LG Nexus 4

Have we mentioned that there's a Nexus 4 coming Monday at Google's "Playground" event in New York? Yeah? Good. Here's one more render from the fine folks at @evleaks. Here we get a better look at the bezel surrounding the crystal reflective back (that's LG's new design feature first seen on the Optimus G, and here it's done in the same style as the original Nexus One live wallpaper).

There's not a whole lot to be gleaned from the screen here, either, save for this one's stock Android instead of an old custom ROM screenshot slapped on top. (That should calm the conspiracy theorists a little, maybe.) And the camera app has changed. Huzzah.

Just a couple days to go, folks.

Source: @evleaks


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One more Nexus 4 render leaked, still looks like a Nexus 4


Shouldn't the headline read "still looks like a galaxy nexus"? I swear I have this phone at home collecting dust. I have a sprint nexus for sale Btw. Is it a nexus 4? You tell me.

I was thinking the same thing. I like my Galaxy Nexus though. Got it for $270 off ebay off contract to keep my VZW unlimited plan. I see absolutely no reason to get the LG - especially if the rumor that it has only 8GB is true.

There will be one. You just cant see it with the glare on the screen. Same reason you can't see the ambient light sensor, or proximity sensor that we know it has.

I love the aesthetics of the device and am about 90% sure I am buying it but, I don't like the "crystal reflective" back. It looks like a friggin disco ball.

It's the faux chrome trim that turns me off. I'm acutally kinda sort of okay with the reflective back. It's a little flashy for my taste, but it could be worse. I'm just a little disappointed that Google/LG decided to make something that looks like an iPhone 3GS. I don't want a phone that looks like an old iPhone. I want something modern, sleek and sexy. In terms of design aesthetics, this actually feels like a step back from the Galaxy Nexus. I think Nokia's Lumia phones and HTC's OneX phones are pushing hardware design forward, whereas this looks like a tribute to the phones of 2008.

It does look huge. There are two reasons here though: 1) there's a LED notification light at the bottom bezel according to the user manual; 2) the on-screen "back-home-multitask" button.

Personally, I'd prefer the smaller LED light on top like the Samsung Galaxy SIII, and capacitive buttons at the very bottom. This just looks like a waste of screen space.

My S3 has enough space for my thumbs, although they arent resting they are on alert incase i need to use them. How big and lazy are your thumbs that they need to rest?

I understand the on screen buttons taking up some real estate. But do they really need that much space below them for a notification LED? Not to mention its at the bottom, why is it at the bottom, I'd miss all my notifications, I look at the top of my phone for that, always have.

I agree with you for the most part. The big top and bottom bezels make this phone physically much longer than it needs to be.

I do like the minimalistic black slab design and the reflective crystal (don't call it glass lol) on the back. The only other thing that worries me is the lack of 32GB or larger storage option.

>same style as the original Nexus One live wallpaper.

can someone point me to a picture of this wallpaper? the ones i'm finding don't look similar to this back design.

Whether you are honest about it or not, it's supposed to look like previous Nexus devices, they are building a consistent look.

Out of curiosity, do people think the event will be even held on Monday? I've heard weather reports saying there's going to be a huge storm from Hurricane Sandy going through NYC. My company (in Queens) has already told us ahead of time to not even come in.

Just a thought.. I hope it does happen tho!

Seriously?!?! Everyone up north is flipping out over a Category 1 or even just a tropical storm coming to shore there? Weak storms like that only bring rain and a little rain, here in Florida we dont even bat an eyelash at something like that, does New York city have a lousy draining system or something? Your winter storms you guys get are much worse than what this storm is.

Well in a sense, as a New Yorker myself, "Hurricanes, tornadoes, all those crazy storms" aren't common. So when one is on its way, People don't really know how to face it and tend to just over react. The media over does it, by telling an apocalypse like story.

I'm a college student hoping the colleges are closed thats about it, other than that ill still go out and do what i got to do.

People are freaking out about it because the way the media is covering it. They are saying its a perfect storm and all kinds of sensationalized things. They did this with Irene but now with Sandy its even worse.

NYC might close down their public transportation. Most businesses are telling their workers to not come in. New York is already in a state of emergency so ya...this event may not take place.


