Galaxy Mega

6.3-incher headed to the U.S. market this month

Samsung's Galaxy Mega handset, which carries a whopping 6.3-inch display, is heading to the United States on AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular, the manufacturer has confirmed.

The Galaxy Mega is Samsung's largest handset, with the aforementioned gigantic display, a 720p LCD panel, a dual-core 1.7GHz CPU and 1.5GB of RAM. It's also got an 8-megapixel rear camera, and Samsung says the U.S. version will be available with up to 64GB of storage, in addition to microSD expandability. On the software side, you're looking at Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean and the latest TouchWiz UI. The Mega's software includes many features from the Galaxy S4, such as the WatchON TV app, Air View and multi-window. Protective flip covers and a special windowed S View cover will also be offered for the device.

Samsung says the Galaxy Mega will be available in Nova Black and Polaris White color options from this month. As is often the case with U.S. launches, we'll have to wait on specific carrier announcements to find out exactly when the launch will take place.

Update: Sprint has chimed in with an announcement that it'll range the Galaxy Mega "later in the year."

And here's AT&T's as well — with the Mega available Aug. 23 for $149 on contract.

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Samsung Brings the Galaxy Mega to U.S. Consumers

6.3-inch HD screen combines a tablet experience with the functionality of an everyday smartphone

Dallas, TX – August 19, 2013 – Continuing its commitment to provide choice to consumers, Samsung Telecommunications America, LLC (Samsung Mobile) today announces the Samsung Galaxy Mega™ for the U.S. market. The 6.3-inch Galaxy Mega is the ideal hybrid mobile device for those who want to experience smartphone portability with the immersive experience of a tablet. 

“We continue to bring innovation with our Galaxy family of devices, with the Galaxy Mega representing a manifestation of consumer’s enthusiasm for our thin, large screen designs,” said Nick DiCarlo, vice president of product planning and marketing at Samsung Mobile.  “The Galaxy Mega combines exceptional features from the Samsung Galaxy smartphone family with a 6.3-inch screen, making it an optimal device for movies, books, music and games.”

Superior Galaxy® Features
The Galaxy Mega allows users to enjoy many of the benefits of Samsung’s latest flagship device, the Galaxy S® 4, on an even larger screen. The Galaxy Mega’s big-screen experience enhances everything you do on a smartphone – whether it’s watching a video, browsing web pages or composing an email.

• Air View™: Explore information and content on your Galaxy Mega without ever touching the screen. Simply hover your finger an inch above the screen to preview emails and photos, initiate speed-dial and even magnify text.
• Multi Window: Multi Window split screen multitasking allows users to seamlessly run multiple apps on one screen simultaneously, and is now better than ever on the 6.3-inch HD screen of the Galaxy Mega. Watch a movie on Samsung Hub™ and check email at the same time, all by dragging and dropping apps on the same screen. 
• WatchON™: Control your television using the Galaxy Mega as a remote control. Discover a rich TV viewing experience with the Integrated Infrared (IR) controller that makes Smart Remote functional with any IR capable TV or Set Top Box. Users can share content from the Galaxy Mega to a TV effortlessly, as well as channel surf in a smart, new way that lets you browse by genre, search by title or receive recommendations based on your interests.
• Easy Mode: Helps smooth the transition for first-time smartphone owners by simplifying the home screen layout, camera, calendar, messaging and the internet browser to make the settings menu easy to navigate. Once a user is more comfortable with their Galaxy Mega, they can easily switch back to the standard home screen interface.

Captivating Camera
At 8-megapixels, the Galaxy Mega rear-facing camera has zero shutter lag to capture life’s memorable moments without delay. The Galaxy Mega is equipped with the easy-to-navigate Galaxy Camera™ user interface which supports numerous shooting modes such as Beauty Face, Best Photo, Sound & Shot, Panorama and more to enhance photos taken by even the most novice photographer. Galaxy Mega users can also create photo albums on the fly with Story Album™ - a unique way to group content by event or date. With the spacious display and a variety of filters and editing tools, smartphone photos have never looked better.

Powerful Performance
The Galaxy Mega has 6.3 inches of screen real estate with a HD Super Clear LCD (720x1280) display that beautifully showcases photos, e-books and magazines, or PowerPoint presentations. Wide viewing angles mean that users can maximize productivity and never sacrifice their experience.

The Galaxy Mega runs Android™ 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), powered by a 1.7 GHz dual core CPU and 1.5 GB of internal RAM. Users can store large libraries of photos, music and videos with expandable storage of up to 64 GB of memory with an external microSD™ card.

