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We've been expecting Chrome to somehow work its way into the Android build as standard, and today during the Google I/O keynote, we found out just how that's going to begin. 

The newly announced Nexus 7 tablet will be the first Android device to ship to market, that will be carrying Google Chrome as the standard browser. This is pretty significant, and it looks as though that beta period is about to come to an end. Chrome is a seriously impressive browser that just cries out for tablet use. Maybe this is the start of a beautiful new relationship? 


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Nexus 7 will be the first Android device to ship with Chrome as the standard browser


DAMMIT GOOGLE I dont see a spec for an Micro SD slot! With no 3g/4g if you arent near wifi ,all you gonna have is a max of 16 GB to work with....sorry thats a FAIL.

Yes 3g/4g isn't there. Is it nice to have yes. Will most people use it?...NO! For what it is this looks like a winner. As to chrome on the Nex7 it will be fine. But with lots of sites still behooven to Flash that will be a problem. Have that Dolphin browser at the ready for those occasions. I'll spend the extra 50 for the 16 that's not a deal breaker for me.

Chrome (not beta) now available in the play store, typing this comment from it. I haven't noticed any significant changes yet.

Well at the moment it's the stock browser that has been on android forever. Chrome and it share many features. One that they diverge in is Flash support. Chrome on ICS on has not and will never support Flash. Now with Jelly Bean it is thought that when the phones get it Google will make Chrome it's stock also. Have to wait and see.

Makes sense, thanks. So, despite having Flash installed on my phone, Chrome will still not support it, just HTML5? That sucks, considering there is still a ton of Flash content out there.

With the lack of Flash in Chrome, Android users are now relegated to the same large subset of the web Apple limits its mobile devices to viewing. As prior commenters have noted, Flash, particularly Flash videos, are still ubiquitous on the web, and will be for quite sometime as many will never be converted to HTML5. No problem with the advancements of HTML5, but don't prevent current, still relevant material from being viewed. We have Dolphin, pre-Chrome stock Android, Opera Mobile, and Firefox that still support Flash, but will they continue with Jelly Bean?

I was very disappointed when Google/ Adobe announced the halting of mobile Flash development. At least let your newest browsers support the existing version so users can indeed view the entire web which requires support for both HTML5, and Flash. One of the big benefits of Android over iOS is the native support of Flash without the cumbersome, usually mediocre at best quality of running the Flash via another cloud server to transcode. I would pay for a native Flash app in future versions of Android.

Also very disappointed in the lack of concern on the Android tech sites about loosing one of the reasons Android is a better mobile OS than Apple. The sites should be leading the charge for Google / Adobe to continue supporting mobile Flash even if it becomes a paid app.

I tried using the beta of Chrome on several ICS devices, and still use stock Android, or Opera Mobile as my daily driver. As nice as Chrome is, I had to load one of the other browsers frequently to view web pages Chrome could not display fully because they had key Flash elements. Hopefully the third party alternatives are still available when all new devices ship with Chrome as the stock Android browser.

Meh. Maybe I am just accustomed to the ICS stock browser, but stock appears to look nicer and is faster. Anyway, this thread is about the Nexus 7, so I'll take my browsers and go home ;)

Hell Ya! I can't wait to be holding my new Nexus 7 with that beautiful Google Chrome running on Jelly Bean. I'll be using Verizon's new Share everything plan to have access everywhere I go! What an awesome relationship GOogle&Asus+Verizon = a good time.

You're all crazy...With Google sync this is going to be the best thing in tech to date IMHO. Of course I feel this way because I'm a very heavy user and since Google's Android OS came out, I've been using and abusing it.

As far as the Flash isue....Like every video that runs with a flash plug in isn't already on youtube anyway and you'll be able to watch youtube all day long. Why does everyone always wine about everything. They find the one little temporary flaw and beat the hell out of it. Man...Enjoy what is