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Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, new '360-degree' camera, 'gesture typing' and Gorilla Glass 2

UK retailer Carphone Warehouse has prematurely opened up its Nexus 4 pre-order page, laying bare all the details of the next Nexus smartphone from Google and LG. In addition to confirming already-leaked details, the CPW listing reveals the presence of "Android 4.2 Jelly Bean" and Corning Gorilla Glass 2. As for what's new in 4.2, the retailer claims an "amazing 360-degree camera" and Swype-like "gesture typing" in the stock keyboard.

The phone is listed with 8GB of storage, so there appears to be no sign of the 16GB model just yet.

Price-wise, the Nexus 4 is shown as available for free on Vodafone and O2 contracts starting at £31 per month. No SIM-free price is listed, unfortunately.

Interestingly, Carphone Warehouse says to "pre-order now for delivery on the 30th October," suggesting the Nexus 4 could launch at retail immediately after the Oct. 29 announcement event.

Update: The Verge has received a photo from the Carphone Warehouse inventory system, which shows the 8GB Nexus 4 priced at £389.95 SIM-free. That's considerably lower than the Galaxy Nexus launch price, but still not a small amount of cash.

Update 2: The Carphone Warehouse pre-order page has now been pulled.

Source: Carphone Warehouse


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Nexus 4 pre-order page goes live early at UK retailer, release slated for Oct. 30


That we are a mere two months away from 2013 and anyone is rolling out a supposedly premier handset without LTE is ludicrous.

I am chomping at the bit to get away from Sprint's gawdawful slow-ass slow network for AT&T* and was pretty much set on the GS3, but I'm not crazy about the physical home button and the curved top and bottom edges and have concerns about the screen compared to the HOX+ or Optimus G (which ruled itself out with its locked bootloader and AT&T bloatware). I was hoping the Nexus 4 would deliver the hardware of the Opti G with vanilla Android and no waiting for updates, but limited storage and no LTE is a fatal combo.

We should be getting even better phones on the high-end now; instead were rushing to the middle. Who is the market for Nexus products? A: Nerds, and nerds don't want 2011 tech in 2013. Are there any nerds working at Google in positions that matter?

* I was at Costco the other night and ran Speedtest on the demo GS3 on "4G" (I didn't realize at the time it wasn't LTE, but their HSPA+ or whatever) at the kiosk versus my GS2E4GT and it was SEVEN TIMES faster than Sprint's feeble 3G!

If you won't read the story, at least skim the headlines.

This is talking about about Europe, where there is virtually zero LTE deployed.

If you won't read the OP at least... read the OP. They want it on EE's 4G. It may nnot be deployed but what's the harm with something with the technology capable to do so like the Sprint Galaxy Nexus? At least it is future-proof.

LTE is far less standardized than GSM. Until Europe decides on a standard, or at least decides on which frequency bands to use, deployment of an LTE phone would be obsolete the day it was released. There is no way to future proof a phone in the face of unsettled srandards.

unless you release a phone that makes the standards.... Hate to say it but I believe there is a iPhone being sold in europe that works with LTE and if the phone sells (which Im sure it will), then the standard of LTE will be based around what radios that phone has. Same with Nexus. I could be completely wrong here so please forgive me for my ignorance

No LTE is a fail?? Still an emerging technology that not even 15% people have. Why are people looking to future proof phones they only hold for 18 months anyway?

very funny, though i was replying to stang not you.

Anyway CPW are saying O2 & vodafone although it will be GSM so you can always buy it sim free and just use your 3 sim card.

I refuse to believe 8Gb will be the sole option; if it is, I will be waiting for something else/larger capacity.

I'm with you.
I heard Samsung Galaxy S4 is to be announced February 2013. I'm in for the wait. Already saving some euros too ;)

That is kind of interesting: "Stay in touch with Gesture Typing, a faster way of typing that lets you spell words by dragging your finger across the screen from letter to letter. " Am I mistaken or is this a completely new feature for Android 4.2? At least this feels new to me for Stock Android

Removable battery is no longer a concern...look at the Razr MAXX. BUT, they really should have put a bigger battery in the Nexus 4. Hopefully Android 4.2 has some crazy battery-saving software in it. My battery on the GNex is terrible...

Actually, I believe 4.2 DOES have power management hooks as a major improvement. And 2100mAh sure beats my craptacular 1400mAh battery in my Amaze 4G.

