CSR Racing

Try out a different kind of racing game and win a new tablet to play it on in the process

CSR Racing isn't your standard racing game requiring lots of fine motor skills to steer and navigate a track. It instead focuses on building up your car collection by street drag racing, focusing on proper use of car upgrades, accelerating and shifting to win races. With a deep story line taking you through an RPG-like experience and high-quality graphics, there's a whole lot of content here to enjoy playing through.

Hang around after the break to take a better look at CSR Racing and learn how you could win a Nexus 7 in the process.

After learning a bit more about the game and having time to give it a try, now we get to the contest. To enter to win a 16GB Nexus 7 tablet courtesy of CSR Racing, leave a comment below answering the following question:

"Which of the cars featured in CSR Racing would you most want to own, and why?"

  • For reference, the CSR Racing team has offered a full listing of the cars available in the game right here.
  • We'll be keeping the comments open here until Friday, July 5th for people to give their answer, then we'll pick one lucky winner who will receive a 16GB Nexus 7.
  • One comment entry per person, let's keep things clean.
  • The contest is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Good luck!

There are 746 comments

N3tT3chMan says:

Corvette ZR1 because its american made muscle (in the state i live in) with plenty of go fast.

Analogy says:

Same here zr1 but bc my dream car was a 1990 zr1 until 2009

lwa391 says:

Mercedes Benz SLR MecLaren-RWD,a great car.

wangkom says:

BMW M3 - Because it's the car I've wanted to purchase for a while

RaiderWill says:

Sounds Excellent To Me...:-)

Wolfgar2k says:

Dodge Challenger SRT8. I've always wanted one of these beauties ever since I saw pictures of the concept version.

C6R_92 says:

Corvette ZR1

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C6R_92 says:

Because I've always been a big fan of Corvettes

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adriandude85 says:

Nissan GT-R! I would love to own one because it reminds me so much of the Skyline which I could never own in California, unfortunately.

Nissan GT-R, turbo-charged engine with AWD and enough gadgets to keep me satisfied.

PTthe13 says:

BMW Z4 GT3... it's an insane track car. Would love to own 1

Connor Mason says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren, because it's by far the slickest car of the lot

mathiasjk says:

The McLaren SLR. Those wing doors are freaking beautiful!

kilo720 says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

gameson says:

Audi R8, the most driveable sport car and yet, can perform on the street as well as the track.

el_charlie says:

The McLaren MP4-12C because it's like an F1 car made for the street, incredible acceleration and control.


McLaren SLR cause it looks amazing... its got wingssssssss

teryfunk says:

AUDI RS3 SPORTBACK: cuz i might be able to pass this off as a family car and still have lots o fun when the kids arent in it

sprunka says:

None of them are really the practical sort of car I'd actually ever own...So, I'll answer as though money and environment didn't matter. With only raw power and looks in mind, I'd definitely choose the Pagani Huayra, because it really is a gorgeous car and a speed demon to boot.

Osidearnold says:

Audo R8 V10. still dont see a lot of these on the road. Unique style with speed w/o getting too exotic.

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toymechanic says:

Audio R8 LMS, only slightly ridiculous

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tomdg07 says:

I would take the audi r8 lms ultra as its a sleek looking ride and was the car with which I beat the final boss!

Marius Vilcu says:

Audi R8,because it's an Audi!

McLaren mp4 because it is the fastest car on that list

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troysyx says:

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, that is one....sexy....piece of auto. I have been in love with Camaros since the '69 SS, and i love that they are going back to that design while putting all the HP a man could need :)

dmlowery41 says:

Audi R8

fawn25 says:

Camaro SS. It is simply a beautiful car. It's speed and horsepower are enough. Handles flawlessly. It actually out runs the Dodge Charger by a long shot. It is capable of making tight turns at high speeds where other cars would turn into otherwise. It is truly one of the best sports cars on this list.

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xltbob says:

GTR, sure, why not.

shahravi94 says:

mclaren slr is beautiful!

gazoo2010 says:

The BMW Z4 GT3..... Because that car helped me beat the Tier 5 Boss and win his Audit R8 LMS....

paging dr b says:

The Nissan GT-R. I know it's a Nissan but there's just something so... beastly and exotic about it.

