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Yes, I know. This is Android Central and you're certainly not expecting to hear about RIM on here but hear me out for a second. As some of you may or may not know, RIM's BlackBerry PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 does support Android apps to a certain extent and with that RIM also supports Android developers.

Android developers can earn money on BlackBerry App World by porting their apps to the BlackBerry PlayBook and RIM's upcoming OS, BlackBerry 10. To help show that, RIM is hosting a 36 hour game porting session and offering up some cold hard cash and prizes to go along with it. Here's the deal, if you're an Android developer and interested in porting some games.

  • You will receive $100 for each gaming app approved (up to a maximum of 20)
  • Submit more than two games and get a free BlackBerry PlayBook!
  • Be one of the first 100 qualified participants to submit more than 5 or more (but less than 10) games and receive a free BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device.
  • Submit 10-20 approved games and as well as getting the Dev Alpha device RIM will also take you to the 2013 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

If you're not familiar with the RIM porting tools, the sessions will be held online starting tomorrow where you learn all about them from RIM's developer team which will be on hand to further help along with the process and make things as seamless as possible.

If you're interested, it's suggested you sign up for the free BlackBerry App World vendor access and request the BlackBerry 10 signing keys and be sure to bring along any application assets you may need such as images and icons. You can register using the link below, things kick off on November 16, 2012 at 12:00:00 PM EST.

More Info: Register for the online session


Reader comments

RIM hosting 36 hour game-port-a-thon, Android developers welcome to join


Just cuz we are all Android fanatics on this site it doesn't mean we can't expand our horizons. I think it's great that rim recognizes the great Android developers talent and its willing to pay them for their time and effort to help out the BlackBerry market . At the end of the day we know rim will never catch or be at real threat to Android but what's the harm in letting the true BlackBerry fans have some access to the skills of some of the great Android developers

Remember your roots :-) Nice one RIM. Better late than never. More competition is better for EVERYONE. Keep it up!

As an owner and daily user of both Blackberry and Android based products, this makes me happy to see....and throwing some coin and free travel packages back at participants doesn't hurt too. LOL, thanks RIM.