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$249 16GB model still on sale; no indication that more 8GB stock is on the way

Just a handful of days after Google cut the price of the Nexus 4 by $100, the phone has once again gone out of stock on the Play Store. While many of us have flashbacks to the stocking issues that hindered the device's launch, the store page prominently says to "please check back soon" for more inventory. But word is that the 8GB model may actually never come back in stock.

Sources tell The Verge that Google doesn't plan to restock the lower-capacity handset, and that as stock dwindles down in different markets they will be the last 8GB models sold. Right at this moment the 16GB model for the newly-lowered $249 price tag is still on sale, but at this point we have to wonder if it won't soon hit the same fate as the 8GB model.

Naturally this stokes the rumor fire about a new Nexus device in the pipeline, as the October-November timeframe is usually when Google announces its new phones. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one, and if you still want a Nexus 4 in your life, you're probably best off snagging a 16GB model here soon.

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Nexus 4 8GB sells out, reportedly won't be restocked


This. If I wasn't locked into VZW I so would have purchased the 8 GB. If the next Nexus device isn't compatible on VZ network (which I'm sure it isn't) I'm done when my contract is up. I'm fed up with the 6 months late to the One game, no Xperias, no S4 active and the no Nexus BS. I could care less about the Droid lineup.

I snagged the 16GB model last week: I ordered it last Tuesday and it got delivered on Friday (yaay). For $277, it is definitely a great purchase; only slightly more than I paid for my Galaxy Nexus ($265).

Google is definitely and intentionally doing this, to avoid being stuck with unsold stock. Last year, after promptly discontinuing the GNex, they were left with quite a few handsets.

I'm not gonna lie, I almost sprung for the 8GB version. At $199, it is an absolutely steal.

They might just be getting rid of the 8gb.

I bought a 16GB and 8 GB. One foe each of my kids.

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I had ordered an unblocked 16 gb model of nexus 4 for 250 $ from
I wish to know how much is the other charges and what will be the final price of the device


Wow, that was fast. My 16 gig will be delivered tomorrow, not hot on the overall size, but the price was just too good to pass up. Buh bye, Verizon, I won't miss the raping and pillaging of my wallet.

Yaaay!! I knew you'd come around!! I hope it all works out for you, in the end!! Are you going to go with At&t or T-Mobile? Both have pretty good prepaid plans.

Do you know if you can use the data only SIMs in the Nexus4?

Be a nice little travel buddy and maybe some Ingress.

I'm not sure. I know, with Verizon LTE devices (Mifi, tablets, smartphones), the SIM cards are interchangeable. AT&T started cracking down on people that switched the SIM cards between their tablets and phones. And, I'm not sure how T-Mobile feels about it. You can always try. If your SIM card gets fried, you can always get a new one for free, through your carrier.

Well, if you were going to go with T-Mobile anyway, you can't beat the $30 plan. 5GB for $30 with 100 minutes and unlimited texting. A data-only plan would cost more than $30 for just 5GB of data.

Very true. Great point, brother.

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hi me from UK...was just wondering if you guys had unlimited internet packages in the US..mine is 5000text,2000minutes xnetwork,5000three to three minutes and all you can eat data. all this for £33p/m and they will rolling out 4g all for the same price.

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Yea, like I said, it was impossible to pass up. I had an 8 gig ready to check out, but canceled at the last minute and ordered the 16 gig version.

Between the overall specs, the price and not being abandoned when it comes to OS updates makes it worth living with the few things I consider cons - no SD card, the size and possibly the non-removable battery (although I really don't care much about that since my 4-5 year old iPhone 3G is still going strong on it's original battery).

I'm going with T-Mobile, already started a pre-paid plan with my Inc2 (unlocked and in GSM mode) to test out the network, and it seems fine. By the end of the month, we'll switch over to a post-paid family plan and save upwards of $90 a month over what we're paying with Verizon AND we'll be getting more services (data on all 4 lines and higher amounts on minutes, messages and data). We don't use much data since We're almost always in WiFi range, so the 500 MB plan that gets stepped down to slower speeds afterwards is perfect for us. Verizon has just become extremely uncompetitive and, at least around here, their network just doesn't justify their premium.

I'm sure I'll get used to the size, and again, even if the 5 comes out and I really want it, the 4 @ $250 will still have been a no-brainer purchase.

I'm glad it's working out for you. It's always nice to hear about someone else saving money.

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Well, if they're not restocking the 8gb they can't just not restock the 16gb N4, can they? I mean, where else will ppl buy these for this price if both versions aren't offered by Google anymore? Everywhere else has them way more expensive.

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They will probably only restock the 16GB version. But, if they decide not to, then the Nexus 5 may come sooner than the Nexus 4 did last year.

Way to turn stock Google.. Finish clearing the shelves of the 16 Gb.. Get them dusted and ready to receive the Nexus 5 in about 30 - 45 days..

The Nexus-5 should be a stunning 5 inch phone.. And be worth the wait..:-)

"The Nexus-5 should be a stunning 5 inch phone..."

