Nexus 7 dock

Looks like we might finally (finally!) get that fabled Nexus 7 desktop dock. When last we saw this white whale, it was being unboxed a wee bit early, presumably snagged from an Asian retailer. Now, you can preorder it from B&H Photo for $39.99 each. No word on when, exactly, it'll ship, but this is another step in the right direction, even if it's not going to hit "early December."

Preorder the Nexus 7 dock from B&H Photo; via Ausdroid

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jd914 says:

Better a third party retail seller sell these because if Google would, it would turn out a complete disaster.

MrJazz says:

Meh. Looks like too little, too late.
But congrats to Beards & Hats on the scoop!

Hmm, wasn't really all that interested in a dock but I might pick this one up.

Question, why B&H? I mean nothing against it, it's a great store (bought a pair of headphones there, and just ordered a Blue Snowball mic today), just seems weird that a local New York retailer gets the first preorder instead of all the chain-stores...

acedzero says:

Nexus 10 dock in tow?

jian9007 says:

Well, now it doesn't even give an option for pre-order so there must be some demand for it. Hopefully we'll see it on sale at other retailers soon, as the site now shows expected availability date of December 30th.

Eric379 says:

No option to pre order as of now, just a "Notify Me When Available" link.