Sprint Nexus S 4G

Monday mornings are taxing for even the sharpest of minds, so here’s a friendly reminder: Sprint will begin rolling out its update for the Nexus S 4G today, bringing improvements to data speeds, signal strength, Wi-Fi connectivity, speakerphone audio quality, and TTY support. Keep in mind that the update will be rolling out over the next three weeks, so don’t panic if you haven’t received it just yet. If you have, however, let us know how it’s treating you in the comments below.

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Seven2k says:

Trust me...we know =) haha

mlief says:

Slow summer Android news cycle obviously....

dbald says:

Not really. I know people who have been holding off buying this phone because of these issues. So I think it is pretty good news that this is happening.

mlief says:

No I meant that they recycled the story....

I'm a NS4G owner so I'm salivating waiting for this update and hopeful that it makes a very good phone even better!

shahid99 says:

As of 7/25/11. 8:58:45. Still waiting

RamboDroid says:

Best Buy has the Nexus S 4g FOR FREEE!!!! right now. Either new customer or adding a line to a family plan. This is online AND in store!

I know it doesnt have all the specs but it is a great phone!

Wow, this is a great deal. I am waiting until my upgrade kicks in on 8/1. I hope it's still on sale then. I wonder if Sprint Retails stores will match this price???

amcooper says:

I just tried BB site and 2 year upgrade is $99. Only new contract is free online...

nojok3 says:

Any idea what the HTC Sense looking clock is?

It is probably Beautiful Widgets. They have several different skins and clocks.

It actually looks like Fancy Widget.

meladdin says:

Will this affect the free tethering?

Good question, although who cares if it do. Just root and you'LOL get it free anyways.

derek061886 says:

Could you explain to me exactly how to root the nexus s 4g. I tryed to and when I got to the final steps of the rooting it said I was missing a driver. I think its the 'adb' driver maybe.

Grays says:

Yes, Yes it will.

jean15paul says:

No, No it won't.

Grays says:

When you get the update and try it out and it dosen't work are you going to come back here and eat your words? No, No you won't

joker42179 says:

oh look at that wifi tethering is still working in GRJ90....

ameadows252 says:

Ha. Still works fine for me man...

DWR_31 says:


Ludacris83 says:

if you have the Nexus s 4g, than you would already know that because it is a pure Google phone that sprint could not alter the free 3g tether (only 3g tether)...now the question is, will the update affect the free wifi tether?

cjitty says:

Tethering is native to the phone...notice that this phone does not prompt for monthly payment like all the other Sprint branded phones do when attempting to tether. This is pure google, so tethering is built in to the kernel..same for TMobile..major perk for folks that don't want to root..and just awesome really.

Anyone get this yet?

I just got it. My phone randomly prompted me. Now up to build GRJ90. I don't notice anything different. The free wifi tether is still active.

S_C_B says:

Since you did it the official way, could you tell us your baseband and kernel versions?


superm1 says:

Here's the file:

Step 1 rename the file to update.zip.
Step 2 Copy update.zip to root of SDCARD.
Step 3 Power off phone.
Step 4 Press and hold Power+Vol up buttons(Enters Boot loader).
Step 5 Select Recovery.
Step 6 Wait for the Exclamation Indicater, or Press Vol up and Power, if thats does not work , Press the Power button, or Vol up.
Step 7 Recovery menu options should appear, select apply update from SDCARD.
Step 8 Enjoy..

chalekan says:

Mine just pops up an exclamation point triangle and no options am I doing it wrong?

sigaiser says:

I am having the same issue...can anyone help please??

Lanny84 says:

Slightly clearer instructions:

1. Download the file
2. Rename the file "Update.zip" so that it is easy to find
3. Move it to root of your phone’s internal storage.
4. Shut down and reboot into the bootloader by holding volume up and powering back on.
5. Use the volume buttons to choose “recovery” from the list, and select it with the power button.
***6. When you see the triangle on your screen, hold power and then press volume up and you’ll have a list of options, choose the file to update***

new2hack says:

Does the fact that I use ClockworkMod Recovery v3.1.0.1 have something to do with why this won't work for me?

Edwardo says:

Thanks dude, I broke root to get this but well worth it. Not a big deal since i've only had the phone now for 2 days. thanks again, it worked like a charm.

new2hack says:

Been trying this a few different ways and still not working. First I copied the update.zip into my root folder of SD then followed the rest of the instructions and get an error. Then I tried moving it just into SD card and now getting Error in sdcard/update.zip (Status 7)

not sure where I deviated from the instructions that have worked for others.

any help would be greatly appreciated

S_C_B says:

Worked for me! I like instant gratification.

Pack4now says:

Thanks for the link...worked like a charm. version 2.3.5 installed

how do you like it? is your free tethering still active?

Ludacris83 says:

Thanks for the link, updated and looks like there is no signal issues as far as wifi, bluetooth and wimax in concern....wifi tether still free......seems like that update did the works! But with every update there are always gonna be new bugs

Some others were reporting that the wifi tethering was disabled.

evoldroid says:


josh121779 says:

the installation process went through without a problem, but now the Market isn't working properly - I receive an error message when trying to download an application ("Download error - please try again"). Is anyone else having this problem?

eswold#AC says:

Not really seeing a difference? I had WIFI Tethering and my market works just fine. I heard this was suppose to help reception issues?

ameadows252 says:

The link posted above worked great for me, but I'm not sure where to find the 4G toggle widget that was supposed to be included. Anyone know where that might be?

evoldroid says:

This so called update sucks.Nothing changed but the fact that they have taken away our tethering.They could have left this update in there pocket.In fact it seems my internet takes forever now on the phone

ameadows252 says:

My tethering still works just fine.

evoldroid says:


dmart81 says:

WHERE is the 4g toggle switch?

ameadows252 says:

I'm with you. That's the whole reason I was looking forward to this update. Let me know if you find it.

dmart81 says:

WHERE is the 4g toggle switch?

blueasian says:

double post

blueasian says:

wireless tether doesn't work for me too..turned on 4g tried it there...tried it on 3g..still doesn't work

HKing88 says:

I want to get a quick bit of info anyone who updated manually with the link in the posts above and if you have wifi hotspot or not and people who got over the air do you have hot spot or not. Something like this

Manual Update - Hotspot DOES NOT WORK

For everyone who says it still works don't just turn it on actually test it I though it worked until I tried connecting it to my tablet

manual update- doesn't work for shit

manual update- doesn't work for shit