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The launch of the Nexus 7 Android tablet has been, at best, a little muddy. The listing on Google Play still has it shipping in 1 to 2 weeks. Some retailers apparently have been told to sit on their stock. Gamestop apparently isn't one of them. We've gotten numerous tips that folks are being told to head in and pick up their preorders, and one such lucky person is Captain Crossbones on Twitter. (Great name, btw.)

So, yep. There's the Nexus 7 tablet. The cool kids are getting them. Those who ordered directly from Google are still waiting. And, yes, that's a bit bassackwards.

But you all can have one thing in common: Read our full Nexus 7 review and head over to our Nexus 7 forums pronto, to see what all the fuss is about.

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Nexus 7 tablet hitting a few lucky hands already


Wow Phil, thanks for this rather depressing update. Kinda glad I went ahead and canceled my pre order with Play. I have decided that I think it's best I wait and see what other issues this gadget has.

I cannot remember where I read that the N7n was dropped from about 4ft (desk) and it is now a brick. That was part of what led me to cancel the pre order, but the main reason was that I could never get through to their support/customer service.

what problems does this tablet have?? I would love to know haven't heard anything and for 200 bucks I don't think I would care as long as it has a good screen and a fast processor I am good. 200 dollars is a whatever Ill buy it

Sorry, but I would not expect my tablet to survive a 4ft drop. It would be nice if it did, but I wouldn't cancel my order because it might not.

I've only had 1 tablet, an Ipad 3. I dropped it from a height of 5 feet once onto concrete ground when I was leaning it on a ledge in the backyard. It hit the corner and the aluminum dented by flattening out a bit but screen didn't get damaged. I was sure it was destroyed, but shocked to see the screen was undamaged. I do have the Zagg HD Screen Shield on so may have made a difference?
-The thing is really thin and actually a bit heavier than you would think and feels slippery in your hand when you hold it in one hand upright. The back has no friction to help you hold it. When I first took it out of the box it slipped out of my hand and onto the table about 1 food drop onto a corner. Did get a tiny dent then also.
-Still for $200, agreed, the cost isn't that bad. My Ipad 3 cost $699 for the 64 Gb version.

Opened it brand new, it slipped from the plastic packaging and dropped 3.5 feet, hit the wood floor and shattered the screen, as well as the plastic near the buttons on the front.

Got the text from Gamestop saying it was there, called my local store, they said that they were not in yet but may be there in the afternoon. Fingers crossed I get my preorder soon.

Here was the text:

"GameStop:Your Google Nexus 7 order avail Fri AM. Bring your trades to reduce price. End txt msgs reply STOP"


Honestly, I'm surprised they get ANY launch product anymore. If you put in your pre-order at a gamestop today, be careful. According to the verge, they won't get more 7's until august at the earliest. One thing Google could easily do is stop shipping to them period until all other channels don't have stock issues.

This is depressing. I pre-ordered 2 of them via Play and the site doesn't even update. Does Gamestop have the 16GB in stock?

The only have the 16 version. That was why I took some old games and traded then in for a discount. I am excited, I hope my GS has then in stock when I get out of work.

Unacceptable. I bought two, one for my wife and one for me, the day they went up for Pre-Order. That some schlub was able to traipse into a Gamestop and get their hands on something everyone else has to wait for, especially when people have ALREADY PAID FOR IT, is completely unsatisfactory! Google, you have my money. SHUT UP AND SHIP MY NEXUS7!

They don't have our money unless it shipped - no charge to the credit card yet.

I am similarly outraged. There is absolutely no benefit from pre-ordering or buying from Google. Gamestop buyers are getting the $25 credit, and getting their devices before we do.

Google effed up being a direct vendor with the Nexus One. They stared Play Devices under the auspices of having figured it out. Guess not.

Shame on us, I guess. Google fooled us twice.

Stick to the software, Google. You can't sell a physical product properly, and as a customer who has been happy with all the software products I've used from Google, I now have a bad taste in my mouth for Google in general.

(Hopefully that taste goes away in a couple days when I have a Nexus 7 in my hands.)

