Microsoft has released a major update for its OneNote note taking app for Android devices in the Google Play Store, offering tablet owners a full and native experience for the first time, along with other features.

According to Microsoft, "The new tablet navigation lets you scan through your notebooks and sections so you change to your notes quickly." In addition, the Android update now includes handwritten note support, with Microsoft saying it can be access via a stylus or even a finger. It added, "Your notes will sync across all your devices, helping you access them easily and stay organized."

There are also some new formatting options with this new update and Microsoft adds, "You can even organize your notes better by inserting tags to your notes." What do you think of this latest update for the OneNote Android app?

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OneNote app for Android updated with full tablet support and more


Personally as a student who just got a Tab Pro for note taking this is great! I get the full office 365 suite through my school. I'll be able to take notes no matter what platform I have on hand or best for the purpose. Does anyone use any other cross platform note software that's better?

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I waffle between OneNote and Evernote. OneNote is more feature rich, but I fee like Evernote is more user-friendly. Try them both; pick the one you like best.

Also an Evernote user, but no experience with OneNote. Pretty sweet with Nvidia Shield tablet's stylus and handwriting recognition...but I am going to try OneNote as well, I think.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but love the full support. I haven't used it yet though... but glad to see it. One slight problem is pen input is still just laggy in general on most Android tablets.

Now, when are we going to see some core google apps on Windows Phone...

No problems with my note 3. Left my note 12.2 at home today so I haven't tried that one yet...

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When Windows Phone reach IOS level market share %. Google is not interested in the tiny Windows Phone users base, Microsoft have no choice but to develop for Android/IOS b/c they won't reach enough mobile users otherwise.

it's a really great update. loving how Microsoft is trying to keep the service truly cross-platform. providing great features everywhere. :)

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If only I could remember my log in info. I mustn't have used my Hotmail address in years (same goes for my yahoo though).

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Great update. On a personal level I use keep but for anything more than a list or work related stuff I use onenote. It is the best app on the market in that space. the update looks great on my 8" tablet.

I had been waiting for them to add inking to the android app. I think OneNote is now the complete package for notes and organization across platforms.

Tell you what, it is going to make my life easier. I take notes all the time on my tablet and it will be great to use the s-pen and have them all sync

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Am I missing something? Does One Note allow sharing? Can one send a note in a text. Can I send a note to Google+ ?

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I've been using this in beta for a little while now. Works great. The Android tablet version is very similar to the free version that comes with the MS Surface & Surface Pro tablets. Not as full-featured as OneNote 2013, but gets the job done. Both are great on my Surface Pro 3, by the way.