On2Vegas says:

"I know it's a Nissan but..." At one time or another, I've owned a vehicle from all three big Japanese manufacturers. Nissan is a great car company, not sure what your hesitation would be about.

jbreakfield says:

It's a draw between the Challenger SRT8 and the Camaro SS, because both remind me of the muscle cars that I wanted as a kid.

Doug Wolfe says:

Camaro ZR1 because Camaros have always been my car of choice. Have owned 4 of them.


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tayoonja says:

The Dodge Dart RT, because i'm a girl and its really cute

joshua.worth says:

I would love to own the Pagani
Huayra because it's a masterpiece and I love driving really fast!

hammerbeard says:

The Ford Mustang Cobra Jet, because that car is the most attractive thing I have ever seen on four wheels.

Small_law says:

GTR. No doubt.

CRSO says:

I'd like to own the Nissan GT-R because I can't afford one...

I can't afford a Nexus 7 either.

PAC757 says:

Definitely a Nissan GT R . Every time I see one of those I'm like " yes that could be a fun Daily Driver"

Jaye36 says:

GT-R's are very nice!

Jaye36 says:

Man, Nissan 370z...I love Nissan! Shoot I own a Altima coupe

Long time corvette fan. Gotta go with the zr1. One of the greatest sports/supercars out there today without the super pricey exotic sticker price. Gotta live that american made corvette. Can't wait to own one!

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jedifire11 says:

I would want the new Dodge Charger, love the look of it, plus it has decent power as well!


I would like to own the pagani huayra. Why simple the sheer beauty, speed, craftsmanship, and power.

brandon_L says:

Corvette ZR1! Sweet

dextorboot says:

GT-R because it's an awesome little beast.

biggy813 says:

A camaro ss all the way it's one of my dream car to have, I have a 99 but would like to upgrade in the future :-)

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TheLegoman says:

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet. I actually owned that car back when I played CSR Racing on my mom's old iPod Touch. In short, it was an amazing car. I really wish I could port all of my progress and stats onto my Android device, as I don't really want to start the whole game from the beginning again.

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prophoto1 says:

the audi...well....its an audi silly! NUFF SAID!

I Be Zachh says:

I would choose the Nissan GT-R simply because it's my favorite car. Then the Vette C6 would be a close second as it's pure American muscle.

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Red320 says:

Audi R8
Count me in!

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murnja says:

SLR McLaren, because it's damn sexy and fast

gOLdEn gOd says:

McLaren MP4- 12C....Its a beast with wings!!!

betsuni says:

I'd love to drive a Ford Mustang Cobra Jet in real life. I love the awesome power driving those rear wheels and the Cobra name with the Mustang body. But in reality I'd love to have a Charger RT (got to drive a rental for a while and really loved it) or Ford Mustang Boss 302 for the new mixed with the old.

thacounty says:

I live close to Corvette plant so no on that, but I have always wanted an M series. I would love to have the M6 Coupe – RWD. I can't imagine how much fun it would be to fly down backroads in it.

Theot says:

Challenger SRT8, because its a timeless classic design that evokes the spirit of the original with all the technological advancements of a modern sports car but with a muscle car look and feel. Nothing but raw horsepower and torque. Add to that there's plenty of room for the the family to take a cruise and be comfortable and you have the perfect muscle/sports car in my opinion.

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ronzkie21 says:

The GT-R coz it can actually do both drag and track. It can turn.

area223 says:

The Pagani Huayra, it's a mean V12 twin turbo (AMG engine) and Pagani makes nice, hand made solid fast works of art.

Ben Schoon says:

hmm... probably one of the mustangs... really any car in the game cause i will probably never be able to afford any of them!!

stevovr says:

Mustang Boss 302. I sat my test in a Grande in the 70's. Loved them ever since.

will baker says:

Ford Focus ST because its better than what I drive now, and would probably be a good car for commuting.

staindone says:

Nissan GT-R because that car is a beauty and a beast.

dacp283 says:

Can I own two? Lol. Camaro ZL1 for a daily driver and the Mustang cobra jet on the track. But I would surely take the camaro first and foremost. Sexy style takes me back to memories of my late 69.

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acam333 says:

McLaren mp4-12c. It is a beautiful car with great handling, quick acceleration, and most of all it is FAST!

