Nexus S rooted

It's of little surprise that the Nexus S has been rooted and already has Clockworkmod recovery installed, which is what you see above. Just as we predicted, custom ROMs are right around the corner, folks. If you need help getting started, we've got bootloader and fastboot info in our Nexus S forums. [@Clockworkmod, Nexus S Forums]

Update: Rooting instructions can be found here.

Update #2: If you're having an issue with those instructions (many are) have a look here for the old fashioned way to get rooted


Reader comments

Nexus S rooted (to nobody's surprise)

They did one better -- the bootloader can be unlocked (and relocked) at will. This way any software you would like to try can be flashed to the device, rooted or otherwise.

wait a minute ... all this and the world didn't explode into tiny little pieces??? weird

Are you listening manufacturers/carriers? :p

It can be relocked? Cool, I could've sworn the Nexus One was a one-way deal. If this can be relocked, even better!

Never bothered with rooting and custom roms because I always wanted a way back to factory settings.... I might just start playing now.

Nope, I checked, we're still waiting on anything usable. The best is r2DoesInc's SDK build v5, which is slow as **** and basically useless. They have most of the drivers working, so the recent AOSP release should mean a useful build soon.