Nexus One testing

Here comes Part 3 in Google's series of short films chronicling the birth of the Nexus One. Dunno about you guys, but the bend test made me cringe. Video after the break. [Part 1Part 2]


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The Nexus One story, Part 3


Very interesting seems like the phone is top quality and very well made !!! So glad I bought one !!

Interesting enough, although we should keep in mind that this is an advertisement for N1, and one should need to have an unbiased eye about nexus...

There has been a lot of hype and tension erupted after the unveiling of the nexus one. For the past month, we are seeing some of the errors and glitches that a future user may want to look before buying the N1 phone. All the problems of the N1 phone compiled:

Such a beautiful phone. I am visiting from Precentral, so don't hate me when I say I wish WebOS was running on that hardware.

Notice that there were no tests about the touchscreen's accuracy..

but i feel so bad for those poor nexus ones :-(

You're wrong sir, ordered it within minutes of the site going live. Loving a phone doesn't mean ignoring that it has some problems!

Just because we don't see them testing screen accuracy does not mean they are not. Plus, this was about testing the phone physically...not interface or software.

Good to know that the Nexus One can be bent quite a bit! If I ever happen to drop it on my concrete floors, I wont be quite as worried after watching this video.

Iphone bend test= instant cracked screen

Iphone drop test=dent on corner, & cracked screen

iphone stress test= triple cracked screen

This video was very interesting and hard to watch... that great that they test their N1 phones but the first week sales were terrible, and like every new phone it has it's kinks that need to be ironed out.

As soon as the N1 hits VZW I will be taking a walk to check it out.

N1 AMOLED screen more than likely would have broken after a few hard drops.
Droid great screen gorilla glass almost impossible to break. suck it DROID FTW and the NEXUS ONE