufacturer rightfully expects Galaxy S5 sales to surpass that of the Galaxy S4

Samsung has just released its earnings report for the first quarter of 2014, ending a relatively flat three months with either modest gains or declines for most areas of its business. The company as a whole ended Q1 with $51.8 billion in revenue, up slightly year-over-year, leading to $8.2 billion in operating profit and $7.3 billion in net profit. The mobile side of Samsung's business alone made up $30.29 billion of that revenue and $6.2 billion in operating profit — a huge portion of the company's overall earnings.

Though market demand is naturally lower in Q1 than it is in Q4 each year, Samsung saw mobile operating profits jump 18 percent from the end of 2013. It naturally called out strong sales of the Galaxy S4 and Note 3 as being big sales drivers in the quarter, making way for the Galaxy S5 which didn't actually launch until after the quarter ended. Samsung expectedly says that the Galaxy S5 is set to sell more than its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, over time. Tablet sales remained "solid," with total shipments reaching nearly 13 million in the quarter.

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Samsung posts $51.8 billion in revenues, $7.3 billion net profit in Q1 2014


Can't really compare the two all that well.
Samsung's reach extends far from just the computing world. Plus, they release about a dozen smart phones a year.

But continue... the blind fanboy wars can be entertaining.

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Uhm. Apparently math isn't your strong suit because Apple's profits for the quarter ($10.2 billion) were higher than Samsung's ($7.3 billion). And that was with less overall revenue.

and that's because samsung spends far more than apple, plus let's see what the profits will be in Q2, samsung surpassed apple in net profits in Q2 and Q3 last year

Samsung has more markets and is very popular in India and China where it get's most of it's sales by being in the 2 largest population's on earth. Apple does not have much of a presence in the Indian and Chinese markets like Samsung

It's higher but not by much. The GS5 should help close the gap by the next year.

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Samsung actually innovates, unlike Apple. Innovation requires R&D, which takes $. Apple puts out the same product year after year and then calls it "magic", lol!

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He didnt specifically mention the S5 or are you implying samsung spends R&D only on the S5? they spend money on innovation on displays (YOUM), batteries, etc.

God you Samsung shills are so touchy. He said Samsung innovates. I asked him to provide an example of innovation on one of their highest profile products.

and you are a shill of?..... HTc? apple?

and i provided you with examples where samsung spends their money on R&D and yet you ignored it

R & D is a matter of time. Todays "ho hum" was yesterdays innovation. The wrap around screen that is rumored for the Note 4 is a perfect example that was shown off what 2 years ago? Flexible screens is another....

JUst because it is common now, doesnt mean it was not spectacular at one point.

When I say Samsung and innovation in the same sentence, the first thing that comes to my mind is Youm. Samsung and Google are by far the most innovative companies, Google is working on that both Project Ara and Project Tango. Apple is by far the most boring company.
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Just because Apple doesn't publicize things like Google and Samsung does, doesn't mean they don't have a skunkworks like both of those companies. Apple's R&D has always been the most secretive part of the company.

So secretive that nothing ever gets released to the public? Thats secretive! Taking other peoples hardware and covering it in aluminium year after year isnt innovation, secretive or not.

The iPhone and iPad are good examples of when Apple innovates. Up until their release, those projects were in Apple R&D for YEARS.

It was the first smartphone to have mimo wifi, hearbeat monitoring technology, surely appealing to anyone who works in the healthcare industry or around older folks.

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Actually doesn't every smartphone have a heart rate monitor? There are apps for that.

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Just cause "you" say? Innovation means to change your everyday use of a device.

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Uh no. Adding something that already existed to a product category that would have gotten such things eventually is not innovative. (and, in the case of the heart rate monitor, adding something that already existed on phones through third party apps) MIMO was already in tablets. The only reason it wasn't in phones is because chipmakers hadn't built the necessary components that small yet. That is a classic case of iteration, not innovation.

The word "troll" is about as overly used and abused as the word "racist"! Some words are used so loosely their meaning gets diluted!

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Lol! Let's take the sales and profit of the 4s, 5, and 5s vs. the GS3, GS4, and GS5. Apple will laugh all the way to the bank. And the sales figures on those 3 iPhones will blow the sales figures of the 3 Samesungs out of the water.

despite what various websites have stated about the operating profit decline from the Q1 last year, if not for the stronger korean won, samsung actually had a higher operating profit in dollars (8.2 billion USD) compared to last year (7.9 B) and even then they still managed to gain a higher net profit than last year, which im sure shattered expectations.

