Samsung Battery Charger Stand

While digging around for accessories for my Samsung Galaxy Note I wasn't really looking for anything specific. I knew that I wanted to pick up a spare battery due to the fact that I always enjoy knowing I have a spare ready to go but other than that, I wasn't sure what I really wanted until I noticed the Samsung battery charger stand. One small product that actually has quite a few uses all things considered.

When you open the package and get it all unwrapped from the plastic that Samsung chose to wrap it in, the first thing you'll notice is that the stand itself is incredibly light, yet not light enough to say swipe off the side of your table without some force behind it. Basic stuff really, it's made of plastic while the bottom is made of rubber and has rubber soles at the bottom to avoid it sliding around on things that may be slippery.

It's also slim enough that when not using it as a stand for your device, you can close it up toss in your bag or purse and not really worry about it taking up too much space. Also included in the package is a standard microUSB wall charger for the port on the back or you could just simply use it as a spare charger for your device. In addition to that, you also get a standard 2500 mAh battery that sits nice and snug into the slot it was meant for.


As a stand, it works as it should. Simply pop up the door to the charger portion and just sit your device in there, be it portrait or landscape. Both will work just fine though landscape will require some adjustment of the plastic door to ensure that it holds your device up. The stand portion has a rubber liner in it so that it grips your device and prevents it from moving about, it passed my test which is to go ahead and bang my hands on my desk to see if it would tip or fall over with any sort of ease -- it didn't so that's a win.

Given its thin profile, it also looks great sitting there. Also, I found it pretty easy to navigate around with my Galaxy Note in the stand. I mention that because you know you're going to do it anyway, be it on your desk or beside your bed watching some Netflix or whatever -- you're going to want to touch it at some point and knowing it won't tip over is good.

Overall, for the $39.95 you'll pay for it in the ShopAndroid Store you're essentially killing off multiple accessory purchases. You're getting a spare charger, a spare battery, a spare battery charger and a stand. If you were to buy them all separate, you'd be paying out a bit more then $39.95 that's for sure.


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Review: Samsung Battery Charger Stand for Galaxy Note


While on the topic of the Galaxy Note, I am so excited to see if it will come to T-Mobile! It would be so helpful to have a phablet like that at my work! ALL MY MOMEY, T-MOBILE!

CDMA GN is ticker than the GSM version. So I guess some phones are somewhat physically different lol

Not quite! I use a GT-N7000, and recently tried hitting up an AT&T store for one of their glossy notebook-style covers intended for the SGH-I717, only to find that the SGH-I717 actually has a *slightly* different battery door cover - it being a tiny bit longer on the SGH-I717 than the international version - so the notches on my GT-N7000 didn't quite line up, and the battery cover portion of the case just wouldn't fit into my unit. Couldn't even jam that sucker in, and both myself & the friendly AT&T sasquatch/employee on duty tried. He had his own SGH-I717, and was also surprised to find that they aren't more alike externally.
Not sure if that means the entire outer housing is differently sized, but the battery door cover sure as heck sure seems to be.

EDIT: This isn't intended as an answer to firefly9397's original question. I don't know, but I'd love to find out. I have one of these battery charger stands for the Skyrocket & it is wonderful. Gotta love having a removable battery!

I can't confirm it, maybe Alex can.. I believe he has/had a Intl. version. Though, the slot at the bottom where the device would sit is fairly wide so if I had to guess.. I would say yes, it should fit.

Anyone know the clock widget shown? I've always seen it and would love to implement it now since I've finally started using a minimal style home screen.

Depends on the case, it is a fairly wide slot though. I currently have a Incipio Feather case on and it fits in there perfectly fine with excess room assuming the case was a lil thicker.

Will this work with my Sprint Galaxy Note that I'm gettingin a couple of months?

No this phone is not a UNICORN!

I've actually touched floor displays for this.
Some of us real people have inside tracks too you know.

This comes packaged with the device in Korea. I just moved here and my first cell phone is the note. I didn't even realize it but I went back the other day looking for earphones and that's when i found it packaged in the box. Although you say it is an extra phone charger, mine only serves as a stand and charges the battery. It doesn't charge the phone while it is in the stand. I think we are talking about the same device, you just misrepresented it at one point. Anyway, it has been great to have and I leave a charged battery in there all the time!

While I am still not sold on this device, it is nice to see affordable accessories that provide extras.
I like the Note, but I don't need a replacement yet, and I am hopeful for something even more exciting.
Looking at that ZTE announcement and what might that bring.
My Dell Streak five is going strong, but I find I have no real brand loyaty to hardware OEMs. It has been hit or miss on device longevity.
This forum has the strangest comment screen I have ever typed in.

I have read that leaving the Note plugged in after it has finished charging is bad for the battery (like overnight). Is it also a bad idea to leave a battery in this charger overnight as well? I think the issue is it charges and drains a little, over and over again all night.

Love the phone and this extra battery charger/battery Carrying case/phone stand.