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Dodge charger because it looks sweet.

ineedme says:

Cooper S
Simply love it

reg0303 says:

The one and only Nissan Altima! Which is parked outside and you see it every other car...and it has no bells or whistles...and its a year old with way too many miles-->Just depressed myself.

marcdav84 says:

Nissan GT-R I have always wanted a skyline. It has both horsepower and AWD which is something I like.

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Kchrpm says:

Corvette ZR1, because they don't have the Z06.

JosephN says:

Audi R8 the car is just beautiful and with a v10 you can't go wrong.

wade_county says:

Audi R8 V10, simply a gorgeous machine.

VSG28 says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren because it actually looks AND drives awesome.

jvernwald says:

I wish there were a Mercedes SLS.. BUT, the Audi R8 will do!

szatyinadam says:

Ford Focus RS...it isn't a luxury car, but I like it and it was my first car in the game. I've just finished the game today, beat the 5th crew leader and earned the 50th level.

MS3GT says:

Nissan GT-R cause it's a Samurai, slice em up BEAST!

pdl2mtl90 says:

White Boss 302 Mustang with twin turbos...all of my other Mustangs have been white. Gotta keep up the tradition!

dcross9818 says:

GT-R because it looks damn fun to drive.

lkbig says:

Nissan GT-R because pound for pound it is the most capable affordable super car out there.

jalbrant says:

McLaren MP4 would be sweet!

nissan gt-r without question. it runs with cars 2-3x the price no problem.

jeffedsell says:

I drove a Nissan GT-R in Gran Turismo and loved it there too.

HuskerDad3 says:

Challenger SRT8 or Camaro SS. I love that they brought back the styling from the classic versions of these cars.

rsanchez1 says:

McLaren MP4- 12C

I have a need for speed!

Sturm Rider says:

For me the Audi R8, I used to race the Audi Fox in SCCA events, it was a blast. Especially Ice Racing up in New Hampshire ah those were the days.

I'll tell you what I'll take the R8 instead of the Nexus 7 if you want to switch the prize:)

The McLaren mp4 looks like a beast and is really fast!

David Steele says:

Mustang Cobra; Like its looks and sound

Audi R8. I've loved the way it looks since the first time I saw a picture of it. Sadly I've only seen in in person a couple times. Almost ran off the road once when once passed by me.

Vito2000 says:

The McLaren MP4- 12C is just so sweet.

dugzor says:

After seeing the Huayra on Top Gear, I've had dreams of laying that sweet piece of machinery down by the fire and... ahem... Yeah. I'll take the Huayra. Fo' sho'.

M6 coupe is my favorite!

red.foxx15 says:

Camaro SS - RWD

Because your not ever going to see that while out and about
seriously though Mustang Cobra Jet. its just a thing of beauty with power to boast

I'd get the Pagani Huayra, because it's just better than the others!!

jrapoport says:

Nissan GT-R, it's the ultimate gadget-lover/geeky/auto-enthusiast guy's wet dream :P

sisblub says:

originally i thought i would want the audi r8, but after playing csr i think for some reason im most drawn to the nissan gtr. mmmm drool.

nexus 7.. mmmm droool.

xxdunker says:

McLaren MP4

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erny5796 says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren – RWD because it is an awesome car

Outrager says:

Picking one of the supercars seems like the best choice at first, but then it would be impractical to own and use. So then I thought I would pick the M3 coupe since I've always loved M3s, but having owned a coupe I know I now prefer something with 4 doors. So I would pick the RS3 Sportback to own. Great performance and practical.

Marcellus1 says:

Camaro SS - It's a great looking car and the power is amazing to drive with. I've test-driven a couple of these and they were a lot of fun!

The Tick077 says:

No question, the Audi R8 - any of them! That is my DREAM car right now!

valapsp says:

BMW Z4 sDrive35i - RWD FTW casue I love BMW and that's it.

hackacrack says:

I would want the BMW 1M.
Because i owned an135i. Loved it and was excited for the 1M. Was gonna trade for the 1M. Had my son and had to have a change of plans and vehicle.

eszklar says:

McLaren MP4- 12C -RWD. Because.

