Nook Tablet teardown

The folks at iFixit have done their thing to the Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet. Not a whole lot to learn here -- it's got electronics and stuff inside. You're not likely to be doing any sort of repairs on this thing yourself because of the way it's put together, but then again you weren't likely to be doing any sort of repairs on this thing yourself, because you have better things to do -- like use the Nook Tablet.

Source: iFixit


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lengend says:

Lol I would never buy that Tablet in the first place.

El Jefe says:


More for me!

wpavlik2 says:

I love to watch these "tear downs". I'm more impressed that they work when they are put back together by the folks doing it! :) This tablet has an audience. Most of us just aren't it.

Umm... I'm fairly sure you derped up the title there, Phil. I think you meant to say "Nook Tablet torn down, found to have Nook COLOR parts inside".

CeluGeek says:

Nope. The did the same thing for the Droid RAZR teardown. "It has Droid RAZR parts inside."

DWR_31 says:

Not that big of a difference between this and the Amazon Kindle...
Does anyone have any more info on the $180, 4G, 7", Honeycomb tablet from Tmobile.

This thing is still an E-reader first and formost.

^^But it doesn't have to be...that's the beauty of these "budget" tablets. My original NC with CM7 booting from the uSD card is a fully featured tablet first and a E-reader second. Your experience may vary of course.