Galaxy S5

Samsung’s best gets even better in the Galaxy S5 — we take it out for a spin

Mobile World Congress

Behold, the Samsung Galaxy S5. The Korean manufacturer at Mobile World Congress unveiled the fifth iteration of its flagship Android smartphone. And as we’ve come to expect, this one’s better than every one that’s come before it.

Let’s start with the basic Galaxy S5 specs:

  • 5.1-inch display. Android 4.4 KitKat.
  • 16-megapixel rear camera.
  • 2 gigabytes of RAM.
  • Storage options of 16 or 32 gigabytes.
  • MicroSD card storage.
  • Waterproofing with a IP67 rating.
  • 802.11 ac Wifi, with MIMIO (2x2).
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • USB 3.0.
  • NFC.
  • IR port.
  • 2,800 mAh (removable) battery.

What else could you want in the Galaxy S5? And we haven’t even mentioned all the software customizations. We’ve gotten a brief look at the Galaxy S5 here in Barcelona. Come with us now as we walk you through the GS5, as only Android Central can.

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Update on April 18, 2014: Be sure to check out our comprehensive Galaxy S5 review!


The Samsung Galaxy S5 video hands-on

Samsung Galaxy S5 hardware

It's plenty apparent that Samsung's learning from user feedback

Samsung continues to improve on its hardware quality, and the Galaxy S5 shows. Moreover, it's plenty apparent that Samsung's learning from user feedback, and the Galaxy S5 is a reflection of that.

The phone is just a smidgen bigger than the Galaxy S4 — the Super AMOLED display has been upped to 5.1 inches as well. The bezels seem a little larger than we'd expect, but not grossly so. The standard 1080p resolution is at hand here — no "2K" displays yet — and it looks great. That's in part because the default backgrounds and images are designed to show off (as well they should) and also because the Galaxy S5 has an improved "Adaptive Display" that will work the color gamut depending the lighting situation. It doesn't just get brighter or dimmer — it changes the way the colors look.

Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 is unmistakably a Samsung phone — right down to the home button. But this time around it's swapped out the legacy menu button for a proper multitasking key, and it's about time that happened. (We've previously seen this on the company's "Pro" series tablets.)

The GS5's gorgeous soft-touch back is unlike any previous Samsung design

The rear of the phone deserves some serious attention. While we'd figured Samsung would continue with its faux-leather (complete with stitching trend), it's nary to be seen on this initial crop of Galaxy S5. Instead, we're treated to a textured soft-touch back — not unlike the 2012 Nexus 7 tablet from ASUS, actually. The Galaxy S5 will initially be offered in charcoal black, shimmery white, electric blue and copper gold — and the colors themselves are pretty stunning.

Galaxy S5Galaxy S5

Ridged edges make up the sides of the phone. The volume and power buttons are in their usual places. The Galaxy S5 most certainly looks and feels like a Samsung product, as it should. But it's probably the best Samsung's come up with so far.

If we had to pick one thing to gripe about, it'd be the camera stack out back. It's not a huge bulge, but it's noticeable. There's also some additional bulk that has to come with the inclusion of waterproofing, and the plastic flap covering the charging port may become an annoyance for some. But that's us looking for nits to pick. The GS5's hardware looks and feels solid, more so than any Galaxy S phone for the past couple of years.

Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 software

The industrial design is but the first way Samsung has improved things in the Galaxy S5. Software's the next. The Galaxy S5 is running Android 4.4.2 KitKat out of the box, and it's paired quite nicely with Samsung's custom user interface.

You read that right. Five years into the Galaxy S line, TouchWiz has come around. Maybe some of that is Google's doing — the white status bar fits right in. Launcher and menu icons have taken a turn for the flat.

Galaxy S5

Truly, this no longer is the clown-colored user interface we've for so long tried to hide.

This no longer is the clown-colored user interface we've for so long tried to hide.

That's not to say there's not a lot going on — because there is. Samsung has still crammed so many features into this phone. The quick settings, for instance, had 20 buttons when we took a look. There's a veritable armada of Samsung apps. (And plenty more you can download on your own.) And on the whole, they're a little sharper and less visually cluttered than earlier TouchWiz efforts, even if everything remains bright and vivid on the phone's SuperAMOLED panel.

Galaxy S5

And the ever-clever Samsung has put its Magazine UI where Google Now lives on the Nexus 5 — at the far left of the homescreen.

For enhanced security, the Galaxy S5 also supports biometric authentication through its finger scanner — up to three fingers can be stored, swipe you finger down from just above the home button to unlock the device or perform other security-related functions. One such feature shown to us used PayPal — the company has partnered with Samsung to use the GS5's biometric capabilities — to confirm a purchase with the user's fingerprint.

Another feature we're liking is Private Mode, which lets you keep pictures, music, documents, video and voice files behind a secondary password and away from prying eyes.

So, yeah. There's a whole lot going on in the Galaxy S5, but it's nicely done, and a bit more professional-looking than before.

Galaxy S5Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 camera

HDR mode now gives you a live preview of your HDR shot.

The Galaxy S5 packs a 16-megapixel rear camera with dual LED flash and a slew of shooting modes, but Samsung is focusing on a handful of new features. Selective focus lets you adjust depth of field after you've taken your shot — we've seen similar stuff from Sony and Nokia in recent months. And HDR mode now gives you a live preview of how your high-dynamic-range image is going to look. Samsung's also touting the speed of the GS5's autofocus as a key camera feature, saying it can focus in as little as 0.3 seconds depending on lighting — and side-by-side with the GS4, the difference in focus speed is pretty striking.

Galaxy S5

As for image quality, we'll have to reserve judgment until we've spend some more time with the device, but photos shot in our relatively small demo area looked great on the Galaxy S5's screen, and capture speeds were about as fast as any smartphone we've used.

The GS5's flash doubles as a heart rate sensor.

In addition, there's an interesting secondary function for the GS5's camera flash — it doubles as a heart rate sensor when used with the S Health app. Hold you finger over the flash and it'll glow red, allowing the phone to monitor your heart rate. And of course you can track all this stuff over time through S Health, which, as on the GS4, is designed to be your health and fitness hub on your phone.

