Red Nexus 5

If you're dying for a red Nexus 5, it looks like they're well on their way. We (and just about everyone else) just got pinged by @artyomstar on Twitter, who offered up a couple pics. Note the colors listed on the boxes as well.

The follows up another one that leaked last week, though that image was pretty rough.


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Red Nexus 5s on Twitter look legit


That's what she said!

I'm sorry.

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That is one bright shade of red. Personally, I'd feel a little conspicuous with something like that. I guess I'm just not the flashy type.

You're in denial. Red is the one color that universally attracts any human. #accept

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Clearly you are incorrect, as I assure you, I don't care for the color red.

It might illicit a reaction, but that in itself doesn't determine the nature of the reaction - positive or negative.

You know what, the colour is so attractive that it probably does! Don't be surprised when you see one of them with this phone next time your out!

Red looks pretty great to me. Deciding between the N5 or the X with Ebonized wood and red accents. Hmmm

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I think I got it, lol.

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I read it as 5S, too. Following the mobile industry so closely has ruined us.

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I read it the same. Google better not EVER use some bs 5s name.

Apple lawyers would probably have an orgasm if google did that.

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Last of the nexus line. Rip nexus

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Someone named Eldar Murtazin tweeted that the Nexus line will be replaced by the Play Edition devices, which will also be rebranded, by 2015. A few other blogs took this to mean that the 2013 Nexus 5 is the last Nexus, which makes the assumption that Google will not do anything during 2014 - during which at least two tablets and another phone would normally be expected.

On Twitter, Eldar reclarified that 2-3 devices will be announced this year, after that he expects this change. No sources have been named an no one else has run with this story except to quote this tweet.

Eldar Murtazin is EIC of a Russian publication called mobile-review.

It's inconsistent with the way white was shown on the box. The side view is missing.

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I want to see the sides. If I had to guess I would say they just stuck a red cover on the back of a black nexus but we'll see. If that is the case you could easily buy a replacement red cover for $25 on ebay in a couple weeks.

Edit - Nevermind, I see it does look red. Stupid twitter is blocked at work so I only saw the first box shot....

That's the speaker grill. It is round on the nexus 5. The camera is near the left side of the phone.

OK, so the round speaker grill on the front of the phone, why is it red? Its not white on the white version, so why is it white here?

EDIT: My bad, it IS white on the white version. So maybe...


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Weird that they would use red edge color too instead of black like in the white models. I wonder if its the same soft touch as the black models.

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Had to get on the app to see the other pictures (Twitter is blocked at work).. Surprised they used red edges too. Wish I could see this phone in person. The red looks a little too bright, as I said before.

Call me crazy, I'm still not convinced. Maybe its just that I don't see how they go from subtle black and white versions to a super bold red. Of course it matches the accessories... I don't know. Its pretty out there, y'know?

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Scratch that. I just saw an extra handful of photos on G+ and they do look pretty legit. It'd be painstaking to Photoshop that well from all the angles of those photos. Welp...

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Android Police say that the IMEI numbers are all connected to an old Samsung feature phone. I'm calling bullshit on this.

For me, it's all about the texture. If this red N5 has the rubbery feel of the black, and not the slick feel of the white... I'll definitely get it. Though, I may wait a couple weeks, just to see if any other colors come out. I'd like to see it in both yellow and blue as well.

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I hate when they never take more than one picture. I want to see the front and sides of it. I don't think it's legit

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