Nexus S demonstrates its video recording capabilities.

Despite Eric Schmidt showing off what we believe to be the Nexus S at last month's Web 2.0 summit, Google has been very tight-lipped about its new flagship device.  Thanks to a Picasa gallery that has since been removed, we got to take a look at some photos that are rumored to have been taken with the yet to be announced Samsung device.  And today, thanks to somebody who hopefully won't lose his or her job, we get to check out the video recording capabilities of the Nexus S, and Google's pimpin' bus fully equipped with leather seats.

Check out the video after the break!


Personally, I don't think it's too bad.  Watching the 720p clip, I'm not seeing much noise in the low-light areas.  There's obviously some compression going on, but that's to be expected from a flash video.  Given how poorly lit the scene is, I'd say it's a rather impressive demonstration.  Looks like the frame rate drops a bit at times, but that's probably due to the image sensor accomodating the low light. And the audio doesn't sound horribly compressed either, so that's great.

We have no idea when Google is going to announce the Nexus S, but it'll probably be at the same time they announce Gingerbread.  However, this steady stream of leaks is holding us over quite well.  [Engadget


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Nexus S demonstrates its video recording capabilities


Google will be responsible for the updates, not Samsung......and didnt they just say something about a new GPS radio??

If it is Google's new "nexus two" then I doubt sammy has anything to do with updates, considering it should just be plain vanilla android.

I might be reading too much into this. Maybe they posted a 720p clip in order to not reveal everything. However, ever Dual Core A9 phone I've seen announced records 1080p. This is in 720p. Is it still single core then?

Edit: After watching the clip rather than checking the size, they didn't even post a 720p clip. They took a 720*480 clip and flipped it so that it was 720 tall and 480 wide. So this is nowhere near the best it can do. And doesn't really reveal too much (hopefully) about the rest of the phone.

Yup. I wasn't impressed with the quality either. But its youtube so who knows how much compression was worked into that. I'd like to see the raw video.

see this is what i have been pondering about. We dont know what is the setting on the camera when this person took the video. Also, like Phil mentioned, there may be some compression that cause the somewhat noisy video.

And about the release, since google like to twist their words so much like how the S in Nexus S is like a 2 flip backwards. I will expect to see Gingerbread or Nexus sometime like Dec. 23 (since gingerbread is 2.3)

Froyo 2.2, if I'm not mistaken and please correct me if I'm wrong, was released to the public may 22. So I definitely think you're on to something. Gingerbread will be announced monday and the SDK will be released for devs. Then gingerbread will be pushed on the 23rd. GUARANTEED.

I also thought we were going to see a video of the Google bus. I thought that picture was a still shot taken from the bus off of the video and it appeared it would be very high quality. The picture of the ferris wheel looks like crap......

The video doesn't look any better than other android phones from this year. the top half is over saturated and adds a little blur. doesn't matter what resolution it was. they need to make better quality sensors (not worry about resolution)