Sprint Nexus One

You guys know those CelleBrite units that don't actually point to if or when a phone's coming to a particular carrier? (A fact that we're sure you'll want to remind us of yet again in the comments.) Well, the Google Nexus One just showed up in Sprint's. So neener neener. (As to when the Sprint version of the Nexus One will be available? Eh, good guess.) Thanks, Red White and Jew.

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dcdttu says:

Sooner rather than later would be good, as the Evo will mow over it when it's released.... They need to get this thing out ahead of the Incredible on Verizon too, and the Desire on US Cellular!

ReaganDee says:


rufflez says:

Then why post? Honestly, this is not news. Other stories today, great. This, garbage

ReaganDee says:

I Love Haters

rufflez says:

I'm not a hater. I'm a Sprint Hero owner and I love the device. These reports are dumb and useless. Right under the N1 is the HD2, which isn't a Sprint Phone, nor is it coming to Sprint anytime soon. If you say, yeah they are, in the form of the Evo, great, but its different OS and therefore not interchangable.

redd214 says:

must be a slow morning over there. hey head over to wmexperts and write an article about the hd2 being in there too...

dcdttu says:

My friend, a manager at Sprint, said that their Cellebrite systems only get updated if release is eminent. But... we'll see.

You'd think they would want to release this phone fast, as with all the other phones releasing in the next few months...

rufflez says:

So thats why the T-Mobile HD2 is in there? Thats coming to Sprint?
The N1 was released in January, so actually, cellbrite is late in the game.

I think pushing the Nexus One to Sprint is wise, the pricing and performance is really growing quickly in traditionally Verizon dominant markets. Plus, having NFL Mobile and others by push apps and not interfering with the Nexus' flexibility is a plus. I just hope VZW stays away completely from the N1, their pricing and Customer Service are awful around here, I'd like to see some healthy competition.

Since AT&T dropped the chance to dominate with the iPhone, I'd like to see Sprint make a run at Big Red's crown.

ajac says:

lol looks excatly like the so called verizon one next time someone does this make sure to put some sprint branding somewhere in the picture (or put evo on the screen with it)

JayCudi says:

Better come out fast!
The Evo 4G will destroy this!

bikedogrun says:

Can't wait, I will buy the Nexus to replace my Hero. The EVO 4G looks great and I hope Sprint sells a ton of them (I really am quite happy with Sprint performance and my great, GREAT plan) but; for me, the EVO @ 4.3" screen is just too big a device. The Nexus (3.7") appears to be just right...


merrodriguez says:

Although it would be nice to have, a device in the cellebrite machine doesn't mean that a handset is coming out, especially if it's already available for other carriers. all that a cellebrite does is transfer data from one handset to another, so they have phones from every network in their system, so that if, for example, an att customer comes to sprint, they can get their contacts/pics/videos transferred without having to do them manually. it the nexus one wasn't available at all, this would be big news, but it's already available for two carriers, so the cellebrite should have the capability to transfer contacts, regardless of which carrier the machine is used on.

kee23kee says:

THE EVO WILL DESTROY THIS!!! Google had their chance. They should have been pumping the N1's out to various carriers at release time. Sales would have been far more favorable. Now, newer and better phones are coming out with much more anticipation than the N1 (iPhone 4.0, Droid Incredible, EVO, etc). I agree with the majority, the N1 is quickly becoming an afterthought. Now that Sprint's coming out with 4G, I definitely think EVO has a leg up on this one. Won't their(Sprint) N1 still be on 3G?

gobuffs22 says:

this is stupid. cellebrites have every phone in it, whether the carrier actually carries the phone or not.

meho1010 says:

Can someone explain how you can tell that it's Sprint's Cellibrite and not another carriers.

As much as the editors don't want to hear it. Posting this is pretty big waste of time for everyone involved.

merrodriguez says:

there isn't really a way to tell if this is Sprint's Cellebrite. The UM36Pro is a pretty standard machine that a good chunk of stores that have a cellebrite at all have.

ericUT says:

You guys know those CelleBrite units that don't actually point to if or when a phone's coming to a particular carrier? (A fact that we're sure you'll want to remind us of yet again in the comments.)

Really guys? Phil FTW!

gilligan793 says:

Wow...no offense but I am a TSR for Sprint/Nextel and this has been in our CelleBrite for some time, CelleBrite just makes the device and any company can order it.