They said the device would ship in 2-3 weeks. We just passed week 2. Tell me where, again, Google did anything they didn't say they would do? Gamestop broke street date. That is their fault, (and a benefit for preorders) not Googles.

I pre-ordered from Google and they charged by card on the same day I ordered it. No signs of it shipping either.

Hmm, so if we ordered from gamestop, can we go in to see if the order is in, or do we have to wait for a text/email/something?

Just called my local Gamestop. They have them but only for people that pre-ordered. They will get their next shipment of 7's on Tuesday. So Gamestop might get 2 batches before I get mine shipped. If I dont get a shipping confirmation from Goggle by the end of the day, I'm just gonna cancel my order and buy it somewhere else.

Im sure google really wants gamestop undercutting them in release date terms..They actually probably called game stop and told them to sell it.

If it's any consolation, as an employee we could order 3 days prior to the keynote internally, and I still havent gotten mine either.

^^ THIS.

I'm pretty sure the video you mean is titled "Everything's amazing and nobody's happy" on YouTube. That totally nails the complaints on this thread -- thanks for calling it out.

True, but it is going to make me bitter that someone can pre-order at a later date then me and pick up a Nexus 7 tablet from Gamestop, before I get mine shipped directly to me.

Retailers breaking street dates should have no bearing if you order from the playstore in the future. Every other site that started selling early has stopped, several have publicly stated it is at Google's request. This means that it's highly likely that Gamestop is doing this without Google's blessing. If anything, Gamestop doesn't understand retail

Sure. But that just tells me that Google sucks at managing their partners and for some reason won't prioritize their own pre-orders.

None of these stores should even have stock before Play pre-orders were shipping.

It sucks to pay $19+tax for shipping with no extra benefit at all. The Gamestop guys are getting it earlier with the $25 credit as well. Us Play pre-orders are actually schmucks for demonstrating early loyalty to Google.

Same thing happened with the Transformer Prime release. ASUS is not good at launches. For over a month units would trickle in at various online retailers while others who had pre-ordered were left waiting.

I also ordered mine in the window that it became available prior to the official launch before the Play Store was temporarily taken down (11:30 cst) and my card has not been charged.

I am not too upset at this point as there is always someone who will get something like this before me. And Google said mid-July which to me means they have a few days to ship them out still before I get a little annoyed.

I ordered specifically from the Play Store because I was under the impression that I would only get the $25 Play Store credit through Google. I also wanted to be a good Google customer and show some support for their direct store. However, this whole launch is a mess. I will be getting my Nexus later than those that bought at a GS, I would have gotten the $25 credit at GS as well, and I'm out the $14 shipping I had to pay. It's not like I even get a break on sales tax from the Play Store because they charged that too.

I could have used the shipping and sales tax savings to just get the 16GB from GS.

Good point on the shipping. We are paying more to get it later yet we pre-ordered it sooner. I guess we should just say you're welcome to Google (Or UPS or whoever)

Same here, all the way though. I'd like to see the shipping refunded or at least crediting us back the cost of the shipping in Play Store credit. This is garbage customer service.

Right On!! If Google wants to encourage people to buy directly from their store this strategy is completely backwards....Even worse there is a DISINCENTIVE to buying from the Play store. The price, tax, and play credit are the same in other outlets as it is in the Play store. The difference is that if you buy from the Play store you pay shipping - which raises the price or reduces the value of the $25 credit (depending on how you look at it). This is basic economics!! Moreover if you preorder from other places you have a better chance of receiving the device BEFORE those who bought directly from the Play store. This all adds up to incentivizing people to NOT buy from the Play store....which makes no sense if their long-term strategy is to drive consumers to buy directly from them.

Exactly. What was the point of us pre ordering if we are going to possibly wait and see others who did not pre order get theirs by simply walking into the store. Like you, I ordered directly from google for all the reasons you did. Oh well. I canceled my order for other reasons, namely not sure I can count on them for support if I ever need it. Did you try to get through to them? I did several times, never got through. Oh well. Lesson learned.