So much for "struggling" samsung

Very few sites actually claimed it declined. What most were saying, however, was that Samsung's profits should have been much stronger given their market position.

no you will see more often in the headlines "decline in operating profit", check reuters, bbc, nasdaq, etc.

its YOY, comparing the Q1 2013 to Q2 in korean won. How can they decline over Q4 when they posted higher profits this quarter??

Ahh I see what you're talking about.

But, you're still wrong. The operating profit of $8.49 billion was lower than last year's operating profit of $8.78 billion.

What you're talking about is NET profit, which is a different set of numbers.

Well since u brought up us dollars u should note last year's operating profit was "only" 7.9 b not 8.78. The korean won today is stronger than last year

What part was i wrong? And you're the one who used us dollars not me i merely pointed out your conversion was wrong

You said they were incorrectly claiming a drop in operating profit. You claimed that such a drop did not occur. However, such a drop DID occur. The numbers were posted up there. Take a gander at them. 5

Yet they can't ship wireless charging built-in on their flagship device.

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This. You don't want to pay extra price for stuff that you don't need in the phone.

My device went through hell to send this message.

You've heard Phil say it more than once and it's true. Grow or die. Samsung has got the growing part down pretty well.

Really? As if this is a surprise. We all know Samsung will continue to make ton loads of money for the next few years even if they make average products.

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well its kinda funny because in most android websites and anything related to samsung or the s5 the M8 fans will just jump on it and bash at will. But we all know what's the real scenario in the real world especially financial wise between these two companies

Samsung makes tanks and boats. It's really difficult to compare them to anything. And I'm really not sure what point you're trying to make, perhaps you could elaborate.

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Tanks and boats are not part of samsung electronics. 75% of samsung electronics profits come from mobile hence the comparison to HTC. And mind u I don't bash on HTC just I noticed their fans like to bash samsung a lot

Why do you bring up HTC fans? HTC is on their way out the door. When they go, so do their supporters. Then all of you Samsung lovers will have all of the Android websites and forums to yourselves. You will all live in peace and harmony while singing, dancing, and gently placing skittles on each others tongue as a prelude to a hot sensual french kiss.
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Because the HTC fanboys are obnoxious and always wanna bash Samsung. But guess who laughs all the way to the bank.

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That's not true cause they will fight amongst themselves Note series vs S series I've seen it allready the note guys are bashing on the s5 I find it pretty funny.

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No surprise there. The success of the S4 and Note 3 really helped them. Not to mention they are a giant conglomerate that makes hundreds of other products besides phones and TVs.

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I'm glad they're a successful company even though I chose the m8 over the s5. Hopefully the rumors of an "s5 prime" are real though. I'm a fan of build quality and I'm certain Samsung has the ability to bring to market a higher quality build. Question is will they?

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"Build quality" is for artificial people. Function over form is what matters.

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Or, build quality is for people that care about their $650 device feeling like a $650 device. Its something HTC, Apple, Sony, and hell, even LG understand, but Samsung just doesn't.

Oh good, I'm glad people are resorting to petty fanboy wars here. Come on people, both company's make good stuff.

Well what s5 is same as s4, there is no difference, and why is Samsung boasting about benchmarks using snapdragon chip, well exynos was such a big failure, that they had to eat their own dog food, and I thought that s5 would be 64 bit its just same, same design, they added heart sensor and finger scanner that's also won't work like touch I'd, why is Samsung trying to copy apple, also the design from s2 to s5 is same, people don't see that and they always complain that apple kept the same design, atleast they are changing it every 2 years, and also they only increased the screen size every year, and i think that s6 will be 5.3 inch, if u are a gamer just like me then you will be disappointed by s5, so poorly optimization of software, that almost all the game lags, and I m sure that Samsung fans just gonna buy it....neways good luck.

Well same design, added heart sensor and finger print scanner, also all the galaxy from s2 to s5 looks same, only the screen is bigger and about the performance they all are same, just curious why are they using snapdragon chips and boasting about benchmark well I m sure that exynos octacore was just a failure, and also the mostly flagship products gets updated while others lags behind others, so pls don't compete with apple, they are in the different league, pls make the product better, no improvements in gaming, most of the game lags, only coming up with newer chips no software optimization, same as Samsung s4, s3, if I be to choose I will rather go with HTC or lg.