Our friends over at TiPB have a weekly podcast that they call iPad Live, and this week that has passed they brought's Kevin Michaluk, along with our very own Phil Nickinson to the show to talk tablets. So, if you are in the market for a new tablet, and are trying to decide which is best for you, or you just enjoy to watch a bunch of passionate people speak about their platform, be sure to check this out. Highlight video available after the break, or head to TiPb for the whole thing. [TiPB]

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bbalak says:

Good GOD that ticking noise is annoying.

Clak says:

I couldn't take it more than a few minutes, so annoying.

cpk86 says:

When do we get this for the AC podcast!!?? I want to see all your beautiful faces NOW!

Bestphonever says:

Phil, I must have that shirt. Where can I buyyy it???

qfrost84 says:

they never mentioned how apples user interface sucks compared to the androids and the keybords on blackberrys suck

pceasar says:

Phil's my boy and everything but Phil I was a bit concerned about who's side you were on in the discussion its one thing to be objective and another to be defend us amongst the competition, people who buy a cheaper Android tablet are looking to find a sweet spot, a cheap tablet with functional OS. Android rocks TIPb should fly away and crackberry is irrelevant right now. Android for life!!