Galaxy S5

The bottom line

A step forward for Samsung in a bunch of important areas.

Our main takeaway from our brief time with the Galaxy S5 so far is that Samsung is has been listening to customers and critics alike, and has finally gotten around to addressing many of our gripes with its build quality, software and UI. It's still a plastic phone, and a plastic phone running TouchWiz at that, but the GS5 represents a clear improvement for Samsung in a bunch of important areas. The new Samsung UI strikes us as something we might enjoy using, rather than software that's just there. And the soft-touch back feels infinitely nicer in the hand than the glossy, slimy plastic of old.

The most interesting development out of the GS5's announcement might be the arrival of waterproofing as a mainstream feature. Other Android manufacturers, notably Sony, have been doing this for a while, but a waterproof GS5 is a big commitment on Samsung's part 

We'll be seeing a lot more of the Samsung Galaxy S5 in the months ahead, and our opinions are sure to evolve as we spend more time with the phone. For the moment, though, it's a promising start to 2014 for the world's biggest maker of Android phones. 


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S5 hands-on and initial review




Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

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Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Wireless charging would have been nice.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

They need to seal the phone up, no USB port at all. Would be a niche phone, but Qi charging and AIRDroid are quickly making USB cords obsolete in my world.

So you would rather just rely on syncing files over wireless or the cloud instead of being able to plug your phone into a computer to use it like a flash drive? Also, I like having a battery that is replaceable/switchable..

Don't even. There is a huge difference between "supported" (paying more money for a new back which will be bulkier than the original) and having wireless charging built into a nice sleek phone. I'll reserve judgement until I see the official accessory, but add on wireless charging from Samsung has always been an afterthought

I can understand why Samsung aren't bundling the Wireless Charging kits, for two reasons. The industry still haven't decided which technology will be a standard, and more importantly; it adds to the cost to bundle a wireless charger. Something most people would probably not want to spend money on yet.

Though, I am looking forward to phones a few generations from now, completely sealed to be fully water resistant instead of this IP stuff we're getting today. A phone bundled with a pair of BT earphones and a wireless charger of some sort.

The cost of adding the TINY bit of circuitry needed to enable wireless charging is fairly low. When you can get it online for $20-$30, you know it costs less than $5, and if the device maker does it themselves, less than that. Sure, the charger itself will cost, but to just add it to the normal back in the way the Palm Pre Plus did, it is really a low cost, and it would add to accessory sales if the cases and such if they need to be careful so they leave the wireless charging functional.

I'm guessing they'll do the same thing they've been doing recently, were you buy the wireless charging kit as an add-on item that comes with a Qi charging mat and a replacement back plate for the phone with the wireless charging antenna built-in.

That flap is SOOOO annoying. But then again, after having just recently lost my iPhone 5 to a dip in water, this feature was one of the keys to getting me to finally make the switch to Android. SOOOO glad I did!

unless its lousy "waterproofing" like in the S4 Active. Not nearly as good as Sony's efforts. Mainly because the phone is completely sealed unlike the S4 Active and the S5.

Ya, if someone jokingly pushes you in a pool, I'd rather have that ip68 rating of the sony. lightly setting this in a sink vs forces/pressur being exerted by water... idk

Posted via Android Central App

Iirc Phil took a swim in a pool with the S4 Active for minutes while taking video and the phone came out no worse for the wear.

Well, if you consider having to see Phil in his Captain America Speedos constituting "no worse for wear", then you are a far stronger and braver man than I!

Nothing is Water PROOF any more! Waterproof labels got a lot of manufacturers in trouble years ago when people would take products to unreasonable depths, then complained when water got inside their watch, gadget, etc. The entire industry moved to "resistant" labeling.

Water resistant phones will be the next big selling feature with Sony and now Samsung pushing the feature.

Posted via Android Central App

I can see it now Apple iPhone 8 Apple will invent water proofed phones :p

Posted via Android Central App

Why is the US so late to the game, most of our phones here have water resistant, just love my LG isai which is rated at IPX7

Samsung looking good if I wasn't stuck to a Moto X this would be tempting.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, now that I'm looking at it more, the design actually does look nice. I like the soft touch finish on the back cover.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Nothing special, definitely wouldn't give up my Moto X or HTC One for it. Don't like Samsung thought.

Posted via Android Central App

If I were you, I definitely wouldn't trade either for the S5.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I hate that design. Why are the bezels bigger??? And wasn't there a live stream where it was going to get announced?? In my personal opinion, this is a mess.

Large bezels make the phone easier to use. The edge to edge screen looks nice but sometimes it's a pain because if you hold the phone wrong, the screen will register the side of your hand holding it. It happens all the time my daughter uses my phone.

He didn't give you an excuse: he's not apologizing for Samsung. What he stated is a fact: it's easier to hold a device that has a good amount of bezel.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Samesung could have made it with 2 inch bezels on each side and still there would be an excuse. Probably people are gonna say it great if you need to iron a shirt.

The phone is unnecessarily bigger. Samsung increased only .1 of screen space and added bigger bezels, that's even worse for one handed use.

My hope is that they realized top tier phone sales are slowing and this could benefit from being $100 cheaper than usual so they didn't try as hard as they could have, all to keep the costs low and margins high when they have to drop the price.

This is opinion, not fact. I am not sure what your daughter uses, but my G2 gives me no problems and looks infinitely cleaner. Large bezels need to go back to 2012 where they belong.

Larger bezels make it easier for the waterproofing. In addition, it also leaves room for the S6 having a 5.3 inch screen with smaller bezels.

C'mon, a 16gb version? 32gb's should be the bare minimum at this point. But I'll snap up a 32gb! :D

Why should that be the minimum? I would get an 8GB version if they sold it as long as I could throw in a 32GB or 64GB external card.

If you bought an 8GB version, then you'd have no internal storage space, lol.

