Although we've known this was coming for quite some time -- and despite nobody having an official launch date -- the Samsung Nexus S will be hitting Canadian carriers any day now. Google has updated their Nexus S pages, and now dummy devices have started to arrive at some Rogers locations. Oddly, though, the units are said to be arriving with no information to accompany them. We're guessing we'll just wake up one day and they'll all of a sudden be available. Thanks, you know who!


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Rogers Nexus S dummy units arriving in stores


Agreed. I'm holding off on asking for a work phone for as long as possible so I can wait for the Sprint Nexus S 4G. They need to step it up already before I get stuck with an Epic.

Finally a 3g version that will work on at&t!! Sprit wimax speeds are less than impressive, definitely not enough for me to switch from at&t.

I want nothing to do with AT&T, or Verizon as well. My father lives in the Nashville area, and he said just recently, an area where he would consistently get 3Mbps on 4g, suddenly went up to 9mbps consistently. It seems like maybe Sprint is slowly bumping up WiMax speeds, so I'm sure it'll get better.

Finally some semi solid info on a Nexus S that works on att 3G. Very tempting to toss the Cappy for this thing... Depends on the price though.

Sort of unrelated, what bands/hardware would be required to get att "4g"? Are download speeds on this gonna be closer to nexus one or atrix on att?