Nexus One with Android 2.2 build FRG33

The Nexus One will never die.  Today we see an new software leak, in the form of a complete packaged ROM (courtesy of Football @ xda) with the FRG33 tag on board.  I haven't had a chance to load it up just yet, but the few that have say it seems a bit faster, has the new radio that was in the Korean Nexus One launch, but doesn't have the new Google apps on board.

If you're feeling adventurous, hit the source link and give it a whirl.  Be sure to let us know how it turns out in the forums! [xda-developers] Thanks, Daniel, for the tip!


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Nexus One gets a new software leak, Froyo version FRG33


Oh, you mean radio driver. Christ sake Jerry I thought you were telling me radio chipset was obsolete.

What does this do, and does it fix wifi sleep or enable FM receiver?

I'm the wrong guy to ask -- I'm still using the FRF50 radio image, it's been flawless for me so why change :) I'd imagine it's voltage and other minor tweaks. get a backup copy of what you're using and give it a try.

I really hope this fixes up some of the Froyo bugs.

Dock weather not displaying
Text messaging notifications not going to the actual thread
Market updates being done but still showing them loading on the screen.

I see none of these problems.

(And I just tested the last one fetching the SwiftKey upgrade which just this minute hit the market). Shows done, is done, no problem.

I think my issue was that I'd hit update all, then hit the power button, come back to the phone after a little while and there were be check notifications in the top bar and the market would still be open and showing the progress bars of the apps.

That issue was not really very big, other two are bothering me way more

That would be nice.

As I understand it, if your Mac Address does not begin with 00 you probably have this problem, and its not ONLY Nexus users, but also affects any Broadcom chip set phones.

My MAC begins with 00 and I still have the problem. By far the most annoying thing about my N1, right next to the low 3G signal strength, when compared to my old Moto Milestone.

But does it affect calls or data useage, or are you just obsessing over the number of bars?

Since I left my iPhone for the N1, I haven't paid any attention to bars and never noticed a problem.

is the Wi-Fi Sleep Policy set to Never?

Settings > Wireless & network setting > Wi-Fi Setting > Hit Menu Button > Select 'Advanced' > Wi-Fi sleep Policy > Never (or never when plugged-in)

mine seemed to be set to never but things like my SMS notifications were set to Never as well which meant I got no notification at all.

Wifi Sleep has nothing to do with SMS.

SMS is basic GSM feature, requiring only cellular radio. It never uses wifi.

I'm still trying to find where you found SMS setting of NEVER.

err yeah sorry was just meaning that when I updated to Froyo my SMS setting got changed on me, so perhaps that is what happened to other people's Wifi setting.

usually I have my phone on silent so in messaging under setting the vibrate option was set to 'Never' so I never knew unless I looked at my notification bar if I had an SMS

So this is for root users? I don't understand how this is a :leak'. It seems likeit is just someones custom Tom's.

Kind of figure a new build was coming looking at the G2 with 7 home screen and they are still saying it is a stock android build. Guess this is a half of step toward Gingerbread. Got to love updates!!

is this for rooted users? because i tried to update my phone, because some other site said you can update it with stock FRF91-FRG33. but, when i tried updating i got an error message. help?

ok i got it,
idk what the new radio you guys are talking about is
it does seem a lot faster for me, like the system.
it wont bring up the menu for shortcuts, wallpapers, folders, and widgets when you press down on the screen sometimes,.. weird.

This sounds real cool! one thing tho. What Google apps are missing,is it Google maps, search bar, voice search? can someone answer this for me please?

it wont say "there is no connection" or not gonna get stuck anymore while u surf on the market ..
and i guess faster! :-S

Hot damn, Love my Nexus One. Still the best made, looking and most powerful device. Have had them all and sent them packing. Thank you HTC and GOOGLE.