What's wrong with wanting more internal storage? SD cards are not perfect. And, if you truly value storage space, then you'd want more internal storage to go along with your SD card.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Thank you. The S4 internal storage is cramped at 16GB. 32GB ought to be the minimum. Note 3 has 32GB.
16GB is Samsung is being cheap.
I do not care about the heart rate monitor. I do not care about the fingerprint reader. I'd care about the infrared remote, 5 years ago.
-Internal flash very often has faster writes than an external
-More storage is better than less

Says the people who haven't used it against the people who have. Try not to make it so obvious how ignorant and pathetic you are. Lol

Posted via Android Central App


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

And even then, you could always just put a SWEET case on it that is purple and has hearts and peace signs on it! :-P

Good question.... then I'm at a loss... Already ordered the Red Nexus 5... but I cannot believe the M8 will be the turd it seems to be judging by the leaks...

Sony Z2 maybe? .. dunno the Nexus 5 is still my favourite device methinks.. I already have the Black N5 and it has put my Old HTC One over in the corner collecting dust

Even if it is a total turd, it'll be better looking than this (quite frankly) underwhelming Samsung phone

Posted via Android Central App

Yes it will because the M8 is just a turd wrapped in a metal shell.
That's right I can insult phones I haven't even used too. ;P
Posted via Android Central App

??? Really! You must be a real Samsung Fanboy to make that comment. beside the back of this phone this looks like any other Galaxy S device and if the renders that have been circulating are true then this device is all ready beaten in design and craftsmanship. Let alone the pic showing the main screen looks like the current Touchwiz that present with the S4. its look like Samsung being Samsung all over again by tweaking the design a little and cramming a crap load of useless features into it that destroy the internal memory and all but force you to have to buy a SD to use your phone out of the box. Don't get me wrong i love my Note 3 to death but they are screwing up with the Galaxy S series hardcore.

Yeah, I like about 10% of Sammy's software features. Really liked that my S3 automatically added a media page when I plugged in my headphones. Liked that the screen stayed on when I looked at it (in good light anyway). Could care less about any of the other apps or gesture features they shoehorned onto the device though.

Right, the m8 will be way better than that laughable S5. HTC beat them last year and will do this year. It's a shame Samsung will still sell more devices. And they have idiotic fanboys like you. Congrats.

Posted via Android Central App

Rest assured, you don't/can't know this with 100% certainty. Just another ridiculous Samsung fanboy post.

If Htc doesn't take this chance to shine and possibly take away some of Samsungs sales the the G3 will have a massive chance to take some market share as long as they market it well.

Posted via Android Central App

Hell, if I didn't already have the G2, I'd still get it over this now. Larger screen, less bezel, on screen nav buttons, bigger battery, and knock-on.

HTC and LG have a serious opportunity here. Sammy shot first and seriously disappointed. Wouldn't take much from either of these players to blow the S5 out of the water.

Lame design, touchwiz even lags in the review, fingerprint sensor a bit cumbersome...

Next please.

Posted via Android Central App

Yes, the lag was noticable to me too in that video at least. The Galaxy S series is very MOR and will be a dependable choice for many albeit in a bland way for a flagship phone. They have addressed most of the criticisms which is encouraging but still leaves a bland feeling - and I am a Galaxy user (Note 2).

Compare it to another evolutionary update in the Sony Xperia Z2 which also addresses user complaints but somehow the total of the changes makes a more impressive, fast and desirable package - at least to me.

In both phones I still do not appreciate all the bloatware and wish there was an option to completely delete individual apps/widgets that are never used.

Totally agree. The bezel on the m8 is starting to look much more tolerable to me now

Posted via Android Central App

Agree on all accounts. For all the talk about updating TouchWiz, it still looks as fugly as ever. And the Heart Rate monitor thing is laughable, I've had this feature for two years now through one of the many apps in the Play store that already do this.

Yeah, funny how everything had some lag. Let me pull up the weather... By the time he got the weather app open, I was able to flip on the weather channel and get the forecast. Like I said before, aggressively mediocre.

Posted via Android Central App

Serious question, is the waterproof door on the bottom covering the micro usb slot going to make it impossible to sit on a dock?

It'll probably be much more possible to sit on a dock, if you're phone slips in the water it's not really a big deal...

See what I did there?...

Seriously though, yes, totally impossible.

...That's it? How underwhelming.

So underwhelming, in fact, that it makes me think the rumors of the Galaxy F are true.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, they just might be. If the Galaxy F does ring true, then I'm hoping like hell that it's not a carrier-exclusive.

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Galaxy F? Never heard of it, what does this stand for... Galaxy Fail?

Sorry couldn't resist... LOL

I'll pass until I see what HTC does with the "M8" (I refuse to say One 2). This does look like a remarkable improvement to build quality, but after using the One, Samsung has a lot to do to convince me. I'll have to feel one first before making an informed decision, but I have my doubts. Anything is better than glossy plastic, though. And TouchWiz still looks ridiculous. I'm an AOSP guy, but I do like Sense 5.5 (locked on it for now; thanks, Verizon). So, all-in-all, I'm excited for the Android news, but Samsung is not for me, I don't think.

Posted via Android Central App

I thought Samsung was pulling a joke, even the bezels look biger when compared to gs4, top/bottom and sides, amazing, will be upgrading to the LG G Pro 2 from my Note 3 soon enough

Pretty good. I like the design. But if Touch wiz isn't cleaned up and speeder up, no buy for me. My s3 lagged so much.

Posted via Android Central App

Shit hardware once again. Those bezels are like my black girl's ass. HUGE!!!

+1 though for realizing their UI was shit and changing it for good.

i like to move it move it


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

Amazing. Amazing that this will sell millions of units to the general public. The gold one looks like someone lost a bet. Let's see what HTC brings to the table on 3/25.

Posted via Android Central App

Only not impressed cuz that storage will be more than 8 gb from the os im sure and after 3 months it wont work right unless you do a full wipe and start over. dont like the pattern on the back and that overbearing os will never have me sold.