Camaro SS - RWD cuz it looks really classy'

Logan Sprole says:

The BMW 1M, the car is super fast and super nice looking.

live2skico says:

McLaren MP4- 12C because I'll never get to drive one in real life unless that lottery ticket pans out....

mouseglider says:

Audi R8 - Ironman's car :-)

delroydennie says:

Nissan GTR because any car with the nickname Godzilla begs to be driven

buck101 says:

The Corvette ZR1! Rare car with enormous brute power!

bighoppy1 says:

Go Go Godzilla!! Nissan GT-R!! Awesome all around car!

adamhlj says:

Mustang Cobra Jet. I have always been a fan of the mustang cobra series, especially after my cousins got one. Very fun cars.

dancing-bass says:

Call me crazy, but I think it would be stupid fun to have a JCW Mini.

For me I think the BMW M6 .... It has great lines and a all around great car. Comfort, luxury, and enough power to pull your face off. Plus there are a ton of mods that can be done to increase it's harmonious chaos. YUP M6!

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Camaro SS - RWD
Focus ST - FWD
Focus RS - FWD
Mustang GT - RWD
Mustang Boss 302 - RWD
Mustang Boss CS - RWD
Mustang Cobra Jet - RWD

I would love to own a -->FORD<-- Camaro SS........Cuz its a Camaro, thats a Ford.

kirsch.m says:


EdsonDJ says:

I actually would want to own a GT-R if I could afford one. I've always been a fan of the Nissan Skyline line of cars, and this new GT-R is just a beast.

persim says:

Nissan GT-R - Best bang for the buck.

soyjuan says:

I'd love to own a Nissan 370z, because it is a relatively accessible car but still has 330 horspower and I love the design of it.

jbizzlefosho says:

GT-R...no question

breedy231 says:

Camaro SS - RWD

Keep it classy with a black paint job, great when racing

squintyboy says:

nissan gt-r beast on the streets

batfastard says:

I would want to own the Ford GT because it has always been a dream car of mine.

Robi-K says:

The Audi TT RS cause I'm an Audi fan and me and the wifey would look awesome in one;)

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chestont says:

Glad to see so many Nissan GT-R comments. Gotta throw my vote in for such a superb reincarnation of the classic Japanese Supercar. GT-R, no doubt.

poxitee says:

PAGANI Huayra - would be perfect to drive on the small roads here

Trixz_D says:

Auid r8 as it looks great and it is powerful I've always wanted one :-)

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sv650 says:

easy R8 LMS ULTRA. boom done

Dirty-Bird says:

Charger because I already have one :)

Monkeybuttons says: BWM M6 Coupe. Always wanted an M-series BMW, though an all-wheel drive diesel version in the US would be awesome!

On2Vegas says:

GTR, All Day.

PadyLoki says:

McLaren MP4- 12C because it is built in my home town.

BWBlackett says:

McLaren SLR - its the best!

Mason Sell says:

Audio r8 coupe 5.2 quattro

Ever since seeing the car the in iron man I have longed for it

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ahaxton says:

I know it's goofy, but a Ford Focus RS-FWD. They are sporty looking, but still functional in my role as a dad.

disciple27 says:

Camaro ZL1- RWD for the design, speed and my lady really diggs it.

skelleyton says:

Mustang Boss Laguna Seca. Its an awesome looking car with plenty of power!

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BMW 125i Coupe! Because where I'm from and where I live this is perfect for doing circuits around the park and where I work! ;-)

kobunni says:

The Mclaren Mp4-12C Art and transportation...

alexshef says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren because the doors go UP!

defaguim says:

BMW Z4 GT3 because I've been racing with it and damn this thing is fast!

McLaren hands down..... Reasoning is simple, I would be one of a few to own it.

koenigseg ccx has maximum 236 plus speeed the best car in the party

koenigseg ccx has maximum 236 plus speeed the best car in the party

Sarrod says:

Mini John Cooper Works, because I don't need a big car to prove I'm a man, I just want it to be fast, pretty and fun. Same story goes for a tablet, so the Nexus7 would be perfect!

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chupajr says:

Gotta go with the Focus RS. What can I say, I've got a thing for hot hatches!

dwtc says:

Mustang GT, because Mustangs are awesome.

jaysil80 says:

Hands down the McLaren MP4-12C

Turki Fawaz says:


Because I love the R8 family and want to finish the game with one of them.

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jontalk says:

McClaren SLR is really in a class of its own..SERIOUSLY. at over 617 hp and 580 lb fit of torque, this is a VERY fast machine, though it would douse the other cars on a road race due to its amazing handling. VERY well balanced, luxurious, incredibly sexy and did I say fast?... Yes I think I did.. No contest.. McClaren all the way!

droidhead_1 says:

Corvette ZR1. Cause I've wanted a Yvette since I was 4 years old.

