Nexus 5 bumper case.

Here's our first look at the official Nexus 5 bumper case that's being sold by Google. Ours is in the currently unavailable "bright red" color, which to our aging eyes looks more like a DayGlo orange and should be appreciated by anyone who's ever had to do search-and-rescue on the high seas.

Anyhoo. We're not quite sure when a "case" became a "bumper case," because this guy covers everything save for the front of the phone. The case is more rigid than flexible, with the Nexus logo printed on the back. (We'll see how long that holds up.) Wireless charging still works with the case on the phone.

It's thin, but definitely makes the phone a wee bit larger. You've got cutouts for all the ports and nubs for all the buttons. The phone slips in easily enough, and it's not going anywhere once it's there. But it's also not hard to remove. 

What is difficult, however, is stomaching a $34.99 price on this thing. That's not cheap, at all.

We've got more pics and hands-on video after the break.


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The Nexus 5 bumper case


From the Play Store images, it looks like there is more protection along the edges and a smaller, thin protection for the back (more for scratches and leveling out the camera bump?). However, does it feel like it's worth anywhere near $35? Does it feel like cheap silicone or TPU that can be had for under $5? The Nexus 4 bumper case was definitely high quality, but also more reasonable at $20.

It was certainly not reasonable - you realize that bumper case for the N4 had like $.04 of rubber in it? And you could get the Poetic for $4.

This case is ridiculously overpriced.

The Nexus 4 bumper was MORE reasonable since it felt high quality and cost almost half the price of the Nexus 5 "bumper" case.

Looks good to me. The price is a little high, but when I weigh that with the price of the phone compared to other options, I don't find it such a big deal. Just wish they had a blue case...

That Neo Hybrid is NICE... to bad they referred to it as an "iPhone" on the 6th pic, displaying their product features :\

I've just received my Spigen Hybrid case - it's really nice. Fits tightly, slightly "soft-touch" feel on the rear, and doesn't add significantly to the profile of the Nexus 5. Pleased with it... and half the price of the official Google case.

$35 is absolutely outrageous for this thing.

I'll give Google a pass on the price gouging, considering what they're charging for the actual phone this is for, but yea, there's no way I'd spend that much on a simple case. I just ordered a Nexus 5 Ringke Slim on Amazon for a grand total of $5.99.

Google is likely making $0 on this phone. Materials are probably $230, then you have to add design, manufacturing, packaging and shipping costs - for LG. Whatever profit is to be had on the hardware is going to LG.

Google is not trying to make up lost profit on the phone, lol. They don't make these Nexus devices for hardware profit. Consider them like an old school Christmas catalog from Sears. They get you online and using Search.

Exactly! And thats why I think it was one of the reason why they made the protruding camera... so people would by the case to make it look flushed

I think I acknowledged precisely that in my comment, although I still think $35 is a bit much for what probably costs $0.50 to manufacture.

And to the other reply, while Google is clearly accepting far less profit on the Nexus line, I'm not so sure I'd jump to the conclusion that they're selling these for zero profit. If the iPhone, with it's machined aluminum housing, costs roughly $250 to manufacture, a plastic phone has to be less.

The manufacturing cost isn't everything. Plus, while the exterior may be less expensive, the internals aren't.

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Apple also has scale on their side, the more they make/sell the cheaper their parts costs are... Google's Nexus order to LG is operating on a much smaller scale. Doesn't excuse accessory pricing but whatever, who cares about those cases anyway... Where's the new Qi pad that they were gonna sell?

Do you know if you can still use the wireless charging with either the bumper from Google or that Ringke Slim case?

Yea, I would never pay $35 for a bumper. I wouldn't even pay $25 for the spigen cases. Maybe $12. If im paying that much I'm getting the seidio active or something similar.

Back in the day I bought me an amCase one for my nexus 4. Is broken a bit and scratched, but does its purpose.
It only cost me 5 bucks on Amazon.

This was almost similar to what I was thinking.
Would anybody have complained if the N5 was listed at $385 with free bumper case? Still seems like a value to me.
But than again people would still complain.

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The actual case looks much thicker than most other similar made cases..

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Nothing beats Samsung period. Not even on the case side. Samsung has revolutionized the way cases look with the S-Cover and view. Other companies should look up to Samsung and try to learn from them. Nothing comes closes to the giant.

I think the S-View covers look nice, but I just don't like flip covers for phones. They're kind of cumbersome and considering that everything's made with Gorilla Glass these days, the screen doesn't really need extra protection (for my use cases, anyway). The only reason I put up with flip covers on my tablet case is because the cover portion allows for the tablet to be propped up while watching videos.

That is the first thing I thought. Seriously he's channeling his inner Richard D.

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I want a case like the Otter box defender, but they might not make one.
I will settle for a case that can survive a 4½ foot fall with little to no damage.

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The way this bumper case fits (camera bump lies flush with case) I feel like Google wanted to do, a sort of Moto X, color option thing.

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Exactly what I was thinking as soon as I saw it, they're trying to give people a coloured customisable version of the Nexus.

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Not even 1 mention if the camera has any protection when the phone is placed down with the case on! And OMG, why do you laugh and talk at the same time it's so fucking annoying!!!

I just received my 3 Cruzerlite TPU cases (ordered on Amazon for $26 -- Buy 2, get 1 free promo). Look and feel great, just like the ones I have for my S3. Can't wait to try them on the Nexus 5 which arrives Thursday. At < $9 each (after promo price), they are a bargain. It's hard to see how Google's bumper cases would be worth $26 more.

Bleh, should've ordered from Amazon... I went straight to their site and ordered a red Bugdroid case, I don't think it has even shipped and my phone arrives the day after tomorrow. Luckily I ordered a flat black one from Diztronic too and it's due to arrive today. I always forget both those stores also sell on Amazon...

I had both for my EVO LTE too, Diztronic looks classier, but I ended up using the red Cruzerlite the most. Also had a smoke one from Cruzer but those tend to get amberish or just dirtier looking with time... Still looks fine for the most part, but I've only used the smoke for 6 months and the difference would be noticeable next to a new one.

Can't go wrong with either of them tho, both companies have really good service. They 're a little more expensive than the straight-from-China TPU cases on Ebay but they ship faster, are better cut along the molding seams, and usually have some interesting design options. Slimmer than stuff like SPIGEN's hybrids, tho not any cheaper.

I still love that Seth Rogen does video reviews for AC.

That aside, to be honest I know this is expensive but I'm tempted. It does look good and I'd like to have the Nexus logo on the back. And hopefully it feels as nice as the phone, being made by the same people.

From the images it looks like it fits the phone like a glove. If the material quality is there, then the price is justified. I paid as much for my Urban Armor Gear case when it first came out, and it's the single greatest phone case I've ever purchased. On top of that, it's the only case I've ever needed to purchase for my GS3. After a year, I may have gone through 2 or 3 TPU cases and spent just as much.

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People pay like the full price of the phone over their contract for insurance. This is like a really cheap form of insurance comparably.


$42.60 after taxes and shipping for 2 bucks worth of plastic. At that price tag, it's as if they're saying the phone isn't worth much.

I've had my black bumper case for about 3 weeks now and haven't dropped the phone once since i've had it (knock on wood). Despite no drops the finish on the case is peeling off. (I think) Just from being removed and inserted into my jeans pocket. This case if awful. stay away. can't believe i paid 35 bucks for this