Nexus One manufacturing

Let's not waste any time here. Part four of Google's series chronicling the birth of the Nexus One tackles the manufacturing process, from the plastic molds to the electrical innards at HTC. This is where the magic happens, people. Video after the break. [Part 1Part 2Part 3]


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The Nexus One story, Part 4


hahah i love at the end when there are pallets of nexus ones cause there actual more than likely are that many because no body wants it for tmobile and the droid is better especially when rooted ok bye :)

Seeing how the Nexus Phone began is just amazing. From the moment it was conceptualize, until it hits our doorstep. There's still some questions that lingers, on how does the nexus phone really looked like from the beginning. Surely these series of vids are very informative. A review:

he does sound jealous, i have the pre n an extra line that ive been waiting for a good android ph for sprint, i didnt like the hero but i really like that nexus one, i wish sprint would come out with it

Ya to bad minesrooted and the pre has the same processor retard but anyway I have the Droid. I phone 3gs and a pre plus so suck it

Oh I'm just waiting for him to come back and say he overclocked his little droid and now it runs better than a Nexus One. lol

the droid is for children still in school...Nexus is for adults. :)

wow people, grow the f up. i have the droid and i think the nexus one is amazing but im not gonna switch if i have the chance.

i can see some fanboy arguments between google and apple but between two android devices? wow...