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Sawyer T says:

McLaren MP4- 12C. You don't need a wife if you have this car.

carhappykid says:

Nissan GT-R cause it's cool...lets race!!!!

Andrew Lima says:

The Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. Stylish and nice control. (Good luck everyone!)

major payne says:

I have to go with old school Detroit muscle. Ford Mustang.. Any of them! 302 if I have to choose

Nechasin says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren. I always loved the Mclaren look.

SprintingMan says:

Mustang Boss 302, because I've had a thing for Mustangs since I was a teenager dreaming about owning a cool car - anything would've been better than the hand-me-down 1978 Oldsmobile station wagon I was driving at the time.

jakemyster84 says:

CorvetteZR1 - RWD I have always loved the Corvette and would love to have one of my own.

Jodeit says:

BMW M6 Coupe - Combination of power and style.

dakid2k6 says:

Mustang Cobra Jet. Why American Muscle at its core.

cjlosh says:

BMW M3 Coupe because it's The Ultimate Driving Machine and I always loved them as kid.

cyberslug says:

Audi RS3 Sportback, the only "wagon" in the bunch... I love the shooting brake design. Hauling arse, and groceries... Ya, that's what I'm talkin' bout!

free2b says:

No question, the McLaren MP4-12C.
Street legal F1 car!

idrito says:

Mercedes Benz McLaren SLR because it's elegant , powerful, and good looking for street racing

Tinostre says:

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet because it smokes everything on the road.

crocodilu says:

One of the Minis because I just love that car and I love England.

SephDK says:

Nissan GT-R. The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R V-Spec II Nür was my favorite car in all the Gran Turismo games it appeared in and the GT-R is the modern evolution of that car. It just looks awesome!

Sethoth says:

Nissan GT-R of course. It's just a nice car all around with awesome acceleration thanks to the twin turbos and AWD. The car is also perfect for a game like CSR Racing!

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Budroid says:

Dodge Challenger SRT/8. At the DC car show in February, I sat in the new Mustang, Camaro, and the Challenger. The Challenger had by far the best feel and it just looks tough.

envoynv says:

Audi R8, I would love the opportunity to play this game on the new tablet.

Definitely the Audi R8 because of how sleek it looks, how well engineered it is and because I've always wanted a German sports car

Definitely the Nissan gtr. It has such an aesthetic appeal that many modern cars don't have. And it's definitely a killer on the road.

A Lexus LFA because its an impressive machine with a sound like no other sounds like a F1

The dood says:

Ford GT! Because it's sexy like me.

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Doog Lingo says:

An Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR - AWD!! I love how that car looks!

gksmithlcw says:

I'd love to drive the Nissan GT-R because I'm a Nissan owner and fan and I've had a thing for the 'Skyline' ever since the original Gran Turismo came out on the Sony PlayStation.

jwbarbou says:

Corvette ZR1, I've always wanted one and love American cars.

udazavlanje says:

Audi R8

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Jonathant21 says:

The McLaren MP4-12C because it's not just a pretty face but a true performance machine.

MrBamz says:

Camaro SS!

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Faro0os47 says:

Audi R8 - Because I Like How It Designed it's just Amazing & It's Fast + Expensive ^_^

dharmik28 says:

Audi RS3 sportstrack when you drive it, it's like vroooooooooom vrroooom vrooom

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mrbanks says:

Dodge Challenger because I like that car. Old school with a touch of new school

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VyprNoch says:

Mustang GT. Best car ever.

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amnchode says:

Always been kinda partial to the Audi R8 V10...AWD, lots of power, but also not lacking on the luxuries...Stupid fast, but can still be used as a daily driver...

Atiq Hussain says:

I would like the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR because I own it's little big brother and this car rocks awesome engineering

PAGANI Huayra...because it is one of the most beautiful cars I've ever seen...

gt7143c says:

A new Corvette ZR1 would be a nice way to celebrate Corvette's 60th Anniversary

hfliii says:

Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR because there isn't a GTI.

vir7uall says:

Nissan GT-R, best balance speed/handling

I like the Ford Focus ST in orange because it is a nice looking car! :-)

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littleemp says:

Corvette ZR1.

