Nexus S -- Nenamark score  Nexus S -- Quadrant

Take the Nexus S, add a little whiskey (Team Whiskey that is) to the kernel, and you get a step closer to warp speed on your phone.  On the left is the outcome of a Nenamark benchmark run, and to the right is our old friend Quadrant, minus the graphics scores to quell any cries of tomfoolery.  All because Team Whiskey cranked out the first 1.2GHz overclocked kernel for the Nexus S, and even the beta tests are blazing fast.  Bluetooth hasn't been worked out yet, but everything else runs awfully darn well, and it's as easy as flashing from Clockwork recovery or Rom Manager.

Real world usage?  It's fast.  If things like this are part of the reason you bought the Nexus S, hit the source link and give it a try.  [XDA-Developers]

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Holy ish

wtf 3509 my inc only goes 1805 lol

Stuke00 says:

2D and 3D get a score of 0?

BrianTX says:

The article says they left out the graphics scores on purpose. Both of these benchmarks are very impressive, beats my X's quadrant by 1000 points and benchmark by 43 fps!

nivlac978 says:

Doesn't the nexus s have the same processor as the galaxy s? Is it gingerbread that jacks the score up so high?

stilesja says:

Agreed I believe it has the same 1Ghz Hummingbird processor, it must be the software giving the boost.

cj100570 says:

Although I'm sure the phone is undeniably fast, I don't trust any score that's spat out via Quadrant. I've run it on both my X and my DInc and the scores vary wildly. On some runs, all done from a cold boot, my phones are the high scorers and on others they're below average. There's no consistency whatsoever.

Because the scores depend on what other things your phone might be doing at the same time. That's the nature of benchmarking running hardware.

hmmm says:

How do you compare to other phones? Every benchmark I ever see on youtube doesn't leave out the graphic score.

sctwinslow says:

What file system are they using to get that high of a I/O score?

weehooherod says:

I'm pretty sure it's ext4.

weehooherod says:

I thought 2568 on my Evo was fast. Hopefully we'll see some dual core htc phones coming to Sprint soon. I'd like to upgrade.

JohnB101 says:

I'm still debating whether to get this or wait for the LG Star.

Could someone run Smartbench 2010 on your Nexus S please? Its weighting system is definitely not as biased as Quadrant is.

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