"This phone will fail miserably" is a prediction that I'd bet will, um, fail miserably. ;)

well then you're in look, since the S4 Pro is more efficent than the TI in the Gnexus, and the LCD screens are much less battery sucking than Amoled. (unless you have a full black screen ofcourse)

I really dont think small storage is an issue. This is a Supreme Power User phone and Supreme Power Users dont need that much internal memory due to cloud storage.

Small storage IS an issue.

Go up to the black board and write that 100 times, and don't forget to dot your i's and cross your t's.

"I really dont think small storage is an issue. This is a Supreme Power User phone and Supreme Power Users dont need that much internal memory due to cloud storage."

Yeah. Right. Power users never need to keep add'l ROMs or backups or files or videos or prezos or tech talk recordings or any number of other things you might need offline.

Not to mention cached maps.


better come with 16gb, 16gb is barely enough, not enough actually but i will settle for 16. hope it comes in 32gb. should be 16 and 32 from the start

I guess Apple with the iPhone, are the only ones that like to offer 64gb? I have a ton of music, 64gb is ideal for people like me.

It had better be sold here in the US with AT LEAST 16GB. I can accept everything else about it but I can't go lower than 16GB (I prefer 32GB). If they only have an 8GB option here then I will snag a 32GB Galaxy Note2 (very reluctantly). But I really want the Nexus 4, so fingers crossed we'll have an option for a 16GB and maybe 32GB version.

I was really hoping the 8gb was only going to be on the leaked prototype, with a retail release of 16gb and 32gb.

If retailers are offering an 8gb model, a 16gb option will most likely be available, but I doubt we'll see a 32gb version, which is really sad.

Here's to hoping instead of this thing coming to Verizon, Google releases a CDMA version in the Play Store. A man can dream...

But apparently CDMA carriers can lock devices out of their network :-( makes me wonder who the F*** made CDMA networksin the US...

if specs are true it's hard for a current G-Nex owner to get excited. my G-Nex has 32GB storage, 2,100 mah OEM extended removable battery (included free), 4.65" display, LTE, and Samsung design and build quality. yes the processor of the LG Nexus 4 is faster but i don't see how that's going to really make a big difference in real world performance for most users.

p.s. isn't it about time that Carphone Warehouse changed its name? it's 2012 - not 1990.

Samsung build quality?

Well you are looking at a next gen Adreno GPU (which is a monster), and the Snapdragon S4 Pro. Which is heads and shoulders above the competition. The internals are a major upgrade from the Galaxy Nexus.

You, sir, are a man genius amongst starry-eyed boys. I'm just looking forward to running whatever software updates come out of this and the nexus 10's release.

If I had a GSM 16GB Galaxy Nexus now, and there are no LG Nexus 32GB, then I would probably just stay with the former unless I'm a heavy Android gamer. I had the S3 and it install apps faster and run games faster compared to the Nexus, but otherwise running stock jelly bean is still way better than the bloated Touchwiz imo. For most people it shouldn't make a big difference when Jelly Bean is smooth enough to run on 3 years old Galaxy S. Which means if the LG Nexus doesn't come up with something compelling to set it apart, then might as well stay put, especially when the Galaxy Nexus will be getting Android 4.2 anyway. Unless you need GPU power or a camera upgrade and care so much about LTE.

You have all that GPU power and space to install 1 high end game. The OS alone takes about 3+GB. Sure everyone has different needs in a phone but in 2012 there is simply no reason to release a phone with 8GB of storage space. If it works for you that's great, but it's costing them almost nothing to make it 16GB hell they just proved it by putting out the 32GB Nexus 7 at the price of the 16GB model. It's almost like they don't want the Nexus to compete with the other phones.

How many MBs will one of those 360 degree photos use? Record a video of your kids birthday party in 1080p and see how fast space is eaten up. Download a movie for the plane ride. Hell I installed the new Nuance Dragon Mobile app yesterday (siri type app) and it has a 200MB additional download. These things are becoming very regular with apps having large additional downloads.

Anyway I'm done rambling about this, they either release a Nexus with the specs I need or I have to move on from the Nexus devices.

"Samsung build quality?" Don't judge until you've tried it, I've dropped the Galaxy Nexus multiple times without a case and still manage to sell it in mint condition. However, it is true Samasung is begining to make cheaper phones and no doubt this this LG device is more durable than an S3.

8 GB is only acceptable together with an SD-card slot. I would actually prefer to have 8-16GB for the system, and expandable storage for media.