Nothing matches American muscle... Especially silly european/asian made cars.


*Nissan* *GTR*

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Sorry, but because it has the better handling and speed than the others beneath it.

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sri745 says:

McLaren MP4- 12C, love the tech & design behind the car.

Chriswow says:

SRT Viper GTS Looks Amazingg!!

techfellow says:

Ford Mustang Boss 302. It's a mustang, and all that ford sync stuff should be sweet with my gadgets.

MustyRash says:

id love to own the BMW 125i Coupe, my father has a 5 series, my brother has the 3 series and since they got them last years ive wanted to get a 1 series. recently ive been seeing the 1 series coupe whenever i go out and about and i absolutely adore it, its just a super compact saloon. to be fair, the only reason why i dont have one right now is because of the cost of insurance on the thing!

kenny1428 says:

Dodge Charger srt8, cause it can fit the family (kids) and still have the grunt...

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thehoz says:

Camaro SS, because I've always wanted one.

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Danny Cotton says:

McLaren MP4- 12C because it looks amazing!

alacrify says:

Dodge Charger R/T - gorgeous car.

wuguiii says:

I would own a BMW M3 Coupe if I had the money because it's one sexy ass looking sport car with a symbol of luxury.

maguilar3 says:

Nissan gtr. Because I want something faster than my Camry.

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siandro says:

I would like to own MINI
Cooper S,because it's fwd.

LaMarcus says:

Audi RS3 Sportback! I have a family of five that love to ride!

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FFSJared says:

Ford Cobra, what a looker and American made.

jparker71 says:

Dodge Charger RT

C Sweatt says:

I have always wanted a Corvette since I had a poster of a 69 Stingray convertible on my wall as a little boy (i still want that car!!!). Since I have now grown up and have 2 amazing boys of my own, I'll have to go with the GT-R considering it has a back seat and is one wicked car!

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ongozip says:

M6 Coupe is the best. Because it is fast and furious!!! Thanks guys!

brex says:

corvette for me, I love corvettes, mostly the older ones but I like 'em all

heywire says:

Nissan 370Z -- love that car!

rdude94 says:

BMW 125i Coupe because it is the first car you use in the game and it looks slick:D
And just in the nick of time, I was looking into buying a N7 but hopefully I won't have to!

romiust says:

I think the Ford Mustang cobra! I'd like to see Porsche!

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Ahowe125 says:

Love that game! My best car in game is the fully maxed out R8. But I think in real life I would really love a Nissan GTR.

The_Stig505 says:

If I could only have one car from CSR racing it would be the Nissan GT-R because of three things: power, style, and tech. Its twin turbo charged 3.8L V6 makes a whopping 530 bhp and its sophisticated all-wheel-drive system means it can go 0-60 miles per hour in under 2.7 seconds. Its stylish because its pure sport oriented and is a no frills race car. And finally its techie because its entertainment system was designed by polyphony digital, the company that made gran turismo. All in all the GT-R is one heck of a car!

jlberk84 says:

Audi rs3

BlkWolf03 says:

The Nissan GT-R - because I have always like Skyline's and this a nice evolution of that line

BMIC50 says:

I would have the Camaro ZL1 because I am extremely tall and that is the most powerful car on that list that I can fit into. Besides, the aftermarket is huge for the Camaro and I can personalize it to my heart is content!

Broken says:

Easy. Nissan GT-R. Always wanted a Nissan Skyline R34.Can't have one of those but maybe one day I can get a GT-R. Fun on the turns, not just stoplight racers like most American cars lol.

baldypal says:

The Chevy Canaries because I could never own a car like that. With a family of four its impractical and not economical. It is a dream to own. I couldn't take my kids college money to get it though.

Loved it since the first transformers movie. Give me a Bumble Bee please.

Nissan GT-R all the way!!! And I'd get it custom painted with Android Central logos!

umbrae says:

PAGANI Huayra: Because its the closest thing to a Lamborghini which was one of my dream cars growing up!

etp_rapgaroo says:

BMW 125i Coupe
I always wanted a BMW and they look sexy!! =)

marsdta says:

I would pick the boss 302. Ive always been a mustang fan since i was a kid. so that would be my first choice in the game

romeller says:

Pagani Huayra. Yes indeedy

Dodge Challenger SRT-8 because it's the all American muscle car and it even looks like a BEAST!

gomez0583 says:

Audi R8 because I have always wanted an all wheel drive audi.

