Nexus 7 LTE

If you're looking to snag a Nexus 7 with LTE data but for some reason don't want to do so through Google Play, it ilooks like Best Buy will have them at some point — they're listed as "coming soon" on the retailers website. Pricing appears to be in line with Google's listing — $349 for the 32GB version. 

Source: Best Buy; Thanks, Jeremiah!


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Nexus 7 LTE 'coming soon' to Best Buy


huh... I ordered this last night from Google, but oh well. Still pay tax and no ship fees so basically the same except if I dislike it I have to wait almost a month for a refund from Google vs immediately at BB.

It's the mobile data version, so if you have a contract with AT&T through Best Buy, you might want to get the tablet on the same contract. It's also helpful that Best Buy does financing for those who can't afford to pay all at once.

Best Buy question

Do they usually have the phones available when it is generally available at the carrier?

For instance the Note 3 is available on the 4th for Sprint. Will it be available at Best Buy that same day (roughly) or is there in between time?

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Typically we have the "major" releases at launch. Tier 2 phones usually trickle in within a week of launch. The Note 3 is available for preorder right no.

The FCC should fine Verizon at least $0.5 million per day until Verizon permits new activations on their LTE network.

God that prize! I love my Note 8.0 but I gotta say that price is ridiculous, so jealous.

Note 8.0

No contract month to month relianle.

I switched frim Sprint to Verizon in December 2011. Switched daughter in August 2013. Still have 2 lines with Sprint. The Sprint usets aren't as happy as us because of coverage.

I get a discount on both but I gladly pay $20 a month more total for better coverage and not having to call customer care or walk into a Sprint Store.

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Because I can remove the sim from my phone, forward my number to google voice, and have unlimited data on my nexus 7 and receive my calls over LTE