Google has burned a lot of their most hardcore supporters here and it will come back to them with their next big hardware launch (Nexus 10 anyone?). You'll probably see a much smaller Google Play Store pre-order tally with many more people pre-ordering from brick and mortar stores or just waiting in general. This is garbage customer service. Make it right Google, how about you double that $25 Play Store credit for the massive fumble.

They did not burn anyone. Go to Kotaku sometime when a big release is looming, GS always does things early. No one else is burned because if they did NOT release any today, others would not be effected one way or the other. Just be happy that some got it early. I do not know if mine is ready, but I will stop there after work and find out. If it is not, then I will just wait and save my venom for something more appropriate.

Like lines at a drive through.

If they're shipping to retailers, they should be shipping to us; it's as simple as that.
WTF, are they just sitting on pallets at some loading dock?
We're not whiney babies, we're educated consumers. In this case, of the first order.
I cancelled, and if I do buy it, it will be down the road... on sale.

Probably the most annoying part is that Google hasn't said anything about Play Store pre-order shipments. Nothing except changing the shipping date on the website. Like you said, exactly how hard is it to ship to pre-order customers and retailers at the same time?

It's extremely hard. Gamestop ordered HUNDREDS (or thousands) of the Nexus 7, likely months ago. They had to ship to Gamestop warehouses first, and then to the stores. They need to set up special plans with shippers to make sure the devices were delivered in these massive quantities and ensure that Gamestop (and every other retailer that pre-ordered) had product for the street date.

EVERY company ships devices to retailers early. When the OG droid came out, we had it WEEKS early in our warehouse, and in stores 5 days before the official street date.

Making sure product is available nationwide in hundreds of stores is a huge logistical undertaking.

Why would Google need to say anything about the pre-orders? They still have a full week to ship the devices before they are "late" from when the device was promised to ship. Gamestop broke street date. That is their problem, not google's. If Google is fault for anything, it's in shipping to Gamestop at all, because the company has a history of ignoring street dates.

Actually, you're an uneducated customer or you'd have ordered from Gamestop... and you're a whiney baby. Sorry, but it's true.

Sorry, but GameStop just wasn't even on my radar. I'm about 45 years too late for the Pimple Palace...

Well, if you can bring yourself to stoop to the level of the pimple poppers next time, then maybe you won't have to go through this torturous experience of waiting an extra 48 hours for your manly toy. Just a suggestion.

I agree, there's absolutely no reason to not order every single possible thing from Gamestop. Doing otherwise is ridiculous. /sarcasm

First thing I noticed! Shout out to Valpo!

P.S. You folks whining about having to wait an extra two days for this thing really need to get a grip. Come on people.

CaptCrossbones here, this is how it went down.

At 9:21 I received a text saying the Nexus 7 would be available Fri AM. So I Called them up and the store had to look into it. Originaly he told me they have been in communications and have not gotten the go ahead to release to the streets. At 9:43 i received a call back from GameStop and they had just gotten the email stating the go ahead to release to the streets and i picked it up at 10:01 :) my store only received 1 on this mornings UPS Truck but possible.more this afternoon.

I am sorely disappointed in Google. Not just for being late. But because there seems to be no point in pre-ordering in the first place, given that I could have saved shipping and still gotten the $25 Google Play credit.

With tax, here in Canada, Google's shipping charges come to $21.47. Google is effectively making it's own customers pay $21.47 more for absolutely no reason.

I'll let it slide this time. But I won't be pre-ordering from Google Play ever again.

Yeah. I'll never order a device through the Play Store again. I pre-ordered mine directly through Google on the 28th (day after its announcement) and I'll be getting it AFTER the people who pre-ordered way after me from a third party? That's bullshit. I'm not saying I should've gotten mine first (that would've been nice), but I DEFINITELY should've gotten it the same day. I feel a little burnt. What's the point of paying the 13 dollar shipping fee if I could've walked down the street and picked one up this morning (sans shipping fee)?

I just saw this post and called Gamestop. They've been trying to call me but have a bad number. My preorder is AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP! What a nice surprise for the weekend!!

