If you're up either late at night or early in the morning (we never know which is it) in anticipation for tomorrow's Google Event for the Nexus One, there's a solid full review of the Nexus One over at Engadget for your reading pleasure. Surprisingly, unlike other pre-release reviews of the Nexus One, the Engadget guys aren't completely blown away by the device and are actually a little unsure if it's significantly better than the Droid. Here's the highlights:

  • the Nexus One is nothing if not handsome. From its ultra-thin body to sleek, curved edges, the phone is absolutely lustworthy.
  • we actually had some real trouble with those four dedicated buttons.
  • The phone is fast, assuredly, but not so much of a leap up from the Droid that we felt it kept pace with the boost we were expecting.
  • We found colors on the Nexus One, particularly in the reds and oranges, to be severely blown-out and oversaturated
  • Not only has Google bumped up the speed of the camera app, but the 5 megapixel lens and flash took sharp, detailed images with none of the HTC-related issues we've seen on other models.
  • Well the real story is that Android 2.1 is in no way dramatically different than the iteration of the OS which is currently running on the Motorola Droid (2.0.1). Of the notable changes, many are cosmetic 

The whole review is worth the read, at least to hold you over until the official announcement! We still can't wait to get a hold of ours and we're sure you guys are in the same boat!


Reader comments

Nexus One Gets Fully, Fully Reviewed


As a current MyTouch 3G owner and anxiously awaiting the Nexus, I was very disappointed by the Engadget review. The videos were especially telling that Android is not yet at the level of the iPhone 3GS.

Both glad and disappointed to hear a more realistic review. Glad because it's probably more representative of the actual device and disappointed because I'm not immune to "silly season" when some new exciting thing is on the way.

The only thing this phone has over the Droid is looks and some more speed, but nothing that would force me to switch carriers to get it. I am happy with VZW and Droid. What is such a letdown is there is nothing really revolutionary about this device. I was hoping that when Google would finally release a device, it would be avaliable data only with Google voice as the main voice call application. To be only paying $30 - $40 a month for everything would be game changing. No family plan if you buy subsidized? Pass.

whelp the droid is good enough for me. i am content with my black powerhouse slider phone running on 2.0.1 until the 22nd when we've all got 2.1 to do a true comparison of the droid and the Nexus one.

I don't Motorola or Verizon will be losing any customers to this phone. Especially since the Droid will soon have 2.1 itself, perhaps running a tiny bit slower, but so what.

I am not going to say the N1 is faster than the Droid/iPhone, but Engadget's test was clearly flawed. If you noticed, the Droid and the N1 had background applications running (especially the Droid). I'll wait for Noah from PhoneDog, even though he likes the iPhone, he tends to be objective with his reviews.