Irene was pretty bad though, there were a couple neighborhoods in my area that had no power for a couple of weeks

I think it's ugly, so much unused bezel around the phone, along with reports of miniscule int memory this is a joke. If I hear or read one more time it's about the software I think I will scream. No one is a bigger Google supporter than I am but I will not support crap design and basically just cheaping out on the most basic needs of a well designed smart phone.

I agree with you. While I know that the name Nexus IS about the software, it is also about options and freedom to do with the device what you want to do with it. Kind of hard with such limited Storage and no way to upgrade the battery (assuming that you would need to). Obviously the storage is the predominate issue for most, and I'm in the same boat.

16GB would barely hold all of my music, let alone pictures/videos from an 8MP camera and apps that are starting to get significantly larger than they were 3-4 years ago.

And to anyone that would suggest "the cloud"... No. Not a viable alternative to physical storage. You simply CANNOT get signal 100% of the time. Some may be luckier than other when it comes to the signal they can catch with their device, but there ARE just plain dead zones. They still exist. Plus streaming forces the user to rely on yet another network that they have NO control over whatsoever.

And I'm sure I don't need to do more than mention the fact that carriers are continuing to move away from unlimited data more and more. The cloud is a phenomenal backup utility, but I don't understand how people can count on it to be 100% reliable and available to the point where any Smartphones would still sell with with non-expandable 16gb of storage.

I never thought about getting it, but now if they make a pink version along with the glitter back I will get one. Hopefully they'll be a Bronies special edition.

Can't get past the thought that this has a BlackBerry-esque look. The GNex..while relatively similar in looks, looks more contemporary than this imho

I like the look of the Optimus G better because it doesn't have massive bezels. Optimus G with Android 4.2 would suite me fine. Correct me if I am wrong, but loading stock 4.2 on an Optimus G would require an unlocked bootloader.

Since the Nexus is based on Optimus G, getting stock to work on it should be easy.

Any word on how the hurricane will or will not affect the Google event?

Phil - Please PLEASE do a reception comparison (dBm vs dBm) between the Nexus 4 and the Galaxy Nexus when reviewing the phone. This will be my deciding factor.

It's "Pure Nexus" Alright...

Only 12 Gigs of Real World Storage..

Sealed Battery.. Why?

Hidiuous Butt...


What you have to Scarifice "Far Outweighs" what you gain..

The Asus Padphone 2 is the Hottest Looking Phone on the Planet.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is *The Best* All Around Phone on the Planet.

While I agree with you.. I think the best looking phone in the world is the HTC One X+. And 64GB of storage is nice.

Your wrong the Asus Padfone 2 in my opinion is the best all around phone. Think about it. 64g storage, 4.7 display, S4 Pro, very nice battery, great audio quality, and it comes with a tablet. Sealed battery won't be that bad considering it's LG's new battery technology allowing for more charge cycles. Hideous butt? Your blind. It's a crystalized back plate that looks like the OG Nexus live wallpaper that is kindof a cool ass through back but in your wronful eyes it's bad...

I am in the camp that needs a removeable battery, storage space options, and more screen with less bazel. What a great time to be in a holding pattern for a few months. The anticipation is half the fun! I need to fill two `option slots` for consideration before I pull the triger. The Note 2 fills one `option slot` and the second slot is empty at the moment. What a great time to just hover over the land of inovation...

If only it looked different than what we were already given a year ago; I guess they consider it perfect and don't want to mess with perfection or something. To me, I see very little reason to upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus I already have (with the 3500mAh extended battery) to this, besides the 2GB RAM - and unfortunately a gig bump in RAM isn't really enough to justify the hundreds of dollars purchase for a poor college student. :( Hope it's a hit anyway though, so Google comes up with the next, next Nexus release!

I just heard about this phone a couple days ago when I was deciding whether or not to finally upgrade to a Galaxy Nexus or S3, and I can't tell you how excited I was when I found out a new Nexus, a type of device that I've been wanting for a bit over two years, was ALREADY coming out.

Little did I know I would be 100% disappointed with the design. Not exactly a fan of LG either when it comes to phones... Man, I can't even put into words how much of a let down this is for me. Not to mention, I now have to go back to deciding between GNex and S3 >.<

Really, what made them go from HTC to Samsung to LG, of all companies? The first two are KNOWN for extremely high quality electronics hardware (HTC is obviously limited to phones, unlike Samsung), but LG isn't even in the same league generally.