The Galaxy Mega is also SAFE™ (Samsung for Enterprise), allowing users to work and play with confidence that their photos, emails and contacts are protected. Built with enough power to get you through the longest work days, the Galaxy Mega is powered by a removable 3,200 mAh battery for extended use on a single charge.

Protect the Galaxy Mega with an assortment of cover options, such as the S-View Flip Cover, a specially designed flip cover with a clear window to answer or reject a call and view battery status. The traditional Flip Cover provides similar functionality without a viewing window, and the Protective Cover + fits snugly around the Galaxy Mega to protect against bumps and falls. Sold separately, the S-View Flip Cover, Flip Cover and Protective Cover + come in a variety of vibrant colors to add personality and style, all while protecting the Galaxy Mega. 

The Galaxy Mega comes in Nova Black and Polaris White color options and will be available beginning this month. AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular will carry the device - each carrier will announce their specific availability, colors and timing.

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Reader comments

Samsung Galaxy Mega coming to AT&T, Sprint and US Cellular


So bigger phone, but less resolution? Maybe I'll have to wait until I see one in the wild to make a judgement.

Posted via Android Central App

Sprint always says "Later in the year..." like the Q10 wont be available until 8/30 even though it has been out for months and months. Almost as bad as Verizon!

Very cool but it's just far to big for my taste! But I'm sure some people will be happy to see this.

Sent from my HTC One

That's crazy how it's bigger but doesn't have a 1080 display. I'm happy with my S4 but really interested to see how the note 3 comes out

Posted via Android Central App

Why is no one going ballistic over the fact this only has a dual core processor and a 720 p screen

The answe that you want Is in the question that you state.

Because this isn't a top tier phone from Samsung and they have said that from the very beginning. It was meant to be and is a mid level phone with a big screen. So no reason to go ballistic.

Okay, ever since I purchased my N7, I have wanted a bigger phone. I LOVE my One, but I want a bigger screen to do more with! I think this phone's form factor is AWESOME! I'm a bit nervous about the specs, which I know I shouldn't be... also, I don't think I'll upgrade unless I know I can get a stock android rom. Here's hoping it all works out!

I actually kind of want this... The dual core and 720p are holding me back though. I'll have to see it for myself in person, and the price.

The Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note, spec-wise, are better than this Galaxy Mega in every way. The genius of it, is that Samsung knows the average consumer may not know this. It's, in a way, insulting.

And this phone is cheap. You can buy it unlocked for less than $500. Its really not that bad of a phone. I wouldn't mind having it.

Posted via Android Central App

Yeah, I would rather have this midrange phone at a lower price than a flagship phone. That 6.3" screen must be great for multiview, and many of the reviews say that the screen is much better than was expected. Only problem is, every carrier is getting it except T-mobile. sad face.

They are just putting out a decent speced phone for those who put bigger screens first.

Posted via Droid RAZR M on the Android Central App

Sprint's getting it? Awesome! An even bigger screen to watch how slow my data connection is....does it get any better than that?

Why not just use a tablet? I've seen people fit 7-inch tablets in the dash, or use a mount for a 10-inch tablet.

Posted via Android Central App

The bezel on my Nexus 7 is just a bit too much for where I want to install this in my car. I don't plan on ripping out my console for a phone that will be outdated in two years. This will go in a bottom part of my console that will be perfect for what I want to do.

This should stop else samsung will launch galaxy giga, tera phones at 7.6 and 9.9 inches respectively...

Posted via Android Central App

Did I just read that right? $149 on contract? Mother of God...this would be a nice phone to get for the your teens or even people that want a Note but dont want to drop $249 and could care less about a pen.

Speak for yourself, bro. It would fit in my hand and my pocket just fine. Finally, being large is paying off for me...

I wonder how much of a difference there will be between this and the Note 3.

I actually like the idea of a larger screen device. If they phone version of the Note 8.0 came out in the USA, I'd buy it just so I didn't feel the need to carry a phone and a tablet. I already use a headset with my Note 2 so I can look things up and take notes during phone calls. If I had a tablet that could make calls, I'd be back to one device again.

Posted via Android Central App

The note 3 will be the same size as note 2 with bigger screen size.

Via Android Central App from a Galaxy Note 2

My dad is gonna love this. He likes the GS3 but is finding the screen to still be too small.

Posted via Android Central App

If Sprint has the same $149 deal I might be all about this. Sure I'd like the best specs but I can trade that off for the HUGE screen. Like bummed about the lack of the new S4's weather sensors but oh well.

Who would even bother with this phone when the note 3 is about to be announced in a couple weeks?

Posted via Android Central App

if the specs where better i would totally well maybe take this mega , thinking about it maybe its jsut too big i think the note is the biggest one ill ever had , sometimes i cant reach the other side of the screen with just one hand