Nexus 7

Just a quick heads up that Sam's Club is now taking preorders for the Google Nexus 7 tablet. You know, our new favorite tablet. Prices are in line with Google Play, at up to $249 for the 16GB version (which we'd recommend getting).

But here's the thing: Sam's Club's listing July 17-20 as possible shipping dates. All other third-party retailers' dates have fallen through. (Not that we ever really though they were right in the first place.) Just something to be aware of. The official Google Play listing still has it shipping in 1 to 2 weeks, and that's the one we're keeping an eye on.

Source: Sam's Club; thanks to everyone who's sent this in


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Sam's Club taking Nexus 7 preorders, but does it actually know when it's shipping?



Seriously though..... I hope they ship this soon.
As it is right now, I have $200 in limbo.

Sounds like a good place to pick it up given the return policies for defects. Does anyone know how easy the Play store would be for returns, exchanges, and service?

The Nexus 7 at Sams is actually $246 and free shipping brings my total only to $257. The Play Store order is $282. So saving $25! As well as still getting the Play Store credit!

I literally JUST got off the phone with 1-855-83-NEXUS trying to change the shipping address and the fella said I couldn't because UPS already has them. And that an email should be sent out today or tomorrow with tracking numbers to those who ordered within the first few days. He stated I should be receiving it between Tuesday and Thursday. It got me all giddy again.

That's some pretty lame "2 day shipping". They should have just bumped it up to one day and we could get them tomorrow...

My Galaxy Nexus order two weeks ago was supposed to be two day shipping but they overnighted it instead. I'm betting that happens here.

I called them last night and got the same response. Nexus7 starts shipping today, still waiting for the email though. has anyone got the email yet?

Ebuyer in the UK is shipping them today and people will receive them tomorrow onwards, I think it is a bit shameful that Google has let third party sellers out do them in dispatching Nexus 7's to customers. People who pre-ordered through Play Store are most likely their most loyal customers and a lot probably were the ones who watched Google I/O online, why they aren't being more accommodating to us lot is baffling. Bad job Google, hope you can still pull it together and get them to use before actual brick and mortar stores get them -_-

Indeed it has, and I didn't cancel my pre-order on the premise I might get it tomorrow if I went with Ebuyer, however the whole premise of a third party seller getting at least 600-800 out to customers before the eager/loyal Play Store customer is a bit of an embarrassment for Google in my opinion.

Would be a kick in the balls if pre-order through Google meant no faster than any other 3rd party websites and you still had to pay taxes and shipping along with everyone getting $25 credit anyway.

Yep. I'm cancelling or returning my Google Play order and just getting this Sams one. Saving at least $25, $50 if the Play Store credit is included (which it should be because it's done when you activate the device I imagine.)

I just talked to a Google rep on the phone to cancel my pre-order of the nexus 7 and he said that its too late, their suppose to start shipping today and should expect it by Monday lol.

I'm really excited to get mine; however, I feel like most major android launches (phone or tablet) never have solid dates up untill the actual release date. I fondly remember the diaster of the Bionic and the Gnex because I was excited for both phones. Every morning I would get up to check blogs to see if a date had been announced. For the Gnex it was literally unknown till the day before launch. I am not sure why android devices cannot seem to ever have a solid date for release so everyone can stop having to call stores and customer service reps for just a hint of release. Its very frustrating, but we do love to lose our minds in speculation :-)

Retailers have them in stock, believe me I'm looking at a stack right now. Retailers are being instructed to hold until further notice. I can only assume this is so Google can get an update ready to push out to circumvent the apple search patent.

i doubt it's for a update, that's something that we'd have to do once opening them after purchasing anyways, i have a feeling it's more so for them to have their stock delivered to customer before anyone else.

it's most, and probably, likely they want to get the online pre-orders out first, cause I'd be pissed if I preordered it day 1 online and people could go into stores and get it before I did.

Something we'd have do once opening after purchase? You mean like the recent updates to the GS3 from Sprint and AT&T? I don't know. Seems likely Google and Asus may want preemptively protect themselves so as to avoid another sales ban like we just saw on the Galaxy Nexus.

I was speaking with a rep in a local Tampa GameStop yesterday. She said that they had one Nexus 7 in stock that was for a preorder. She also said they were not allowed to sell it yet and she also did not have a date yet that it could be release to the customer.

But it does seem that retailers are getting them in hand already.