UTSkiBum says:

Camaro SS - RWD to live out my high school fantasy and to let the boys know they can ride in BumbleBee anytime! :)

victorjake says:

I would honestly get the Nissan GT-R. I feel like that's the car I'd feel most comfortable with on a day-to-day basis while smoking 99.9% of cars on the road!

audi TT RS - AWD because i just like that company

romilar says:

A Beamer, one of the Ms. An old friend drilled the beamer into my automotive imagination.

lightyear420 says:

Any of them.

I don't own a car right now.

I don't own a Nexus 7 yet either...hint, hint! ;)

goosew says:

Is there even any question. Corvette ZR1.

(especially in this application), RWD in a straight line drag.

stab244 says:

Pagani Zonda R. I love my rare cars.

Wesley1 says:

Ford Mustang GT. Looks really cool racing this American legend.

mop26921 says:

I would choose the Pagani Huayra. More than just a car, it´s a work of art on wheels!

slyder0244 says:

The CorvetteZR1 because my uncle had a poster of a Corvette on his wall when I was growing up. I fell in love with that car.

RS_X says:

Audi R8 V10. A supercar that is also a great daily driver.

omark258 says:

Corvette ZR1 has to be my choice. nothing beats the pure power of a corvette!

Zefal151 says:

I would love to get my hands on a GTR - Track purposes on it are amazing, one of the best cars for road racing

jthiemeyer says:

Ford Mustang Boss CS - Perfect combination of power and handling

LinuxKnight says:

Mustang BOSS 302. Cruisin' for a bruisin'... like a boss ;)

PRTaz says:

Difficult choice but would have to pick the Audi R8 V10 FSI. It's just one of the sexiest cars out.

ginuwine1981 says:

Mercedes McLaren by far!!

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eljoaquin says:

Charger RT - Sporty, family friendly and not too ostentatious.

mymitsu3kgt says:

I can't imagine anything more fun to drive than a Nissan GT-R and imagining is all I can do since I'll never even touch the steering wheel of one, ha!

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kenkrause says:


Ford Mustang Super Cobra Jet. I LOVE mustangs and factory stock, the car is a monster on the quarter mile.

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devum says:

Nissan Altima - Anything faster would be wasted on me

iLOVEhead says:

Can I have one please!

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Audi R8 V10. If you need to ask, then you don't deserve to win.

Kinghat says:

Camaro SS American muscle enough said

TonyAthens says:

Although I'm still at the beginning I would love to get the Pagani Zonda R is unfortunately too expensive for beginners yet but that will go at some point you have the money and buy it. Distinguish it from all other cars in TIEP 5 because it is a separate fast and very good at the start compared to other cars in its class.

gizak says:

Nissan GT-R, always loved the Skyline...it's latest iteration is a sexy beast.

Ral10 says:

Nissan GT-R for its sleek lines and speed.

darkmuck says:

Corvette ZR1

davidlt4 says:

Corvette ZR1, the sound and the power

krlane says:

Mustang GT - my fist car in 1988 was a 1966 Mustang. I've always had a soft spot for the pony cars.

cloakinghalk says:

Dodge Challenger SRT8 because the muscle car has power and looks sexy on the road. Plus I love the old one.

Walter Gentz says:

The BMW 1M Coupe seems good to me. I just love the look. I've always liked the brand, as well.

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unglued94ta says:

I want the Ford camaro ss listed on the website after you click the link.

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Lancer033 says:

ha...someone else did see that

bp240 says:

I would absolutely choose to own the Pagani Huayra. On top of the crazy specs such as a twin turbo V12, the craftsmanship of the entire car is on a different level. The interior is designed with details that stray from the norm, even by supercar standards. Even the side mirrors are unlike any other car. Not to mention the crazy/cool/weird aero flaps at the front of the car. There's really no other car like it.

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Sploinkin says:

I would totally drive a BMW M3. Sporty but not so ridiculous that I'd need another car for a daily driver. *goes off to scour Craigslist for BMWs*

stevemasta34 says:

Audi R8 V10 FSI - because it's an R8 with a V10. Only thing better would be a bugatti veyron, but you can't open that open with out melting the tires

The Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR - AWD, an extremely quick car, AWD makes it all the better!

