We received some communication from Google letting us know that the official consumer release was rolling out to Nexus 4 and Nexus 10 review units, and like clockwork it just appeared. 

This update should bring the lockscreen widgets and multi-user login to the Nexus 10, and put the lockscreen widgets on the Nexus 4. We're installing now, and will pick through it.

Stay tuned!

Nexus 4 review | Nexus 10 review

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7xovr says:


kcls says:

Aw snap! Let it begin!

jjrudey says:

Hopefully it starts for Nexus 7 soon.

callofduty4 says:

Wonder if it'll hit AOSP tonight...

xolanir says:

Was about to ask the same question, but you must have some esp and read my mind. Don't stay in there too long cos the voices in my head don't like it when it gets crowed...lol!

Nayners says:

Here we GO! Go Gooogle GOOOOOOOOO!

TyBec says:

We need a walkthrough video!

Uploading right now!

Ziptied says:

Meant to send you a message earlier today, it rolled to us last night.

Jaywrayson says:

I want it NOW!!!

Jaywrayson says:

Tomorrow will be like Christmas morning for me and the Nexus 4!

Comineeyeaha says:

I took my N7 back to stock just before the announcement so that I could have it the moment it was ready. I thought it would have been tough, but luckily stock Jelly Bean is fantastic, so I have little to no complaints.

vijayd says:

Could you guys re-run the battery test after the update? Battery life is my only concern with this phone.


D3VI0US says:

Guys if i need a Nexus samples for my website .. does google have certain contact for that or someone handle those kind of things

sddfdds says:

And now lets not have to wait a month for the galaxy nexus too

Mac58 says:

Only if you have a Vzw Gnex like me will you wait a month, which is why Im forking mine over for the N4

Floss82 says:

4.2.1 :-)

deltasig says:

Why does the Nexus 4 need multi user profiles? Did you mean the Nexus 7 &10?

AlSaffar says:

I have a question
I would like to know if Google updates the built-in preview for PDF and Word ?
On my GN the built-in is so slow and sluggish. I hope they address this issue in this release