Nexus 7 display brightness

This is one of those simple things that'll leave you kicking yourself, but that doesn't make it any less important. Noznarf in our Nexus 7 forums writes:

Just got my Nexus 7 yesterday and i've encountered a problem already. I charged the device for a couple of hours and was excited to start it up.

As soon as i started the device, I got the Google logo, followed by the Nexus symbol, and then just a black screen. I've tried rebooting in recovery mode to no avail.

When I press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds the Google screen will show, then some 10 seconds afterwards you gets the multi-coloured Nexus symbol and then nothing happens again.

The fix is simple enough, as dparrothead1 points out. You're not stuck in a bootloop. There's nothing wrong with the display. All you have to do is struggle through the setup and fix the auto brightness in the settings. Nicely done.

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Reader comments

Nexus 7 display goes dark at boot? Check the auto-brightness


Huh? That should never happen regardless of the brightness setting. Major fail (bug). If this wasn't a Nexus device, would it get the same "no big deal" treatment?

This is somewhat similar to something that happened the other day. After updating play music none of my music played right jumping all over the place.At the end of the day I told my friend how much it was pissing me off and how long my scathing review would be, when he asked if I had shuffle on. Stupid me almost punched my phone three times that day. :(

The auto brightness does not seem to work well. On mine it would cause the screen to flicker in dim lighting. Turned it off for now.

I've got a friend who just called me, the N7 he just got has this problem. It seems as if you can shine a light on it, or go out in the sun and see the screen.

ahhh thanks mate, well spotted. mine does that too. was wondering why it worked at work but not at home. took it into the kitchen and got some light onto it and turned off auto brightness now i'm happy

it'd be nice if this works however. have to work out where to go for tech support and give 'em some feedback