Nexus S

It has been a while since we spoke of the White Nexus S and we were wondering where, exactly it would turn up next for quite a while. As it turns out, the great white Nexus S has now landed in the Great White North on Telus. Want one? $500 no contract and it is all yours, unless you're down for signing a new three-year in which case -- you can pick it up for only $49.99.

Source: Telus


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Nexus S in White now available from Telus


I boycotted Engadget for a month for posting three "stories" about white iPhones within a single week. First, it's not news when a different color of something comes out (unless that color is "clear," because that's kinda awesome). Second, well, there's no second...this isn't news!

I personally like white phones.I thought the EVO in white had a sleek,modern look to it,as the Nexus S does.Actually the only device that came in white I didn't care for was the iPhone 4.

For it to be a white phone all the black in the front bezel should be white. Once the battery covers are available in white just go buy one and then you own the white Nexus.

Shouldn't this post be retitled as "Nexus S in Michael Jackson now available from Telus"?