That store is just down the road from me.....I'll have to go check'em out and pry one out of their hands.

And so Google breaks faith with all those who preordered. We wind up with zero-zilch-nada for committing our resources in advance to them directly instead of taking the route of convenience and going to a store. In fact we're worse off than those who didn't go to Google - we have to wait longer for our tablets.

Really the $25 credit should have been only for those who ordered through Play Store. Alternately ordering through Play Store could have gotten a larger credit or they should have made 100% certain that all Play Store preorders were in people's hands BEFORE shipping to any other outlets. This is the way preorder campaigns work in the real world - you offer some type of special perk in exchange for the advance order ESPECIALLY when the order is direct from you (and thus you make a lot more money on it).

Where are you people getting all of this "breaking the faith" stuff from? Only somebody who has been living a) in complete denial or b) under a rock is not aware of the possibility of something that you pre-order online being available in the stores before you get it on your doorstep. This happens ALL the time. And by the way-- Google never promised us that we'd have it in our hands first.

The level of whining about this topic is truly bizarre right now.


It does not happen "all the time". And the "stop whining" remark could apply equally to you here.

Also, pre orderers WERE misled by Google - the wording on the website implied that only those who preordered from Google Play got the credit and freebies. Than it turned out they gave them to everyone. And getting something first is implied in the definition of preorder - you order first to be first in line.

I strongly suspect the next time Google tries a preorder on a hardware product the response will be very tepid as everyone will remember buying direct from Google (thus giving them more money than they get on a sale through slimy outlets like Gamestop) and paying MORE (shipping) to get their product later - and no perks to boot.

If pre-ordering means you're first in line, and you pre-ordered, then consider yourself first in line-- but you're first in line for Google's direct-to-consumer shipments. Nothing more. Google did not say that they will absolutely not allow stores to sell the devices, and they did not say that you'd have the thing in your hands before anybody else. It's simply not how it EVER works. In fact, anybody who reads these blogs on a regular basis KNEW that stores would be getting these devices. You're in denial.

And you can suspect all you want, but this is how pre-orders always go, and I guarantee that Google is not losing any sleep over it. They have an incentive to allow for pre-orders, and that's to get your money, guage interest, etc.

If you knew that you would be upset if a brick-and-mortar sold the device before it appeared in your mailbox-- and I assume you did-- then you voluntarily took on the risk of disappointment. It's denial. And now you're whining about it.

And I'll accept my personal responsibility for reading this thing and being astounded by how pathetic your whining is. But I'm not complaining. I actually think it's hilarious.

By the way, I don't see how your inferring that the $25 credit was limited to Play Store order was Google misleading you. Personally, I pre-ordered and had no idea as to whether the credit would be offered on brick-and-mortar purchases. But you know what, I didn't ask either. Neither did you, evidently. Again-- your fault. Being disappointed is one thing. Blaming Google for ruining your life is another.

From what I read, it seems like the retail stores are running out of stock quickly, with re-stocking expected sometime in (early?) August. So although a few tablets leaked out, I think the GooglePlay pre-order was wise because they appear to be honoring all these orders with existing stock and are shipping it within the next 3 business days. Just sayin'....

Are you REALLY this dumb?

First, there was literally no clue anywhere that retail customers would be walking in and getting Nexus 7s (which is happening) before Play Store preorders.

Second, this type of situation is NOT how it "always" works or even a majority. The usual way preorders work is people are encouraged by a perk (be it a discount, getting it first, whatever) to order something early. They do this partly to gauge interest but more to drive sales through their direct order area where they make a higher percentage of the sale price themselves - no distributors or retail outlets taking cuts. you just don't want to say that Google screwed up big time here - they did.

Third, Google is not dumb. They are seeing a negative backlash both in prominent Android fan sites and also their own direct feedback channels and know why it is happening. Whether they learn anything from it will be seen the next time they do a non-software preorder. Easy takeaways include:

a) Talk to people! Run a blog covering the preorder and put regular updates on it even if all they say is a brief progress report. In the world of customer satisfaction silence is far from golden.

b) Give a firm date of release and stick to it.If you have to move it announce it as soon as you know. Again communication.

c) Give direct preorders some actual incentive to do it. It doesn't have to be "you get it first" but if it is then they get it first no matter what - that builds trust. Alternately give a tangible benefit to preorders (could be anything, free bag of official Android Jelly Beans, discounted price, special preorders only software, whatever).

