Nexus S at Best Buy

The Samsung Nexus S -- the newest "Pure Google" Android smartphone with a smattering improvements over the Nexus One -- is now available for purchase from Best Buy Mobile online. Best Buy's thrown in free overnight shipping, so if you don't mind waiting a day, you can save a few bucks. The phone runs $199 on contract, $529 outright.

Best Buy stores -- the only place you can buy the Nexus S -- open early today at 8 a.m. local time. Our man on the street, Dieter Bohn (who really should get off the streets) reported no line at a Best Buy in Miami -- and we're really not expecting anything other than a mild nerd rush for the Nexus S. It's just not high on the regular public's radar. That said, quantities are finite, there's a two-per-customer limit, so it's wise to get yours sooner rather than later.

A reminder that the Nexus S, while unlocked (meaning it can take any SIM card), can only use T-Mobile 3G in the United States. It'll get European 3G just fine, but note that while you can use it on AT&T, you'll not have the faster data speeds. [Unsubsidized Nexus S; T-Mobile-subsidized Nexus S]

And don't forget that we'll be announce the winner of our Nexus S giveaway tonight on the Android Central Podcast, which starts at 9 p.m. EST.

Update: Dieter reports that he wasn't allowed to purchase two phones. If anyone gives you any trouble, show them this story.

Update 2: And lest we forget our European readers (hi!), you can snag the Nexus S from Carphone Warehouse with none of that pesky AWS band stuff.


Reader comments

Nexus S available online now (with free shipping); stores open at 8 a.m.


Just picked up mine. They had 5 in stock and no one else there at opening. Unfortunately I am tied up with work aol morning... Can't even check it out!

Can someone please tell me how to get this without a service plan from Best Buy online store? I can't seem to find that option.

Just went to one store but the shipment hadn't come of in and they are not expecting one today, to my surprise there were for people there looking for a nexus s, two of them were getting two phones and two were getting one, I'm now at my second store and there are five people in front of me trying to get a nexus s

3 Best Buys in North Dallas wouldn't sell me one with an upgrade in the store. They had to "ship" it to me, but each of them told me to go to another store. What kind of run around crap is this?

Thats ok... i rathet get nexus one then this, samaung has waaay too many problema with their current phones... they should of done waaaay more to it and stayed with htc.... and let me guess... next nexus is going to be balled nexus droid by moto....