Other than touchwiz, the only thing I hate about these phones is that stupid hardware button. It needs to go. If it was not for those two things, I'd probably be buying Samsung phones eagerly.

Same here. I was going to give Samsung another chance this year but enough already. LG, moto, someone.....please deliver this year.

All Android phones have a dedicated home button. It's just not a hardware button.

On my BF's Galaxy S3, multi-tasking is way more tedious using a longpress on the home button. The nexus 5's buttons are lightning fast in comparison.

Home button rocks.
-Wakes phone
-Long press for torch, from sleep state
-Long press for task processes, from wake state
-Double tap for SVoice, or custom behavior in a custom ROM

Home button is wholly not stupid.

During unpacked they announced wireless charging capability. Even showed the phone sitting on a wireless charger.

Posted via Android Central App

I like the water and dust resistance. Hate the fact that KNOX is baked in.
The VZW version will be even more locked down than my GS4.

My GS4 was my first and last Samdung (Yes, I miss spelled on purpose.) phone. I'm waiting for the HTC or the next LG. I'd like microSD support but, I'm willing to give up microSD in order to not have "KNOX POX".

Bye, Bye Samdung.

What is sad is there is soo much fail in here that people will lap it up. I just can't stand Sammy's UI design and hardware look and feel. Seriously still a hardware button? Well this is one phone i don't have to worry about getting. Now lets hope the M8 is better.

Well enjoy your new S5. They couldn't pay me enough for this. I'll take On Screen Buttons any day. Sammy is getting into the same rut as Apple. Gets real boring after awhile.

At least Apple make attractive hardware, Samsung seem utterly incapable of doing this.

Posted via Android Central App

PHYSICAL Home button rocks.
-Wakes phone
-Long press for torch, from sleep state
-Long press for task processes, from wake state
-Double tap for SVoice, or custom behavior in a custom ROM

Custom ROMs have onscreen buttons, if you want to toggle them on them on.
Onscreen buttons take up SCREEN space, less space for information. An onscreen button is not information.

Off screen buttons are ALWAYS there.

I use PIE controls implemented via Gravitybox using XPosed mod on the Nexus 5. My on screen buttons take up no space, as they are normally hidden until I invoke them. They can be customized by adding search or menu button, or a quick launcher to any app I want. And I have much thinner bezels that don't need to support having a home button. If the technology ever catches up, I could have a phone whose front is nothing but screen, and I could still work it. And I use Gravity Screen, so when I take the phone out of my pocket or turn it over, it immediately wakes up using the physical action without pressing any button at all. I have no need for any physical button other than the power button and volume rockers.

Thanks for sharing this.

The most important feature of the home button is it requires a press to wake the phone if it is laying on a desk, *very* handy feature. If your N5 can replicate a home button as just described, then this is great news to me.

I am 100% with you about larger screens & thin bezels.

I'm somewhat disappointed with the specs. BUT the software upgrades especially the water resistance and the ultra saving mode is awesome. These come to the note 4 and i already have my new phone. :)

Wow. Watch the video. That lag around the 39sec mark says a lot about how little Touchwiz has actually improved. Its still bloated and the lag there makes it obvious. BUT its still unfinished software I suppose. Other, nice improvements all around. Yeah nothing ground breaking, but does that mean it isn't a capable phone? That camera may still be better than any other Android alternative. Battery life usually top in class. Screen is impressive. Great looking phone (that I won't buy).

I'm thinking maybe Samsung should scrap the Galaxy line after this year. Maybe start a new line of phones next year with different branding so they can reinvent themselves. I'd like to see a different design, different materials, different software, same great internals and camera though. Just something different because the design language is getting stale, despite how good it is.

Posted via Android Central App

This is just my closed minded opinion, but I think the Note 3 has caused some to feel somewhat indifferent about the S5. This is based on the improvement that the Note 3 was compared to the Note 2. Maybe the same type of advancement was expected with the S5.

Posted via Android Central App

I currently have an S4... Bad thing i find is the speaker is on the back.. s5.. still the same.. that kinda sucks!

You are kidding right? The S3-S4 jump was the second biggest jump(S1-S2 jump was absolutely stunning).

The S2-S3 jump was quite lame (but the S4-S5 jump is quite some degree worse).

Now with the S5 you have inferior specs to the Xperia Z2 unveiled on the same day.

Posted via Android Central App

Waterproof is such a loose term. IP67 means it will withstand immersion up to 1 meter (~ 39 inches) in depth for 30 minutes. It does not mean you can go scuba diving with it, or run it through the washing machine.

Yes, this is great, and it will probably save your phone, IF you remember to cover the charging port, when you drop it in the sink or the toilet. But if you forget it's in your pants, and go jump in a lake, you may well be out of luck.

Personally, I found it to be somewhat of a feature dump. I'm uninterested in water resistance, finger print scanners, and vitality sensors. I just want a phone with a great camera, a great battery life, and no lag. /My $0.02

This is truth. As a bonus to that great camera, great battery life, and no lag, with the G2 you'll get a larger screen, on screen nav buttons, and knock-on!! You can't go wrong!!!

From what I've seen so far I would vote the Sony Z2 as the star of the show over anything from Samsung, LG or The following Chinese pack.

From a purely hardware perspective I think Sony and Apple do it best (with an honorable mention to the Moto X).

All of of them are annoying in that they push too hard to get you to buy into their product universe.

Today, my ideal phone would be a Z2 with stock Android and an option to install only selected Sony apps.

I was hoping for 3gigs of RAM! Oh well the rest looks good. I think I will pass on this and see what HTC has to offer. :)

I thought they were going with premium materials? The back looks like the perforated leather seats in my fathers 1984 Pontiac.

