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Asked this on Twitter earlier today, and let's put it to you folks: We're more than halfway through the year, and chances are we'll see a new Nexus device -- whatever it may be -- by the end of the year, if Google keeps up with previous schedules. (Though we have no assurances that it will.)

So the question is this: With the possibility of a new Nexus device in the next five or six months, are you willing to shell out for a Samsung Nexus S? It's a mere $99 on contract, but $529 outright.


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Poll: Would you buy a Nexus S this far into the year?


Im in the process of switching from Verizon to T-Mo (Just bought my girlfriend the MT4GS) and I was looking for something moderately cheap to jump into for the time being until the next Nexus. I may just get a Nexus S off Amazon for $50.

good luck with that buddy, that $50 deal was for the sprint/ only offers the sprint version and an unlocked version for 450+...if you want the nexus/tmobile you will have to go through best buy

I did. I bought the Nexus S to use on AT&T 3G two months ago. Was happy at the time to be the first with Google Talk with Video and Netflix and Hulu support.

Even 7 months old, the fact that AT&T users can now get vanilla android and updates first is an important thing.

HOWEVER, the next Pure Google phone needs to be released on All the major carriers at the same time.

AT&T should have placed its focus on expediting some of the more highly anticipated phones (SGS2) instead of this 7 month old phone.

I'm sure AT&T has more than 1 employee. they can be getting this and working on getting the SGS2 at the same time (which is going on im sure)

Why not? AT&T needs a vanilla Android device on their network and this does the trick. I'm pretty sure that they are focusing on the SGS2 as well but this gives people the option of having a really nice phone for a great price

Google is not going to waste its time putting out a CDMA nexus.

When Verizon has LTE everywhere then google might, but a phone that has to fall back from LTE(which is GSM) to CDMA when you step away from the few existing LTE cities is just not something worth Google's time.

I just took back my EVO 3D and got the Nexus S 4G to replace it. In my opinion the Nexus S is by far the best Android phone available on Sprint. It may not have the best specs but it offers the best experience in my opinion. So to answer your question, yes I would by the Nexus S this far into the year and put my money where my mouth is 2 weeks ago.

I don't get it. Yes, the Nexus S 4G has the googly goodness, but HTC is no slouch with the updates, either. And the specs of the EVO 3D are significantly better in just about every way (microsd card slot, higher screen resolution, dual core cpu). The only thing missing is this near field communication thing, which is probably a couple years away from being widely adopted anyway. What made you return it for the NS4G?

I think you'll see a lot of this soon. Once people start realizing how gimmicky the 3D is and how the Nexus S 4G performs as well or better all the while having a lighter form factor, much more beautiful screen, much lighter, and much longer battery life.

My first Nexus S had a bad Radio. They tried to offer me a 3D when it failed antenna tests. I was apprehensive, so I played with it for about 5 minutes before realizing that it is more gimmick than style/function. My Nexus is simply snappier, prettier, clearer, brighter, and all around better than what I experienced.

Agreed, on paper, the EVO3D should blow the Nexus out of the water, but that simply isn't the case.

My EVO 3D works just fine. The 3D looks good, and it's snappy as ever.
I also love my NS4G. Where the hell is my Google Wallet????

Wow, sorry to hear that gregg37.

Once the Evo3D bootloader is unlocked (officially or through other means) and CM7 is available, this phone is going to be screaming fast.

I'm no fan of the 3D part of the phone either, but like it has been mentioned a gazillion times before... it's an optional feature. Don't want it? Don't use it.

Complaining about the 3D on the Evo3D makes just about as much sense as not buying the phone because the Blockbuster app is installed by default. Nobody is forcing you to use it...

I agree, 3D feature is definitely a gimmick. I tested it in the store and it just made my head hurt. But you don't have to use it. But the EVO 3D also has _higher_ screen resolution and that was a major selling point to me. The locked bootloader kinda sucks but that should be fixed by HTC next month. With custom ROMs the 3D will be a beast.

I do think Google made a really poor choice in leaving out the micro sd slot. I like being able to pull the card out and know that all of my data and pictures are safe while I wipe the internal memory to flash another ROM. It's a standard, just like micro USB. Every phone should have it.

I still wish Google (or HTC) would make with a decent keyboard phone with top of the line specs. That is what I will be waiting for. My wife got the 3D and the hardware is great but I am not a fan of slab phones in general. I have faith that there will be a worthy successor to the Epic before my contract is up next year..

the thing about the nexus s is that it works well. the os is smooth and fast and it runs vanilla android. if you must have the latest and greatest to be happy then this phone is not for you, but if you are just looking for a good device you might really like this one.

i had one in toronto and loved it, but i wanted a bigger screen so i sold the nexus s and bought the galaxy s2 unlocked. couldnt be happier

Agreed. For me, I do like to have the latest and greatest, software that is, in this case. Hardware is important, but not at the expense of software functionality, fluidity. The Nexus phones are the only phones that offer the latest and greatest. I will never buy a non-nexus android os phone.

I would, but not on contract, so I guess no then. I will absolutely show this to my dad though, his iPhone3g is getting long in the tooth and at $99 this is a steal. He is not an early adopter with new tech and would be happy with this for 2 years.

I think this is the right answer. It does not make sense to enter a 2 year contract for this phone, whereby you wouldn't be able upgrade until May 2013. When you think of the upgrade date, it's just ridiculous. Hold out until the next one.

This day and age, what phone is 5/2013 not a ridiculous upgrade date?

Thank goodness for Sprint Premier that lets me upgrade every 12 months. I bought my Epic 4G on the day it was released (8/31/10), so I'm looking. Do I get a Nexus S, Galaxy S II, Photon or something else? The options are all so yummy.

I just bought it yesterday and like other's have said I think it's the best Sprint phone available and the price made it a no-brainer. No carrier or manufacturer bloatware and straight-up vanilla android to customize as you see fit. I love the size - bigger than my old Hero but not the 4.3" monster.

I'm still plenty happy with my Captivate with the Paragon Froyo 2.2.1 ROM. I'm holding out for a dual core or quad core powerhouse, but I won't need anything for at least another year.

Would love to own this phone! Was going to buy it for cash and save my upgrade and then use as backup when SGS II comes. Then I saw it was for 529...not a sure thing now. If it was under 400 I would probably do it but 529! I will sleep on it! Really want a vanilla android phone!

Considering anyone can buy it brand new from Cincinnati Bell (i9020T) for $300 OFF CONTRACT... hell yes!

I just got one for my wife. It's a good phone. I wouldn't consider it a top of the line phone, but she didn't need a top of the line phone. If you think of it as a mid range phone, then it's a really good phone for a good price. And most importantly, you KNOW it will get continued support.

I traded in my OG Evo for the NS4G and I couldn't be any happier. I never have been impressed with Sense ui. The phone works great, I love the all black front face with no logos and how light it feels in my hands. The evo felt like a brick.

I just did, actually.

Upgraded to the 3vo on launch day, but wasn't really all that impressed- traded in (and up!) for the NS4G and couldn't be happier. Haven't thought twice about the 3vo since.

What 3G bands does the Cincinnati Bell (i9020T) NS work on (Tmo or ATT)? If the Spring NS4G Was $299 off contract I'd have one.