Nexus One rooted with locked bootloader

Yes, you read it right., the Nexus One has been rooted.  Again. What's new about this is that the phone was rooted the old fashioned way, and the bootloader remains locked.  Let me take a minute and explain.  The Nexus One is sold as a developer phone, so you can manually unlock the phone's bootloader.  This lets you flash any software you want to the phone, for testing, hacking, developing, etc.  It also marks an un-editable file (the one that shows as the splash screen when you boot the phone) with a big ugly unlocked icon. (Ant technically is what breaks the warranty.)   HTC can then tell at a glance if the phone's bootloader has been unlocked and decide the fate of any warranty issues from there.  This bothers a lot of people, as they are forced to choose between voiding their warranty or keeping their Nexi (Nexuses) unlocked.

A bright hacker named Booker-T has used the method for the Incredible to root the phone without unlocking the bootloader and flashing a rooted ROM.  No details yet, Booker-T says he needs some sleep (he's earned it!) and will get the files and method up shortly.  In the meantime, you can hit the jump and check out the video for yourself. [xda-developers] Thanks MarkH!



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Nexus One rooted -- with a new twist


I know who he is. Its dark vader, listen to his breathing, I am moving to dark side if or when he post instruction.

so will this root method work with other phones with a locked eris 2.1v3 leak? Not holding my breath

It's really disappointing that Android phones literally have to be 'hacked' to get to root, even the Nexus. You'd think carriers might want them locked down but Pre/webOS phones aren't locked down at all, on any carrier. You just put into a simple mode and you are in. The carriers aren't requiring them to lock it down, even ATT, which is locking down Android even more.

The phone makers need to just open it up and see how carriers respond. Given that the Google phone is even locked down, you gotta wonder if it's part of the OS.