Seidio Innocell 3200mAh battery for the Nexus S

Extended batteries and Android go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The phones are powerful and connected, and need the juice.  The Seidio Innocell 3500mAh battery for the Nexus S takes the simple idea of a larger battery to the extreme.  Checking in at more than double the standard 1440mAh battery for the Nexus S, it delivers when it comes to keeping you up and running longer.  If you're one who still talks a lot on the phone (yes, they really are phones!) you'll love it. 

Here at the homestead, we dropped the landline ages ago.  My Nexus S is my phone, 24/7.  Whether I'm doing important business with Pizza Hut, calling Mom and Dad to say hello, or talking to my kids, it's all done with my Nexus S.  Phone calls can destroy the battery on an Android phone, but since I got the Seidio Innocell, I don't even worry about checking the battery status.  I still charge my phone every night, but I'll bet I wouldn't have to. 

Until battery technology catches up with everything else, that's how it's going to be.  Android phones in particular, because they are so connected, tend to be hard on batteries, and we spend hours trying and discussing tricks to get more from their batteries.  The best trick of them all?  Get a big extended battery and stop worrying about it.  The Seidio Innocell  adds some girth to the profile (about 1 cm extra width), and comes with it's own battery cover -- one with Seidio's soft touch coated plastic.  All the cut-outs for camera, speaker and USB ports are there, and it doesn't feel bad in your hand at all.  The little bit of extra weight is no problem on a phone that many thought felt too light to start with.  One thing that needs mentioned, there is no NFC antenna in the extended battery cover.  You'll lose that functionality, if you had plans on ever using it.  Other than that, there's just not much here not to like. We've got a handful of pictures after the break, have a look. 

If you find yourself fighting with your Nexus S battery more often than you would like, you can grab the Seidio Innocell 3500mAh battery from the Android Central store for $64.95.

Comparison  Comparison

Battery cover removed  Parts

Profile  view of back cover

Original battery  Extended battery

Original, profile  Extended, profile



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Nexus S Seidio Innocell 3500mAh extended battery


I can vouch for Seido's extended batteries on multiple platforms used. If I ever get a Nexus S, this is the first thing I'd buy after the phone. It would be great if they made and extended battery case for it like the EVO 4G has.

I can vouch for Mugen Power. I never understood AndroidCetral btw, they never tested Mugen's batteries, but Seidio has always been tested by them. For example, they have 3900mah [HLI-NexusSXL] for Nexus S that I'm using for 2 years now and it's incredible. Why not to test it against other batteries on the market?

Double power double charing time. 3 hours goes to 6 hours charge, lol.

I'd rather have a spare on the charger while I'm charing my phone. Then start out with 2 fully charged batteries. Swap when one dies. Other goes on the charger while you use the other one. Always fully charged.

Then if you didn't have a charger and run both down... your charing each battery separately at 3 hours normal charge instead of 6 hours. :). Unless you got 2 of those, L O L!

Totally agree here. But truth to tell I have never had a situation where my "S 4G" ran out of juice in the middle of the day. I always get through a full day with some room to spare, at least so far.

That back is just fugly IMHO.

Meh a battery this big will EASILY last you a whole day. So unless you sleep for less then 6 hours it shouldn't be a problem anyway. I also like only carrying one massive battery rather them two and not being worried that I might lose one.

To each his own.

Its a 3500 mah battery..not 3200, you can even see it on the battery in the pics, i have it though and its awesome.

I have the 2600 sprint extended battery and it last all day easy. With juice defender it'll be at around 65 at midnight. Was using my old hero as an external charger for a while which worked great until it (hero) broke. Hopefully the 3d won't have as bad of a problem.

Sidenote. The nexus battery works well. Got my mom one for mothers day and no problem so far.