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With the announcement of any official Nexus accessory comes the certainty of months of speculation as to if, when and where it'll eventually be released. So was the case with the Nexus 4's official Qi-based wireless charging station, first shown on launch day back in November, and increasingly elusive since that time.

Today the official orb-shaped charger has shown up for pre-order on Norwegian retailer Dustin Home, priced at 739 kr (around $114 U.S.) That might sound like a lot of cash for a charging orb, but we suspect that won't be indicative of U.S. pricing when it officially arrives in the States. (It's also worth remembering this price will include Norwegian VAT at 25%.)

Dustin Home has an estimated shipping date of Feb. 12, so you'll be waiting a while if you decide to get your order in early. There are cheaper alternatives available, as the Nexus 4 will work quite happily with any Qi-compatible charging mat. But if you're holding out for something a little more stylish, the mid-February shipping date suggests that wider orb availability may be upon us sooner rather than later.

If you're interested in using wireless charging on your Nexus 4, have you already picked up a mat, or are you holding out for the official charging orb? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Dustin Home; via: Reddit


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Official Nexus 4 wireless charging orb appears at Norwegian retailer, Feb. release slated


It won't, unless you change the coil and electronics on the back of the phone (like many have done for the Samsung Galaxy S Nexus and S3).

I got the Zens charger. Love it as a bedside charger. I would still like to purchase the orb for my desk at work to charge and daydream pictures of my family.

I don't understand why wireless charging units like this are so expensive. Even when the Palm Touchstone first came out, it went for over $50. The margins on these products are absurd. You'd think with the upcoming battle for wireless charging standard supremacy, cost is going to be a big factor.

I love my Nexus 4. I just don't see the allure of wireless charging. To me the term "wireless" denotes "go anwyhere" and Wireless Charging is anything but that go anywhere usability. I think a better term than "wireless charging" should be "cableless charging."

So for me the microUSB cable works just fine. Don't tell me about USB wear and tear....I change phones every 6 to 9 months when the next greatest phone comes out. Maybe if the price point was around $25 I might consider it.

I think the back glass of the Nexus 4 should have been a solar panel. Then you could really have "wireless charging" *anywhere*.

everyone who has never tried it says this, all the people who own one say they never would go without one. I personally own one, and would never go without one.

I agree. I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. It's nice to know that when I'm working at my desk, when it's not in my hands it's charging. I don't have to mess with a cord running from it. Could never go back

That's a little crazy for pricing. Considering the Palm charger kit including the back plate was retail price of $70 according to Amazon.. This should be no more than $50. All it does is charge your phone.. I got the LG charging mat and a Zens Charging mat for $50 or less each. They do the same thing and allow me to leave my case on the phone while charging... I wonder if this will still work with a case.. ?

I don't understand why this is news, been several ETA's in nordic shops for quite some time now, ranging from december to february sofar.

I'm waiting on the official charger. It took me an hour and a half to get me a Nexus 4 with a bumper. I just hope they don't f this up like they did with ordering a phone!

I think Id wait to get it considering the only other option I would want to buy is the TYLT QI Wireless Charger which isnt coming out til April.

I bought a Verizon OEM charger from eBay from someone in the US (I'm in the UK) for a fraction of the price, been using it for a couple of months

I bought the Energizer Battery IC2B Qi charger and have loved it. When my wife gets a new phone we can both charge wirelessly without having to buy another. And all the reports I've read about wireless charging say it's finicky and you have to set the phone right to get it to charge. I also heard that the phone gets much hotter with wireless charging and takes longer to charge. All of which made me hesitate to buy a Qi charger. However, I have NONE of those problems with the Energizer and paid about the same price for one that will charge a single device for one that charges 2 devices. One of my favorite features of my Nexus 4!

I have tried the Nokia charging pad and it did not work with the Nexus 4 that I have. The phone would get hot and when there was a connection, the most that it did was keep the battery from draining. More often than not the charger would not make a seamless connection to begin with and then would start flashing an error. Then there were strange things that the phone just started doing. Short story. If you want to play with this tech, wait for the unit from Google to come out. If it is a little more than the Nokia unit, pay the difference. There are some reviews on Amazon that more or less confirm this.

Yeah I also take issue with the Nexus 4 working with "any" Qi charging pad - it clearly doesn't work with the Nokia Qi charging stand or charging pad. I don't think it's the N4's fault, but rather something goofy Nokia has done in their implementation. However lesson learned - just because it says Qi compatible on the box isn't a guarantee it will work with the N4 (although it should be).

So far my favorite is the LG WCP-700 charging mat, it's perfect with the N4 because it has a rubbery surface so the N4 won't slide off and it's raised edges make it really easy to place the N4 on correctly. Hard to find, however, I've been sourcing used ones via Amazon and ebay.

That's just under 1/3 of the cost of the phone in the UK. I'll wait and see what it costs over here but I don't really need one so might give it a pass.

Pathetic....the phone has been out how long already? This should have been ready to ship on launch date.

Like the Nexus 7 dock. For so long MIA.

Google, LG and Asus - shame on you. A lack of accessories ruins the user experience IMO.

Even if it will be available for sale, it will probably be out of stock within an hour just like the phone itself, and the bumper.

would it work with the dna? as in will the dna stick to it and fit. really want this. i have the nokia charger but i want on ei could take without worrying about looking for a plug. the nokia is just one i keep on my desk

Norwegian price has been adjusted down since the original post (see reddit).
Dustin Home has this in inventory in both Sweden and Denmark as well (EU countries).

Cheapest is Sweden with 640 SEK (+59 for delivery), which is roughly 99 USD.
This is with a high 25% VAT rate and 2 year warranty, so based on this I'd imagine the US retail price to be around 79 USD.

I can't help but wonder if this will be a part of the 2013 GoogleIO swag. :)

I use a Verizon branded LG WCP-700 and it works perfectly. Some user complaint about the beeping but mine only beeps once when it starts charging. I rather like the confirmation beep so I know that the phone is correctly placed without even looking. It charges quickly and since the phone lays flat on a non-slip surface of the pad, I do not have to worry about knocking the phone off by accident. By the way, there is no issue charging with a skin and bumper installed on the phone.

Same charger and I also only have the confirmation beep at the start. I like it as well. Works great naked, with my bumper, or case.

I picked up my LG mat at a Verizon store for $50 and it works perfectly, most of the time. I have had a few times where when I woke up in the morning the phone had charged a few % then just maintained that level, seems turning off the phone and back on allows proper charging to happen again.