Nexus 4 YBOD

That's what the kids are calling it, anyway. Looks like a new set of shipping notices has been sent out. But the wait continues. We're hashing it all out in our Nexus 4 forums


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The Nexus 4 Yellow Box of Death


That's what mine has been sitting at since last Friday. I have a message into Google and waiting to hear back. I'm not really upset about it yet since when I ordered it on Dec 27th, it said 1-2 weeks for delivery. Its just frustrating to sit in limbo...

There is getting to be WAY too many "____ ____ of death" in our lives, no wonder the population stress levels are higher now that any time in history (no scientific backing here). I'm renaming December 21 to "December 21 of Death"...

I hate staring at this when I buy something online. Alot of times I get it before its updated lol

Yup...mine has said this since Friday (11/29) as well... So disappointed... And my CC has been charged. What a crock...

Wow this makes me laugh. I ordered my phone at 3:05PM CST on Tues, 11/27 and got the shipping notification on Fri, 11/30 at 3:05AM CST. My UPS tracking info has been stuck at this "yellow box of death" since! I've escalated my issue with a "specialist" in the shipping dept but apparently it takes 24-48 hours to get a response. I was told to "wait it out" and hopefully after 48 hours the tracking will update. I guess seeing this is a known issue and I'm not the only one I feel much better now. WTF GOOGLE!?

Welcome to the club. F**ks don't even reply to emails or confirm they got it. Tomorrow at noon, I'm disputing with Amex, and let Amex and Google sort it out.

Update as of 4AM on 12/6.

It looks like UPS has updated my tracking! The package shipped from Louisville, KY last night and is now scheduled for delivery here in Chicago, IL before end of day today! Hang in there. I'm not exactly sure what the issue was but it looks like the package is arriving SUPER fast.

I am really pissed. They charge you for 2 day shipping, say that you will not be charged until it has shipped. I was charged so it should have shipped. I was charged on Dec 1 so it should have shipped on Mon and I should receive it today and still no shipment update.

Google you suck!!

I wish windows had a better app store!

if you read the fine print, "2-day shipping" isnt a guarentee of 2 day's "we'll try our best to get it to you in 2 days"'s just a way for the shipping company to milk you for more money...i've actually had stuff sent to me regular shipping and get here faster than something that was sent overnight

i hate these shipping tracking things, just tell me that it's going to be here within a certain time frame(7-10 days, 2 weeks whatever) and as long as i have it by the end of that time frame, i'm happy...i don't need to know that its "on the truck in denver, going to the airport" or "it's on the ground, on the way to you"...

I called in for a warranty claim last Monday and was told that they keep a separate stock of Nexus 4's for this, "don't worry about the 'out of stock' notice on the Play store."

Got my confirmation immediately. Got the shipping notice on Friday. Yellow box of death here too. Basically, don't believe anything they tell you. It's a mess over in Google land.

I noticed other UPS packages I've had delivered recently have had the same issue. It might just be a problem on UPS' side. On the last order (via Best Buy), it was supposed to be 2-day, but UPS delivered it same-day according to their tracking information. Until it's confirmed otherwise, I don't think this is completely a Google issue.

Funny, When I spoke to the Google rep he told me that there was an issue with the UPS site, I had assumed he was just blowing smoke . . .

This is definitely a Google issue, as the only reason UPS hasn't updated a lot of orders with real information is because they don't *have* the packages. Google employees have admitted that they jumped the gun and requested many shipping labels too soon.

Exactly, is a shame that Google specifically says, that the CC will be charged when the item is shipped, NOT WHEN A SHIPPING LABEL HAS BEEN CREATED, WTF??

Thats BS, since i been stuck on the yellow box of death since 11/29.

They did wrong and they should feel bad. (Google)

If Google was going to print out a batch of labels, fine but don't send out tracking numbers to your customers until the devices have actually shipped. This is very mislading on their part. I need to know when my deliveries come so I can plan to have somebody here to receive it. Google needs to either get their retail devision up to snuff or turn it over to somebody who knows about logistics (Amazon would do nicely).

I've also had my card charged and am getting the yellow box. I called into the Play Store and a rep gave some canned response of having to charge you in order to keep your claim on the device.

She said they had been putting holds on cards before but the wait was so long that CC companies took the hold off. Meanwhile the devices get shipped out and they don't get paid.

That explanation doesn't sit well with me...

I canceled my order, the money wasnt being held. I dont really want $400 in limbo when i can put it aside.

Weird. I just ordered yesterday afternoon (December 4). At the time it said ships in 4 to 6 weeks. This morning I had the email saying it had shipped. Link to tracking was the yellow box. However, as of noon today (December 5) I have a tracking number. It's currently in Kentucky. :-)

I am sitting in this same state. I had placed an order for a replacement and got the shipped email with a tracking number. Been sitting in this state ever since last Friday.