It might not look the greatest, but if you ever used a 2012 nexus 7 you would know its quite nice

Posted via Android Central App

Was there any word on whether the improvements and cleaning up of touchwiz would come to the gs4? All I want is my gs4's UI to not be laggy >.<

Posted via Android Central App

I was expecting something that would make me feel bad about buying the Lumia 1520. Haven't seen it yet. Although water-proofing is good, it can be annoying to have to perfectly seal the phone every time (I used to have a Motorola Defy). The heart rate sensor seems like an excuse given that it would only be useful for people with heart-diseases and the Gear also has one. The screen is basically the same. 16mpx is not that much. Black and white mode doesn't seem like much but it could be useful and Battery Power Sense will be available in WP8.1. After the announcement the only thing that impressed me was the waterproofing, the instant HDR and the companion processor for the camera. (Quad-core 2.5 Ghz is great but the Note3 has 2.26Ghz and 3gb so there's not much difference and it even has more RAM. I'm dissapointed.

Forogt about finger-scanning. The Verge said it didn't work as good as the one in the iPhone 5s because you have to swipe in a particular way.

Verge is an Apple fanboys site, what do you expect from them to say?

Posted via Android Central App

Can you please do a serious Z2 vs S5, like to know which one who'd want to buy, not just post their specs. like hands on vs. thanks a lot

Yep. From what I have seen so far the Sony Z2 (please drop that awful marketing-speak 'Xperia' tag. Bill Hicks was right: "If you're in marketing just kill yourself. Now.") is the star phone of this show.

As it stands after today, my ideal phone would be a Z2 with stock Android and an option to install selected Sony apps.

Sony's touch on Android is so light (or it incorporates so naturally), it basically IS stock Android.

So he mentioned wireless charging at the end when talking about all the devices was that only for the gear and fit

Posted via Android Central App

Just you wait until the S6 comes out. That´ll be the bomb! It´s gonna have this new sensor when you put close to you testicles it tells your sperm count.

It will actually irradiate your testies so that you can no longer have children. This would then be touted as an abstinence feature...

I can't wait for Apple or Sony to bring further new things to the phones so that Samsung can copy it as usual lol

Seriously, on paper the phone looks quite cool, but I can't bring myself to like Samsung and specially their phones which have a horrible design for my taste. I'd much rather get a Sony Z1/2/3/4/5/6.

The annoying thing is that Samsung throws so much marketing at people that everybody (generalisation) goes and gets one.

Why on Earth have there not been more Bezel Bashers here? Mock-ups and leaks of the HTC One have people setting themselves on fire. The actual GS5, in Phil's hands, garners very little. The lag in the UI is funny too.

That said, the blue one looks sick. So does the copper. It's not easy to get blue right on some of these things (for who-knows why) but Sammy got it. And I can see the Qualcomm sticker on the back of the blue one, so Phil - get us some specifics on the chipset if you can.

Double standards and hypocrisy. I don't see any comments about how the bezels of the S5 are deal breakers. Unless I'm missing something about the M8 bezels that has people in an uproar.

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Well to be honest, I could give two shits about the bezels. If they're taking up 20% of the front I could understand. Honestly this is the first Galaxy phone, looks-wise, I would even consider getting.

Until now, I didn't think they were that big of a deal. Maybe I'm slow, but what started this bezel craze? On topic, I don't think this is that bad. They've fixed my biggest gripe and provided a texture to the plastic backing that improves the ability to use on-handed and not have that much of a risk of dropping (compared to the S4).

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Perhaps because there the device lacks much elsewhere.

I do not like large bezels. Large bezels IMHO make the device look cheap.

Lets see what oppo brings on the table, atleast i know its better specwise then this samsung...

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Not bad overall, not bad! Looking forward to what this may mean for the Note 4! :D Btw, thank you for including the battery is removable. That's still important to many of us yet! :)

I just don't "get" the heart rate monitor. You have to hold your finger on the back of the phone to use it, so you won't be able to track your pulse during runs or anything like that.

And as a dock/cradle user, I'm not a fan of that USB door.

AAAND, if they're gonna keep making these things bigger, why not throw in an S-Pen for us? The S5 is getting pretty close to Galaxy Note in size now.

I think I'll be holding onto my Galaxy S4 for awhile longer.

Disgusting. Only Samsung would go backwards with larger bezels, even worse looking design, and continuing to use a bloated UI.

Wow factor - 0?
Improvements big enough to upgrade from S4 for many.
Overall design and hardware compared to competition is not Appealing at all. If it was released in the Q3 this year would sell significantly less.

Btw, I can't see in any of the Spec pages OIS. Did I miss it or Samsung forgot about it?

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Interesting about not upping specs from the Note 3 and decreasing the RAM - same RAM and internal storage options as the S3. I am extremely curious what the electric blue looks like in real life and how the shine would hold up over time. I think Active Display is more compelling than higher resolution if it does what they say it does. The camera features are also compelling. No report of OIS - is this a feature that is helpful in real life? I would love an in depth camera comparison between the G2, S5, One 2 and Z2. I wish the US carriers would bring the Z2 at the same time as the others so that consumers can make their decision based on a direct head-to-head comparison rather than carrier availability.

So, this is the new samesung galaxy whatever...or is it the old samsung galaxy whatever?! I guess now at least people wont troll how the iphone is "always the same thing" anymore or how fingerprint scanners on a mobile phone are useless.
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That's funny.

You haven't been here long enough - they absolutely will. And then some people will crown Samsung for the radical new soft-touch polycarbonate on the back. It goes all ways here.

Speaking of the back it just me or does that look a bit like the BlackBerry Z10?

Though hypocrisy is nothing new on any tech site. I'm just surprised that the specs are as boring as they are...

Its nice, but am I the only one who thinks is just a bit..well...mehhhhh was all great but for once Samsung didn't actually wow me, and I can see all that bloat crap, affecting the performance of the device

I'm hoping this is just the basic version and there is still a F/Pro/Prime version around the corner with more WOW factor. If this is it, I'll just pick up a S4 for a penny very soon.

Well, after all that all I can say that I'm glad my contract isn't up until June - so I will have plenty of time to make a decision of what will replace my S3!

Generally, each new release of the S & Note series have outdone each other (apart from screen size & the S pen) e.g. S3 = Quad-core 1GB, Note 2 = speed bump + 2GB, S4 = S600, Note 3 = S800. At the moment it feels like the S5 is not providing a big leap.