From a marketing point of view i find the choice of storage by google seems to make no sense. To sell more apps from the play store then mobile phone users would need the medium to store it. They should take the word multimedia into account eg gaming, video and mp3 player, 1080p recording etc all this requires storage so it should be taken seriously so at least sd storage should be an option anyway i hope i am proven wrong on October 29th

I'm sure there waiting to see if it sells well before introducing the 32 gig just like Google is doing with the N7. Which is stupid because it obviously going to sell so just come out with the 16 and 32 from jump! What the freak!!


this looks like AOKP or something. also, look at the 3rd party batter indicator apps. another clear sign that its fake is that Google Maps is not fully loaded (upper left corner of google maps).

this is the render image that was released yesterday by evleaks.
im pretty sure someone is trolling here!

Right - from first sight and after reading other's in-depth analysis I was pretty sure it was obvious those render shots were fake.

I can't imagine that that is correct - why would Google be so inept as to include two obviously redundant notifications (for temp or battery %) and feature a rather unimpressive shot of a Google Now card? That doesn't even take into account the very photoshopped looking "NEXUS" on the back. Also, why center the clock as it just invites "APPLE COPIER" complaints?

This if for sure trolling - maybe we'll get a long description about how much work it took to piece together. Either this is fake or Google needs to fire some people.

This is just free advertising for car phone warehouse. Don't they do this with every major phone release?

Seems like there is a retailer even lower than Best Buy.

Why would car phone warehouse show a phone with U.S. baseball teams on it, besides the fact no one cares anymore about baseball, why not some football teams like Manchester United?

I really have no issue with LG at all and don't mind there products but i have to say that i think this Nexus is just not a very good looking device and just doesn't seem like a very good phone.

well i have a lg 4x hd that is a good looking device and the optimus g is sexy but the lg nexus isn't good looking

wow a lot of crying going on in here, more storage bigger battery. i mean are you really on your phone that much and putting everyting on it? and Google is pushing the cloud thats why the 8gb nexus will be there now and forever. if they do go to a 32gb people will be crying over it they need 64gb.

The problem is that you now have apps that take a large amount of space (e.g. Asphalt 7). So with 8GB you probably have 6 available for personal use. Throw in two games like Asphalt 7 and then what is there left?

There's no point of having an app store if I can only install a few apps. This reminds me of when I first got my htc desire and I had to delete apps in order to try new ones..

Very good point. Google's mantra du jour is "The Playground is open." They're trying to enable people to buy, buy, buy on the Play Store. They're taking a page from Amazon's playbook, selling a device (razor) that helps people lock in and buy more stuff for it (razor blades). An 8GB phone only makes sense as a "switch and hook" offering to lure people over.

I would think most patrons of AC are "power users" more often than not i.e. doing something with their phone every free moment :).

It does get redundant and tiring, but battery life is an issue that when not adequately addressed can render your phone a brick. In this way it's different than any other spec because it has nothing to do with the quality of the experience, but the actual ability to use the device.

I think the issue many have with storage is a) Why take away our ability to expand? Android is supposedly about customization and control. Release only an 8GB model with an SD slot and you won't hear me complaining. b) Flash memory is CHEAP AS HECK and is not somewhere that afaik really can knock a whole heck of a lot off the bottom line and c) It stinks of an attempt by Google to drag us kicking and screaming into the cloud which to me would be fine if at the same time we (in the US at least) are getting squeezed more and more by our service providers and bled dry for every MB of data we use.

The clock in the middle of the notification bar. I'm not a fan. I wonder how it'll effect the notifications that gather up there...

I also find it funny how people who don't get paid and still find time to do free advertisement for private companies who just want their money.

The 8 gig is still just a place holder, this was posted prematurely using custom ROM screen shots, again a place holder for something official, lets not get into a supreme nerd rage over something thats not official yet!!

And here I was thinking I was OK with my 8GB (6GB usable) Nexus7 because my next Nexus phone would have double that anyway.

smh fail facepalm

I have to say I am thrilled with the fact that the device does not have LTE built in. I realize I am an extreme case but in our area we do not have LTE and very spotty HSPA+ service. Since I had started purchasing the LTE newer devices I have had nothing but problems with the network and the phones data not working at all. Any device that I've switched back to that is only HSPA+ works perfectly. So for some people this is a blessing as most newer devices are now coming to market with LTE chips and it certainly is a benefit when you can use it but can also be a hinderance.