Relax people, I went through this with the release of the Nexus 7. I pre ordered it minutes after the conference. The shipping label was created 7/11 and I received it 7/17. The status of shipping never updated other than the label was created and then 6 days later, it changed to delivered. It never said leaving KY, out for delivery.... If the same thing happens with the N4, for those who got the shipped email on Friday, like myself, I'm betting it will be here tomorrow or Friday.

By the way, I also think it's supper annoying that Google sent out emails that they have been shipped when they really haven't. We'll still get the phones in less than 2 weeks which is what we all expected anyway. I don't care if it takes 2 days to ship or 5 as long as I get it within less than 2 weeks as promised.

THAT is exactly what I think is annoying most people....don't charge my card and send me a label saying it's shipped, when a call to UPS reveals Google just generated a label bu have yet to actually supply them with the product.

I'm not sure this will be the case this time though. I called UPS and the rep checked all shipping labels created within the last month and there were no others for my address. Seems that they likely won't magically appear. I certainly hope they do, but I'm not holding my breath.

I ordered it on 11/27, got the tracking number email on 11/30. I've had the "yellow box of death" since then. I called google play today and was met with a representative who didn't help at all. So I called again immediately after that, and got in touch with a very knowledgeable and helpful representative this time. She had her supervisor talk directly to UPS and they gave me an estimated date of Friday 12/7, the end of this week. I'd recommend people with this issue to forget about the email and call directly, you may get lucky with someone who actually can help.

Not a problem, it's to be expected, the flag ship Google phone for such an outrageously low price plus a few weeks before Christmas!! I'm waiting for my16GB, hope it's here for Christmas, if not, I'm not going to throw a tantrum, nope NOT ME!!!! AaaarrrrgggggghhhHh !!! GOOGLE! Where's my frack'n Nexus 4, oops, sorry, scuse me please.

And I thought I was's ALSO the Nexus 10 box of death. Arghhhhh! I've had that notice for the last 5 days. :(

Me too! I called today and they told me these emails were sent out by mistake, but I should expect my Nexus 10 by Friday. Time will tell.

Take it from someone in the shipping business, this is normal. If a UPS label is printed, it's technically been "shipped". It may not have left the facility and made its way into the UPS network, but as far as everyone involved, it's out the door. This is not unique in regards to Google. When a company is sending out items in bulk like this, it is not unheard of to have them sit on a dock waiting to get picked up by the carrier. The carrier has to adjust for the uptick in volume just like LG, Google, and the warehouses contracted to handle the orders have.

Be patient. As others have said, it's just a phone. If your label has been printed, it's set to ship.

Holy crap you guys are touchy. If you aren't already, you should sign up for UPS My Choice. It will email you a notification when (and only when) the package has a predicted delivery date by UPS (after they have it in their hands). You can just sit back and wait for the package to hit the network, THEN pound the tracking page every 20 minutes seeing where it is.

Yellow box of death? Holy hell, you are some sensationalist d-bags. Why not just post a picture of a nexus 4 about to get run over by a subway train while you're at it. This article is pretty sad.

I got a My Choice notification on Monday saying that it would be delivered on Tuesday after getting a tracking number on Friday. Tuesday came and passed and my tracking still hasn't moved from the label phase. On a different order, the notification never even came. At this point, My Choice is pretty useless.

I ordered on the 27th, and got my shipping label mail at 03:41 this morning. I looked this evening, and after a 2 hour flight, the phone is already at my local airport, going to be delivered tomorrow. I'm very excited.

Omg! Mine has not been updated. This is agonizing. I have been waiting patiently since Thursday when I got my shipping label. Google... Google... Get your shit straighten out please.

I ordered mine the first day, got my shipping confirmation 11/16, and I still don't have any transit info. Contacted customer service 3 times already, and they have only given me platitudes about investigating.

Wow. And you are probably wondering what all the hullabaloo is about going a few days without an update. Still, I'm going pretty crazy and I can't even imagine waiting as long as you have.

Edit: Scratch that, my shipment just updated along with a few other people. Hopefully yours did too. :)

Thanks...still nothing. Contacted customer support 4 times, each with no result. Will not issue refund, will not confirm ship.

I've filed a Better Business Bureau complaint. Thinking about a FTC and a California Attorney General complaint as well, especially if there is a pattern.

Unless there is a better/more productive suggestion.

Does anyone know what it means if you only see "Your order has been sent to Google Inc..."?

I didn't get it during the "rush" of 11/27, but I ordered that evening when I could finally get an order through.. it said "ships in 2-3 weeks" when I ordered it..