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It's been a busy day here in London, as we've spent the past few hours getting acquainted with Samsung's new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S III (S3). So as the day draws to a close -- here in England, at least -- why not take a look back over our extensive Galaxy S3 coverage. We've got exhaustive hands-on features on the phone's hardware and software, including a run-through of major software features like the camera, picture-in-picture, S Beam and more.

And when you're done checking out all of the day's news from Earl's Court, be sure to have your say over on our Samsung Galaxy S III forums.

Galaxy S III software hands-on

We get to grips with the new version of Samsung's TouchWiz UX.

Galaxy S III hardware hands-on

A sleek, shiny, curved design, quad core CPU and HD SuperAMOLED.

 Galaxy S III photo gallery

Our complete photo gallery of the white and blue Galaxy S III.

Samsung announcement post

The official announcement straight from Samsung.

Galaxy S III: Coming May 29

The Galaxy S III's European release date revealed

Camera app hands-on video

We take a quick tour of the new Samsung TouxhWiz photo app.

Android Central Podcast 95

Alex and Phil talk Galaxy S III in a special podcast from London.

Samsung Unpacked Liveblog

All the details from the announcement event as it happened.

S Voice demonstration video

Samsung's "Siri competitor" put through its paces in our video demo.

Flipboard for Android hands-on

Flipboard's coming to Android, and it's coming first to the Galaxy S III.

Pop-up Play demonstration

Samsung brings picture-in-picture to its new flagship phone.

Galaxy S III vs. HTC One X

HTC and Samsung's leading devices square off in our versus video.

Galaxy S III coming to USA in June

The first news on when the SGS3 will arrive stateside.

Galaxy S III international availability

Find out which countries and networks are getting the phone.

Android Central

Galaxy S III versus iPhone

Apple's leading smartphone compared with Samsung's latest.

Galaxy S III vs. Galaxy Nexus

We compare Samsung's new baby to the ICS torch-bearer.

Discussion on the Galaxy S III forums

Chat it up with the Android Central forum community.

Android Central

Samsung Galaxy S III accessories

Cases, wireless chargers and a tiny MP3 player.

Android Central

50GB Dropbox storage on SGS3

Samsung/Dropbox partnership gives users 50GB for 2 years.


Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch day wrap-up


Good thing nothing else happened in the Android world today.

19 articles about a phone? I was mildly interested in it. Now I'm sick of it like an overplayed Train song.

Yea pretty much. The coverage was like this was some type of superphone. After all of the hype the past few months, this kinda turned out to be not so much of a big hit afterall. Solid phone but just along the lines of the One X IMO. The rumored spec's of the next Galaxy make this GS3 seem irrelevent already.

Nice coverage. Nice phone.

I just wish there was a morsel of new information on the Note 10.1

Oh well. Back to my Galaxy Nexus :)

I don't usually comment on AC, although I follow your website up, close and personal every day. I want to give a Shout Out to Phil, Alex and the gang for such great coverage on the S III launch today. AC went over an beyond any other websites and I want to Thank You guys for some amazing work. You guys truly raised the bar on this one....Great Job!!!

I am a little disappointed with the plastic back of the S III from the videos, but I will wait to see and feel it personally before making any judgements. Samsung clearly put their efforts on the software side of things on this one and I must say that I came away really impressed with the things they showcased today. I am up for an upgrade soon and I am really happy that I have some great choices to choose from.

Hey Guys,

Just so you know the links for Galaxy S III software hands-on and hardware hands-on articles are switched. just a heads up. Thanks for the great coverage.

Software wise it BLOWS away all devices on the market. That alone is worth the purchase of the S3. I can't wait for the Galaxy Note 2 to be announced NEXT WEEK. That determine everything for me. Meanwhile it's Gnex love for me i will keep my pure stock baby.

This is prolly better for the forums but what exactly is the issue with a pentile display? Why is it such a deal breaker for some?

Instead of equal numbers of red green and blue pixels there are something like twice as many green pixels in pentile and they are much smaller (or something like that, I am not entirely sure). The biggest issue is it makes some stuff look lower res. Text and certain solid colors (red and orange stand out to me a lot on my nexus s) are the worst offenders.

Back when the galaxy nexus was released Android Central and many other sites claimed the pixels were so small in the 720p super amoled screens it didn't matter anymore. They all seem to have changed their mind since the HTC Super LCD screens have been released though and now it seems pentile sucks again, even on high res 720p.

Im actually a bit gutted about the s3. Im not worried about the pentile screen or the GPU/CPU (which i actually like a lot) or any of that stuff, what bothers me is the horrible colours. I hate white phones and the blue is nasty looking. If it were good old black i would be ordering right now. As it is im waiting until nearer the release date, by which time i might be over it.

I must say that I am a little shocked by people complaining about over coverage of this or any device. You guys at AC do an incredible job, so please keep it up. This is a website dedicated to all things Android. Very impressed.

I agree. HTC got their time in the sun. It isn't like there is probably a lot of other stories to run anyway or they would.

It seems only a couple of months ago, the Galaxy S2 was the thing to get. In other news, my Galaxy Nexus is as amazing as ever.