Not sure about the secrecy around the CPU, I can only assume that like the S4, they will have lots of different ones for different regions. Hopefully it'll be the S801, an 800 whilst good, would be left behind within months.

The biggest thing for me will be the size (and weight) of the phone. The curves of the S3 means that it does not feel that big for the screen size. The S5 may be pushing the limits (for me anyway). If it's size is comparable to the Sony Z2, then Sony have a chance.

In fact, I would say that, whilst I'm sure this will be a great phone, this was a chance for Sammy to blow everyone else away but instead they have left the door open for the competitors to come in a steal marketshare. Sony are stronger now, HTC have shown that they can design a nice phone - Moto is on the rise.

3GB memory and min 32GB storage would've meant as smooth an experience as possible, esp will all these apps they want you to run simultaneously. I'm pretty peeved with the 16GB entry level storage - you can bet your bottom dollar than 95% of worldwide carriers will only supply the 16GB and will not even stock the 32GB is a premium option.

I can only hope that the battery improvements are real and not just because of the increased battery size. The long life mode sounds good.

The heart rate & fingerprint stuff are gimmicks to me, but I guess some people will find them useful.

You have just doubled the number of times the word WHILST has been used on this website. That includes blogs, editorials, reviews and forum posts.

Hello, Android Central! I'm from wpcentral but I come in peace. Lol

As much as I don't want to start a comment war on this article, you have to admit that in terms of hardware and software, the S5 takes a lot from Windows Phone and Nokia, and even Apple.

Adaptive Display on the S5 is a technology extremely similar to Nokia's Sunlight Readability technology made in 2012. It's used on the Lumia 920/925/928 and Lumia 1020, and got renamed to Assertive Display when introduced on the Lumia 1520. It essentially does the same thing--alters the colour gamut to make the display more readable in direct sunlight.

In terms of the flat icon approach Samsung has gone with, as well as Magazine UI, I think it's safe to say Windows Phone's Live Tiles inspired these new designs. Aside from the icons being circles instead of squares and rectangles, the resemblance is there.

Private Mode is also something that may or may not have gotten inspiration from Windows Phone's "Kids Corner". On the Windows Phone lock screen, you swipe to the right to activate Kids Corner, where you can create a restrictive environment for other children to use your phone and not have access to your own files. They can only play music or watch movies you choose, have access to apps and games you choose, etc.

Even the home button/finger scanner duo is a direct take from Apple's Touch ID.

Not trying to pick at every feature they've added to the S5 or to TouchWiz, but I just personally don't like seeing other companies' efforts take a blind eye because bigger companies have the power and money to do so.

On a separate note, do you guys feel the S5 looks extremely similar to the original Galaxy S? Or is that just me?

I'm not impressed with the looks of the phone. I think Samsung missed out on a few key areas. The waterproof/dustproof is a nice touch, however they should have went with wireless charging since the phone is waterproof, you will be constantly putting the plug back in, then taking it out, a pain in the butt, and I would assume over time, it could cause the seal to not be so tight. They should have went with 32GB and 64GB internal storage, 16GB should be a thing of the past for a flagship device. I would have preferred on screen buttons and elimination of the menu button altogether. The back of the device is fugly to the next level, and they should be going with a all metal body like HTC.

Why is LG able to make phones now with such thin side bezels but the S5 not so much? Not trying to troll here but I was really hoping for more of an edge to edge look. The bezel width on this thing looks like an SGS3. I am very happy about the waterproofing though, but having given my daughter the S4 Active the flaps over the micro usb port is going to piss some people off.

Oh and SUPER happy about IR port. That is basically the feature I like best about my Note3. With the WatchOn app it is very cool.

I swear....Every year we get to see all these ridiculous fake photo shop drawings swearing what the phone is going to look like, when all they had to do is take a photo of the current phone and raise the model number of the phone by 1 digit. And to think I was worried when I bought my Note 3 last week (yeah I know it looks like the rest as well) knowing that the Galaxy S (same thing) was coming out. I saved at least $300 buying my Note 3 on Ebay and getting the extra gig of ram, the S Pen and a GREAT 13mp camera. So..Yes, the new S5 has new features and 16mp camera,...and the interface got the sort of 3d icons steam rolled out of it, but really...this isn't the incentive to upgrade that all the "Experts" kept saying it would be. In fact, they were mostly's just an updated phone. Yes, the water resistance is nice thing to have, but it's not enough. Anyone with an S4 will get KitKat, and most of the same features...big whoop with the finger reader...still, not enough of an upgrade.

I hope now that Samsung has embraced water proofing with the standard GS5 (as opposed to an active version), it will become more of a standard with manufacturers. Waterproofing is really the only thing I think is missing from phones like the Moto X and HTC One.

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Its nice that they went to the standard Google 3 button layout. Back, Home, and Multitasking. Oh except they had to make it Multi, Home and Back. Wonder why they do that? Also wish they would get rid of the physical Apple Home button...Between all the Google apps I never use and Samsungs, there looks like a 100 of them.

USB 3.0 is good.

You could slap that back cover on an s4 and no one would know the difference. I was honestly hoping for a revamp in the design. Perhaps go with a little better quality and build. That cheap metal colored plastic bezel and back covers just kill it for me. Sorry I would not waste my money on that.

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Wait what?! Really samsung really?! Are you going the Apples path? Adding nothing new to the phone and releasing it every year? Ok you have the finger scanner and the heartbeat monitor. But how many of you will use it?! Still 2 gb ram, still the shitty Knox, still the same screen. All the "special" apps will be available tomorrow under a different name.

But could you tell me whats the "Toolbox" option in settings at 1:41 ?

PS: i think the only great "feature" is the usb 3.0 :P
Ps2: The Samsung Fit looks refreshing and stylish! I would buy one if not one simple Con - Not running Android! Im sorry but im not an Isheep and i like to customize my android device. Tizen and Knox are just devilspawns.

"What do you mean no holographic projection screen or hoverboard functionality?!"

