You might have heard that Google is postponing the retail launch of the Nexus Q, and as compensation they are giving one to everyone who preordered for the low price of free. It's a shocker, and more than anyone expected to hear when we found out that the Q would be held back to add some more functionality. I'll leave the comparison to Oprah for the comments.

We're all busy discussing what sort of awesomesauce Google could bake into the Q, and words like mirroring and Wifi Direct are getting thrown all over my Gtalk. We're just speculating of course, but we're genuinely excited to see what G has in store for the cannonball. All we know for now is that it's been delayed for a it, and that Google is handing them out for free if you preordered.

Which of course means we have to ask, just how many folks did preorder the $300 Nexus Q? Everyone who doesn't have one seems to hate it, and those that do have one (Google handed out about 6,000 of them at Google I/O 2012) seem to be divided about how useful the device is in its current state. We don't imagine very many folks jumped at the chance to get one, and that now everyone wishes they had, but rather than guess, we'll just ask. Let us know in the poll!


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Poll: Did you preorder a Nexus Q?


This is overprice and even Google admits it does not fully work right. So many other devices do the same thing and more in the $100 bracket.

$300 isn't bad for the hardware. They just need to adjust the software. I've got a few Sonos Connect units, each $350 and they're well worth the money due to the features they support. Google could easily duplicate the streaming functionality if they partnered up with other music providers and allowed for streaming of local content, such as that server via iTunes, DLNA, and or a NAS.

I made the stupid mistake of buying one of the IO Q's from Ebay on Saturday! Thought I was saving $70 from retail, but what a dumb move on my part.

It's hilarious how many people (particularly a person employed by this blog) complain about tablets that aren't the iFad that sell for more than this, but this is the same hardware, without the touch screen, which is probably the most expensive part of a tablet or phone, and no other built in interface, but this isn't too expensive for $300.

would you buy a kit car at half price if you didn't know how to put together a car? That's kinda like what the Q is now. It has a ton of potential with the hardware, but the software is really underdeveloped at the moment.

I just see no use case for this device. It is currently so limited in capability, that it seems pointless.
The real world opportunities to use it as it is released today are vanishingly small unless you are a party animal or spend your entire life consuming movies.

Me too!!! Total impulse buy after seeing the demo, looks like it worked out pretty well though - definitely looking forward to seeing what the awesome android dev community comes up with :)

It goes to show you Jerry those that got it free don't love it how can someone who forked over $300 like it. I'm sure there will be a few but for most $300 for a device that only streams Google content is pretty expensive.

I'm sure if I got one for free I too would live the device bit not for $300

Nope.. Even free I don't want it. Already have a real entertainment system with all the essential entertainment "apps" I need. Really not worth re-wiring an entertainment system for "Google content".

$300 was way too much the Q. I have built bookshelf computers that are more powerful and had more features for half the price of the Q. They can add all the features they want, but until that price drops I don't see this being a big seller.

I sure wish I did now. Those are going to resell for a nice amount, even though they're going out free. Could have probably gotten back the amount you'll eventually have to put out for the real one when it comes out. More interested right now though in the ouyo, or however it's spelled.

Cool toy, but my Google TV does everything that this thing does in conjunction with my GS3 and it also has a Blu Ray built in.

I have a Logitech Revue tied into my AVR wtih 7.1 surround. From a hardware standpoint, what does the Nexus Q offer thats $200 more than what the Revue or Vizio's upcoming device? From the demo the only thing that I really saw was the feature about sharing play lists with your friends.If so, I would think that would be software related.If I am missing something, would someone please enlighten me.

They would have to pay me to have this device. Don't get me wrong, I love El Goog. However I'm not that impressed with my Sony Google TV. Sure it works, haven't had any issues with it, but the software runs a bit clunky. Compare that with my Apple TV and the Apple TV wins hands down, every time. Honestly, if Google hopes to gain any success with this device, it has to be priced below the $99 bracket.

Cost of my Google TV: $798

Cost of my Apple TV: $99, however I only paid $1.98, though it doesn't make me biased.

Fix it and lower the price. Hell, give me the features of a jailbroken Apple TV and charge me $150.00 and I'd probably buy.