Nexus One Bluetooth car dock

Who's ready for more Nexus One accessory news? We've already seen a desktop bluetooth dock make its way through the FCC; now it's a car dock's turn. 

Also of note is that the "trade name" for the Nexus One is listed as "Google Phone." Maybe that's a tell, maybe it's not. We'll just have to continue waiting. But probably not much longer. [FCC via Engadget]

Nexus One Bluetooth Car Dock


Reader comments

Nexus One Bluetooth car dock saunters past the FCC


I'm sure that I'm quickly becoming a bit of a naysayer about the Nexus One, but here goes again.

In my opinion, "Google phone" shouldn't even be mentioned like this on the main page at the moment. Are those pictures even for real and actually from the FCC? I just ran a search on the FCC's website for the FCC number associated with the Nexus One, and these are all of the documents that were returned:

I ran a search on each one of those documents and the word "Google" didn't appear once.

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