Everyone keeps whining about how the phone isn't a completely different device with no similarities to the previous phone. What revolutionary changes would you have made to make the phone so much more desirable? I'm not disagreeing with you, but if you're going to shout, at least provide feedback.

Higher res screen, smaller bezels, larger battery, more RAM, OIS on the camera, there's lots more that can be done.

Any word on whether Verizon will not be taking it, since putting their logo on the home button might interfere with the fingerprint sensor?

Wow. What a disappointment. I probably won't be going for this, but my other two options were the Z1 Compact or Note 3. I'm an AOSP guy, so I don't know how I'll feel with either of those. I might just keep my HTC One. Or upgrade to the M8 which will surely be more exciting than this.

I sure hope this is priced correctly (LOW!)'s going to be a hard sell to many current S3/S4 owners! It's even a hard sell for me with my Galaxy Nexus!

It's getting to the point where these companies are reaching a plateau on the hardware and specs aspect. Pretty much all smartphones do the same thing. There's only so much one can do for a slab shaped phone. I am becoming very bored with all of them (android, iOS, blackberry, windows has my interest though because it's so different from everything else available). I no longer care about specs, or this processor or that processor or this camera tech or that camera tech. My concern is two things these companies optimizing their software for a better user experience and most importantly....BETTER BATTERY TECHNOLOGY! Our devices are computers, but we're still tied to having to buy spare batteries or finding the nearest outlets....seriously. I don't care about a faster processor or better screen, when my battery can't even keep up. It's starting to get very very annoying that these phones are getting increasingly powerful, but I still have to deal with a sh***y battery.

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Totally agree. It's like we've gone backwards in some ways by being so tethered to power. Battery technology is part of materials science, which generally evolves at a different pace than other tech. I think the solution is a combination of better battery tech, more efficient software, and more efficient display tech. For the software piece, devs could get by with inefficiency in the PC days because of Moore's law and ample power/cooling. But when device size is constrained, inefficiency leads to more CPU utilization, which creates heat and draws power. In this mobile-first paradigm, efficiency should be a hallmark trait of good development.

For the display piece, advances here need to coincide with a true understanding of how these devices are used. As is often the case with tech, I see endless commentary on blogs like this that seems disconnected from real-world use and concerns from general consumers. Almost every phone review spends a large chunk of time discussing things like 720 vs. 1080, IPS vs. AMOLED, color reproduction, viewing angles, contrast, etc. Of course, the ubiquitous use case is always Netflix or some other video service. Yet, I can't think of anyone I know that regularly watches anything longer than a YouTube clip...they're not watching a 2-hour movie on their 4-inch iPhone. Maybe it's different in places with thriving public transport--which often are the places where the technorati live and work--where people watch movies on the subway, but it's not representative of the rest of the country (at least not in the U.S.).

Do people care about display? Yes. But they just want a display that is bright and sharp for viewing text and pictures and is easily visible outside (though they might not even test outdoor viewing before buying). Can we just acknowledge that viewing movies and other extended videos is a primary use case on tablets, but a secondary one on phones? This might encourage more manufacturers to prioritize battery life and evolve display tech towards efficiency vs. the spec arms race.

Agree 100%. I use my Note 3 in battery saver mode. It slightly reduces screen brightness and caps CPU power. It genuinely gives me 'all day' usage - from 5-6 hours of screen time. It's very good indeed. Not perfect. I still run out sometimes (using my phone a lot for work and play) but it's the best solution I've found so far and so much better battery life than my Nexus 4 previously.

I have a note 3 as well and 2 spare batteries. Right now it's the phone that lasts the longest for me. I just feel we should be at the point where it should just be standard to get at least 4-5 days battery life, without having to dumb down our phone or turning off certain features. Most people do not use their phones for just talk time, we're watching movies, TV shows, videos, browsing the Internet, playing games (some 3D), and using LTE.

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Im disappointed.

Personally I think it looks like cheap crap...for as much as they charge for their phones, you'd think Samsung could hire some decent industrial designers.

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As an owner of a GS4, I likely won't be getting the 5 but I do like the fact that they are keeping a microSD card slot. This is a huge deal for me and I know a lot of phone manufacturers don't have this key feature.

I don't see this phone tempting anyone who is under contract to upgrade early or in TMO's jump plan to use their option in this. It's a good phone but improvements just aren't grand enough for anyone not already looking for a new phone to go after it. I know there's a lot of people getting close to 2 years on the S3 but still seems like this was rushed and could've held out a little longer and packed even more new features into it and instead feels like this line is watered down (no pun intended). I'll stick with my Note 3 for sure.

It's got to be coming. Look at the pins under the back cover. Better to not announce it and deliver later than to announce it and miss the mark (I'm looking at you GS3)

I burned through two Galaxy S4 Actives. Was I aware the phone was water resistant and not proof? You bet.

Taking away the perceived ignorance of people who bought the Active thinking it could be taken on a journey through Atlantis, one would suspect a trip to the pool for five minutes would not result in catastrophic results. AT&T fortunately had the write-up from Samsung available for their CSR's to redirect my angry self into the nearest corporate store for a replacement. I eventually replaced it with a Lumia 1020 but even that gave way to another device within a few months.

What good is waterproofing a device if it isn't going to be sealed all the way around? The Active had the specific method of applying the battery door and verifying every port was fully closed, but operator error (even a minor one) could result in a paperweight. I thought the S4 Active was a tough looking device that had the power to back it up. Now I'd rather take a case that offers the same features (LifeProof) and use that with my device. The $80 price tag over, above and beyond what I paid for the phone is a small price to add a feature that at times isn't implemented properly in the factory.

I've always thought the Galaxy phones look attractive from the front and sides, but based on the pictures, I'm a little skeptical of the perforated back design--guess I'll have to see it in person. However, the #1 reason I put a case on my phone is to prevent blemishes on the glass over the camera lens when the phone is laying flush on a surface. A secondary reason is to provide a lip between the front glass and surface, though I don't place the phone face-down as frequently. The protrusions like this also can cause the phone to lay awkwardly like the Lumia 1020. I wish manufactures would, if anything, recess the camera within the body.