Run a preorder this way and it is still a big moneymaker but even better it creates interest in future preorders after that.

I may be dumb, but I'm not wrong here.

Like I said, it was well known that the brick-and-mortars would be selling these tablets. Well known. You may have assumed that your pre-order would get a tablet in your hands first, but nobody made that promise. If you couldn't imagine a scenario where a store would have the device for sale before it appeared on your doorstep, then you're the dumb one. It's that simple. You can say that it has never happened before, but that is either denial or total ignorance.

Your impression of the purpose of pre-orders is simply that-- your impression. Go ahead and believe that pre-ordering guarantees you some kind of royal treatment if you want to, but it doesn't. Stores are selling out of these already. Thus, those of us who pre-ordered will have ours sooner than those folks who are walking into the stores today looking for one. There's your perk. Google screwed nothing up here. You don't know what you're talking about. They never promised you your tablet first. YOU screwed up, and you can't admit it.

It is unfortunate for you that the one thing you wanted out of this pre-order situation is to say that you had the thing in your hands first and it didn't happen. But people pre-order for SEVERAL reasons, not the least of which are a) to be certain that they'll have a device reserved for them and b) to have it delivered to their home.

Shipping takes longer than walking into a store and picking one up. The converse, of course, is that if you aren't willing to go into a store (and, along with that, risk not getting one because they've already sold out), then you have the convenience of pre-ordering.

You screwed up here because you made assumptions that were misguided. Now you're crying about it. Google did nothing to harm you here. They made no promises, implicit or explicit. You believed something and were wrong. Man up.

I honestly think Google is holding up shipping the Nexus 7 until its lawyers can figure out if Google is at risk of a lawsuit from Apple because of the previously undisclosed magnetic case support.

Yeah yeah, I know BlackBerrys had magnetic cases long before the iPad but some idiot in the USPTO granted Apple a patent for this and you can bet your dollars that Apple is going to claim patent infringement as much as they are allowed to, which appears to be A LOT!

That makes no's so bad it even makes a NEGATIVE amount of sense. If anything, they would get as many out as possible before (if) they get slapped with an injunction so they don't lose as much money.

I wouldn't worry about that patent - even Google's dumb attorneys should easily prove prior art and get the patent invalidated.

Ultimately, its self control (not to say any of you suck because I'm excited for this too) but in the grand scheme of things waiting another 3 days is really no big deal.

What it boils down to is not being able to use the device but being able to say to another person "oh you didn't get yours, too bad because I'm one of the first to get it". And lately this can be applied to any device, book, movie etc. I am by no means exempted from this. I like to boast as much as anyone sometimes. Sometimes I catch myself sometimes I don't. this time around I decided to catch myself. But lets not forget the important thing is that its awesome that this tablet is getting this much fervent attention and pre-orders. That just means more support and more accessories will be available.

With that said, google may want to look into a partnership in the future. Might not be a bad idea for them to do pre-orders and allow consumers the option to pick up the item at a best buy or target. So in essence google play takes the order but its fulfilled at the b&m. I'm sure there are lots of red tape to this but seeing the current state of B&M stores I'm sure they will want to give it a shot.

What nonsense.

I came away from the keynote with the impression that only Play store customers were getting the $25 credit. Now I find out that Gamestop customers get the credit too. And they save the $21.47 that I paid in shipping.

That extra cost could be justified if I got the device a week early (though I'm not all that concerned about yelling "First!"). But as it stands Play store customers are literally paying more for less.

Way to treat your most loyal customers Google.

I suggest that anybody unhappy with the pre-order situation tweet their displeasure @Google.

I think it's utterly ridiculous that I paid full shipping and Gamestop customers will get the $25 credit and get their devices early. What's the point of giving Google Play my business?

