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$50 savings for today only

If you have been looking to get a good deal on a Nexus 7 (2013) for yourself you will want to check out the deal that Woot is offering today. Today Woot is offering the 16GB version for $189 and the 32GB version for $219, a nice $50 discount off each one. While the tablet has been on the market for a couple of months already, we are still a few months away from a new release so be sure to grab one at the discount. It's worth noting that these are factory reconditioned, so know that before going in.

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Nexus 7 (2013) discounted $50 today on Woot


Yeah, I have a Nexus 7 but have found I use my phone instead due to the size. I find if I want a tablet I want it to be larger. My Nexus 7 has become more a toy/learning device for my kids now and I want a 10 inch. I used to have a Transformer Prime but sold it for the Nexus 7, LOL. Now I want the larger one back.

It's $40 off the 16gb and $50 off the 32gb. These are also factory refurbished with 90 day warranty. If you look hard enough you can usually find these NEW for $199 and $229.

That's horrible. It should be way less for a refurbished device, that's just a garbage deal. Why get a refurbished toy with a screen?

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Returned my N7 2013 because of some serious hardware issues related to the touch sensor. Seems to be a common problem and the only resolution was to use it when plugged in to a charger, then the touch screen worked fine, but mobility goes out the window. Maybe that's why there are refurbished units for sale. My N7 2012 is kicking along just fine on 4.4.2, so I'll wait for the Nexus 8.

Why? Lol with deals like this for for refurbs\non refurbs wouldn't you go 20 to 50 bucks more for a better tablet

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Just bought a brand new 32gb Nexus 7 at Office max for 215.99 with a 20% off promo. Coupon code is SAVE20.

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Seems expensive for refurbished. Returned my N7, and my PlayBook has another layer of dust on it. 5" phone and full functioning laptop is all I need.

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Forget this deal. Office Max has 20% off nexus 7 (2013) all models right now. However they are not on stock online. You have to add to cart as store pick up and use the code "save20".

I payed for mine and shortly I'll be off to pick up my brand new nexus 7 (2013) 32GB model and not a refurbished one liek woot.

deal is good til saturday. I recommend calling a store to make sure they have some in stock.