Nexus Q

We're right in the middle of the Android Central Podcast, but just a quick heads up that the Nexus Q -- that slick, expensive social music streaming thing -- apparently has hit some sort of limit. I've ordered a grand total of one (1), and it looks like I won't be ordering any more anytime soon.

It's also worth noting that there's no mention of any sort of shipping time frame -- and the 3- to 4-week window isn't even mentioned now.

We'll track this down some more when we get off the mic.


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Google apparently has limited Nexus Q orders


I think it's a personal limit. I just checked and am still able to purchase one since I haven't before. Also, at the bottom of Phil's picture it says, "Thank you for your previous order. You have reached the limit for this item." This further suggest that it is a personal limit. I'd say if you still want one, you can still get one, but only ONE.

They are all over eBay for $200 or less. I think the early opinion is that for the price this thing is a flop. For 300 bucks it really doesn't do anything. I'd like to see what happens with though.

I hope there wasn't a single production run and that's it. I want one, just let my wallet cool off for a bit please.

It still shows as being able to be purchased... and the shipping time says "Ships in 1 - 2 weeks. Applicable shipping and taxes calculated at checkout."

I think they are just currently limiting people to purchasing 1 until they have more stock.

So lets see..... People screamed it was too costly, no one would buy it, it would be a dud. But now its sold out? Hmmmmm

Not sold out. Just limits the buyer to 1 only.

Because, you know, Google only made like 5 of them. (Seriously, nobody in their right mind is gonna buy this thing)

Are you guys planning on posting a review on this? I'm still wondering how it is that this is worth the price.

It's not, and I do love the concept of a social streaming box that anyone with my Wifi password can tap into to stream, but the execution is just overburdened. Making it stateside raised the cost, adding a $25 speaker amp not everyone will use raised the cost, and building in way faster hardware than was necessary raised the cost... That last part makes it an excellent hack box, but it's still far less capable out of the box than many other similar devices. Knock the price down to at least $150 and I'm there like white on rice. Better yet, merge it with Google TV and they might have something really compelling...

Yes, I completely agree. In another article here, though, I read that the editors have found in their usage that it's worth the cost. That was weeks ago, though, and there's still been no review. I'm really curious if they're still backing it, or if the delay is because they're having second thoughts.

Makes me wonder if Google is pulling a Nintendo Wii with this one, that is holding down supply to stoke demand that wouldn't otherwise be there. People who are on the fence may be more willing to buy it if they think they can't easily get one later.

My interest in this will only rise when the dev community makes it more functional. As has been said numerous time, there are many other options that do similar stuff, but for 1/3rd the cost. Give me some cool hacks and I'll consider it.

Funny I ordered mine on July 1rst and it said then and now 1-2 weeks before it ships. After reading this article I decided to call and got absolutely nothing. They said only what I already knew, I will get an email when it ships and they had no idea when. The operator eluded to some sort of problem, I am assuming it may be porting the Nexus Q control app over to ICS or Gingerbread phones since only jelly bean is supported now. Either way I am discouraged already had a spot cleared out under the TV and all the cables sit at the ready. (SAD SO SAD :(.....)