Dragon7507 says:

The Ford Focus ST because its in my price range :)

I'd like the Audi R8. Something about Audis I just love...the front end is sweet.

BlackFire27 says:

I want the M3 Coupe cuz I've always wanted that car since I was little :c

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cdonehew says:

McLaren MP4- 12C because it's a gorgeous car that I'll never be able to afford.

JoeZone says:

I'd have to take the pagani zonda r, because it's the fastest car in the game.

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mercules says:

It would have to be the BMW Z4 sDrive35i ! :D

emptiful says:

Nissan GT-R, since the thing is literally a monster - Godzilla returns! :)

abhi2nahi4 says:

Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren for me. I have always been fascinated by their symbol and the finesse that Mercedes has in their cars, whether it be a sedan or a McLaren.

dkmartin says:

Nissan GT-R - AWD - fast, sexy, .. even Top Gear had good things to say about this car. Pure fun to drive

nissan gt-r because my first car was a 240 and it never let me down.

Suprtrukr425 says:

I would gladly take the Chevy Camaro ZL1 in blue. I mean let's face it, Chevy is the best auto manufacturer and the Camaro is a beautiful car. Who wouldn't want all that horse power, and still be able to fit the wife and kids in for the ride?

hodan says:

Ford Focus ST or RS. Real men drive hatchbacks.

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Diskoman says:

The Nissan GT-R. That car looks similar to the sheep in wolves' clothing of yesteryear (Eclipse, Storm, etc.), but will absolutely destroy any other car under $200k!

Wobblin30 says:

C6 Vette to give to my dad.

KennyC78 says:

Ford Mustang GT. Offspring of "Eleanor". That is all. :)

sawedust says:

BMW M3. Wife wants one, we're saving up for one, and hopefully it's the one that gets the winner a new Nexus 7.

mlacourse says:

Corvette ZR1 because its quick and has great handling. America!

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crazymike says:

The Ford Mustang Boss 302 - Cause it will rip your face off!!!

DrASCII says:

ZR1 - Corvette, the best

I would buy the "Mustang GT - RWD". I am somewhat nostalgic about this car. More than the other Ford Mustangs in the game, this takes me back to when I owned a 5.0 liter convertible Mustang. This was an amazing American Muscle car! You put your foot on the gas and could feel the pure power press you into the seat with a fury. You could flip through the gears at an amazing pace. I know that the Corvette is technically more powerful, but there are not many who could afford that. This car is more in touch with the average consumer and it appeals to me way more than any other car in this game. Now that I have a family it is not practical for me to own it at this time, but I hope to one day buy this car again.

Cland9stine says:

Ford Focus RS, been a Focus ST for a while but theres plenty of them around here.
All that I need, any of the others will just be eaten by our roads where I live, and also I could afford fuel without finishing up my salary just driving to work.

Out Cold 111 says:

My wife and I would take the Audio R8 V10 FSI on a cross country tour of Canada. I've lived in Canada all my life and haven't seen barely 20% of the country. That would literally be living the dream.

tylerlouie says:

BMW M3 Coupe because my parents instilled an appreciation for BMW engineering and craftsmanship in me as a kid and this was always my dream car.

theseanteam says:

Not quite the Iron Man Audi, but I'll go for the Audi R8 LMS ULTRA CSR - AWD

I would have to say, the Corvette ZR1! It's the only American sports car. The Camero and SRT8 are fast in a straight line, but sloppy in corners.

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Alex27power says:

Mini Cooper S since child I love the look of the cooper elegant and little but really really fast. I just love the mini

MarkSeven says:

I want a red Camaro SS just so I could call it Cliffjumper! :-)

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navynuc730 says:

Mustang cobra jet. Always loved american muscle cars and that thing is sexy.

kbcrap says:

Pagani Huayra... it's rare, looks hot, and it's nasty fast

ngc says:

Nissan GT-R, twin turbo, AWD, what more do I need to say?!?

JarlSX says:

the challenger srt8, i've never owned a muscle car and would love to have one :)

malaka23 says:

Audi R8 LMS ULTRA - AWD for me all the way

Dodge Challenger SRT8, 1.Because I grew up watching The Dukes of Hazzard. 2. My dad raised me as a Mopar guy. 2. And it beats the hell out of the base model Honda Civic I currently drive.

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