I'm straight up hoping that some public embarrasment will force Google to at least partially refund shipping costs or up Play store credits for those who bought through Google Play.

I paid full shipping so that my device would be shipped to me and I didn't have to go to a store. When did it have another purpose?

If you didn't want to a) reserve a device for yourself and b) have it shipped directly to you, then why DID you order from Google Play? Google NEVER promised the credit to only Google Play orders. If you misunderstood that, then why don't you just say that you misunderstood rather than acting like somebody robbed you in a ponzi scheme?

Sorry. But I'm not going to become as brainless as an iFan for Google.

Defending Google here is nonsense.

During the I/O presentation they first said that it would be available initially on Google Play and other retailers later. They then said the $25 credit was for a limited time only. It is entirely reasonable for an average person to conclude that if you pre-order you'll be getting the device first and with a credit.

In any event, I'm not so much upset as I feel let down.

And lesson learned. I won't be ordering any hardware from Google Play again. Why should I eat the shipping cost? Let Google now take lower margins and eat the shipping costs that their retailer partners will force on them. They clearly prefer that to my loyalty.

Being upset is fine. But you at least have to admit that, as reasonable as you feel it was to assume that pre-ordering meant that you'd get the thing first, you were wrong. Google was not wrong here. I am not a "fan" at all. I'm just trying to inject some sense of personal responsibility into this discussion. If you had a question as to whether the $25 credit would be offered in stores, whether stores would be getting the devices before yours shipped, etc.--and if it was going to bother you this much-- then you should have done more to find out. Whining about it like this and blaming the freakin' company is just weak.

You're right they don't owe me anything. I've paid $21.47 (cost of shipping+tax) to learn a valuable lesson: Google prefers to accept lower margins from its retail partners than accept offer me any value at all through a pre-order.

Lesson learned. The Play store is a suckers trap.

YOUR VALUE IS PERSONAL DELIVERY! At the very least, you have to acknowledge that you're getting SOMETHING for that money. Not doing so is straight up whining for whining's sake. Now, you'll obviously say that you'd have rather gone to the store and gotten it first than pay to have it shipped, but shipping is shipping. It's not called a first-in-hand guarantee. That was just never promised.

I'm not saying people shouldn't be disappointed. I'm just saying it's disingenuous to blame the company.

BTW-- If I were a company, you bet your a** I'd be making sure that my retail partners were happy first.


Not to mention the fact that some people actually consider shipping directly to their doorstep a service that, in itself, is worth paying for. Crazy thought, I know.

I'm starting to change my mind, though. I'm going to be mad if Larry and Sergey don't have mine delivered directly to me in a self-driving car.

You know what? A lot of you are no better than the 5 year old screaming at this mother because she didn't buy him a package of Skittles.

What a bunch of crybabies. Is this issue that detrimental to your life that nothing else matters? A few people are receiving their pre-orders before the ones from the Playstore ship and all hell breaks loose? How quickly the world owes you something over something this trivial. Grow up.

The only thing that bugs me about this tablet is that it doesn't come with an SD slot. I'm waiting for Transformer infinity

The biggest F-you here from my perspective is the complete lack of communication from Google about.....well.....anything. I ordered mine at 1:47pm EDT the day it was announced. Since then, I've heard precisely zero, while other people have been able to walk in off the street and purchase one (no shipping mind you) days before I'll get mine. That's bad customer service no matter how you slice it. I, personally, won't ever purchase another physical product from the Play Store again, and that's too bad, because up until now I've been an ardent supporter of Google and the Play Store.

You paid to have it shipped, and now you're complaining that you have to wait to have it shipped. It was common knowledge that these things were going to be available in the stores.

Is there a reason--beyond a misguided assumption on your part--that you chose not to buy it from a physical store?

You'll get over it.

And you'll order from the Playstore again.

We're not convinced. You need more people.

I paid only $95 dollars for my Nexus 7 after trading in some old games and video game systems at GS. Today has been a Great Day!!

Just picked up my Nexus 7 from my local Gamestop (Seattle area in Washington). Ordered a couple of days after the Nexus was announced.