This is actually not bad, and I'm not a Sammy fan. Still hate the home button. But the Touchwiz look is nicely muted and the soft touch back looks nice as well.

Looks like I'm getting the Z2. This phone looks like crap and will have more useless features.

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Why Samsung? Why? I know 5.1 really isn't that much bigger than 4.8, but come on! I already have a hard time putting my Sammy 4 in my pocket. I might have to skip this and pick up the S5 mini if it comes out. Or maybe go with the Iphone 6 :(

Seriously, you obese Americans need to stop thinking that everyone is like you. The S4 is already too big to fit in most people's jeans front pockets.

Although not a huge upgrade, it looks like Samsung have listened and tried to balance the new features syndrome with adding more useful stuff. It looks better and if the camera isn't laggy as Hell it might be worth serious consideration.

Mind you, the Z2 seems to have it beat in every area.... Roll on the M8 so we can see who the new champ is!

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I looked over the specs compared to the s4 and it's making me think that they are targeting the s3cister base because I'm not seeing enough for the s4 owners to make the move. Hopefully the note 4 shows enough fore to chase it.

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I have a s4 and like it a buch. My wife just got a lg g2 and I gotta say it is very nice. Comapring the two

Camera s4 is 16mp probably better than the g2 an to me the g2 is a very nice camera
processor the s5 might be faster with say a sanpdragon 805
screen to me the g2 rocks much better than my s4 i bet the s5 will be better but hard to notice
battery my s3 is decent the s5 at 2800mah will be very good the g2 i think is 3000
memeory g2 has 32 gb the s4 16 or 32
price I bet the 32gb s5 is 250 a g2 can be had for 100

All in all the s5 is a great phone I have noe doubt but the g2 is also a nice phone and much cheaper 100 or even free so unless u need the absolute best and that will be debatable the s5 is not as big of a upgrade as I had hoped. I will wait for the s6

Wow, being a Galaxy s4 owner I thought I would be jealous of all my buddies who are getting s5's. Boy is that back so ugly and I have no idea why the bezels got bigger than the s4's. This release makes me even MORE interested in the HTC M8 and even a Motorola X successor

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I so want this phone... But it's too bad Samsung Galaxy S3 build quality was so great. I'm still using it right now and it's serving me well...

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This definitely fits under the category of 'What Are They Thinking?'. The S5 is a very underwhelming device. It's a complete letdown to all of us that have been loyal consumers of the Galaxy S brand. It's a glorified Galaxy S4 with marginally improved specs in different colored/textured plastic with a heartbeat and fingerprint sensor - Big Woop!

I can't believe that Samsung is churning out a blip of a phone knowing that Apple with the iPhone 6 and HTC with the One 2 are waiting to eat Samsung's lunch this year. Any fan of the Galaxy S line would be a fool to praise this phone for being of all things, waterproof. Who cares? Last time I ever lost a phone to water? Uh, never! That can't possibly be the biggest selling point of the phone. 16MP camera over the 13MP currently in my S4? Not much of a game changer. It's there a Nokia phone rockin' 40MP? Maybe the quad-core 2.5GHz proc is the saving grace? NOT!!! Is KitKat? KitKit is almost a definite upgrade coming to the S4 for all carriers.

To all of the fans of Galaxy S phones, pass on this one. Save your money for the 'real' Next Big Thing, clearly the S5 is not it.

so here is the million dollar question...thats it have led notification?.... cuz i dont see it under specs.... if it doesnt hqave then i will pass on this 1...

Samsung S4s
Samsung S4 bandaid edition
Samsung SFail

Everything is beating this plain and simple. Period.

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I feel that my S4 it is greather than S5, I spect more innovation like speakers, screen size, ram memory, Battery durability, metal case, 4k super amoled. I dont think to change my S4 by this S5 toy Phone. Thumbs down !

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Oppps Wrong again....What we heard from most all this one....

The specifications previously listed for the Galaxy S5 , including those in the above image are as follows:

• 5.25-inch screen
• qHD Super AMOLED screen
• 2,560 x 1,440 pixels
• 560 ppi
• 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon processor
• 20 megapixel camera
• 2 megapixel front camera
• 3 GB RAM
• 3000 mAH battery
• LTE support
• Android 4.4 (KitKat)

What we got..... A Galaxy S4 with dimples that we can give the finger to.

Mental masturbation. We're going to hear the same things about the Note 4, except the screen will be 6-inches. In fact, until the HTC M8 is actually released, we're doing the same thing with that phone, too.

But even with that, I will argue that the S5 is still a better phone than the S4. Nothing revolutionary (and though I think being IP67 water-resistant is cool, it's not revolutionary) but enough incremental improvements to be better. Which, honestly, is all that Samsung wanted and probably needs to do.

Let's face it, the "S" phones are not Samsung's flagship line; the "Notes" are. The S-series is marketed as a "flagship" phone only because the Note-series was initially thought of as a niche product with a too-large screen. But look at how big screens are becoming for "mainstream" phones now -- like with the HTC M8, LG G2, and, yes, the Samsung S5 -- they're all just about as big as the "niche" original Note phablet. The way Samsung sees it, their answer to the HTC M8 and LG G2 is not the G5; it is (or rather, will be) the Note 4. We'll see what happens when the Note 4 is introduced.

I have to say having a z1s I don't think I'll be leaving it anytime soon the z2 is the only phone that is really up there but Samsung really failed to deliver this time around hopefully sony can keep on this roll with nice devices

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Beauty. Looks Mich better than S4. Also, the only galaxy s device I truly like looking at.

AC App via Nexus 5

not drinking the kool aid.. this phone is a mini note 3 that is water proof.. samsung fucked up... hope that Z2 hits the states..

Samsung really need to fire people responsible for designing the looks of the galaxy phones. They look ugly compared to pretty much any flagship device. Nexus 5, Nokia Lumia, HTC One, iPhone, etc. look better/more modern than this piece of glossy plastic.