Precisely why I bought the 4... ;) Even if my dreams come true and the 5 sports a nice svelte 4.5 inch screen, a removable battery, SD card and a price tag in the initial Nexus 4 range, the 4 will still have been a worthwhile purchase as a media player for my son.

I don't think the Nexus 5 will sport a 5-inch screen. Not sure why, but I think Google will stick to the 4.7 or 4.8 inch screen size. Perhaps, they will use a 5-inch screen and shrink the bezels down to nothing?

I'm more than happy with the Nexus 4 I just ordered, but even I'm curious to see how the Nexus 4 turns out.

P.S: Your dream may come true; Google may shrink the screen down to 4.5 inches and focus on other aspects of the phone, such as the camera. Either way, they will use whatever components they can to keep the price down, which is good.

I really hope so. The 16GB N4 has had plenty of storage for my purposes, and the screen is nice, but a little big for my taste (I've always thought that 4.3 to 4.5 is the sweet spot). The same size or smaller, with a bigger battery (thickness be damned) and LTE... yes, please.

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How old is your son? Just don't want him dialing 911 and getting some bad interactions with the cops. Unless you plan on putting it on airplane mode and then turning on Wifi.

Bring on the next nexus baby. Im dreaming of moto x design language, htc screen and speakers, samsung camera, and droid maxx battery life.

I would replace the Samsung camera with one from Nokia. The cameras on the Lumia series are top notch. The Nokia camera, with all of the other features you mentioned, would be absolutely amazing.

Nexus 4 8Gb still available in the Australian Play Store - as is the 16gb.

Hanging out for the Nexus 5 though. Cash is ready!!

There's two different explanations.
1. Nobody is sure if the "4" in Nexus 4 has anything to do with the 4.7" display considering it actually is the 4th Nexus phone. So it could potentially be named the Nexus 5 because it is the 5th Nexus phone.
2. It is heavily rumored that the Nexus 5 will have a 5" display, which means they would no longer have any reason to call it the Nexus 4 if the entire Nexus lineup is, in fact, named by their screen size.

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Also, discussing the "Nexus 5" clears confusion between the current Nexus phone and the expected one.

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Nexus devices tend to be similar to existing devices by the same manufacturer.. The nexus 4 is similar to the optimus G for example. This keeps R&D costs down. So work out who is making the next nexus and have a look at their lineup.

Of course google could decide to design a new device from scratch this time.. It's their toy.

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Is yours really in transit?
I ordered friday monday but my tracking still says "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated".

Did you choose two-day shipping? And I would give it some time, it was just Labor Day weekend.

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I don't think we will be seeing the Nexus 5 soon. November is my guess because we have still not seen any leaks of the new phone. By this time last year we had many photos of the Nexus 4 for our viewing pleasure.

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This is very true. Maybe Google did this clearance sale a little too soon? Or maybe it was strategic; to make people think that the next Nexus was coming sooner than it really is?

Yeah I do not see the New Nexus coming before November and either they got a little too aggressive on the pricing, have many more 16GB than they thought, or wanted to create some buzz before IFA. Since Google really does not care to be a Phone maker, I doubt the last one is true.

Any way, here is to hoping that they get the next one right all the way across the board.

LTE, ample storage, on all carriers, decent build (not that the last one was bad), better camera software and a big battery.

With the N3 and the Honami getting announced today though I doubt that I will have much left in the wallet for a Nexus though, but it would be nice to have an option.

Gotta pick up my N7 today though...

Yeah, I'm hoping that the next launch does encompass all of the carriers. LTE and 32gb would be amazing, too.

I hope you enjoy your Nexus 7!!

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The Nexus 5 should end making both both faces fragile glass and this 8Gb shit must die! Either make a 32Gb version, or get lost Google.

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My Gnex is basically fried, so I decided to get a 16Gb 4, but UPS was supposed to deliver it Friday, first it went to the wrong address, UPS recovered it, they first said they would re-deliver it Tues. I checked the tracking and sometime late Friday night it said I would pick it up Friday night (10PM), 1) they are closed and 2) I never put in such a request, I don't have a way to get to the hub, they are not even open on Saturday which is brilliant.
I call Sat. and say deliver it on Tues., they said even though it was their fault regarding the "hold" request, they can't override it, and UPS screwed up before with my work bldg, so I asked Google to recall it, which they did. I was afraid UPS will lose it next, and my refund would take forever at that point. Google said I can re-order it to a new address as they assured me once they get the recalled one back, I will get a full refund since I never took possession of it.
UPS is holding my 4 stating return to sender pending, this has been an ordeal.
I decided to reorder a 16gb and sent it to my home address, this is too cheap to pass up. Google support was great, UPS the worst, hopefully I will get my refund quick on the screwed up delivery Nexus 4.

UPS sucks but I'm not as positive with Google. It took me one and a half month to get a refund from Google for a returned device and that's with constant communication. Honestly if the price was the same on Amazon I would get it there instead.

I didn't have this problem, when I ordered mine, last week; but, I'm always skeptical of UPS, regardless.

I got my fingers crossed for you. Here's to hoping that everything works out, with you getting both your phone and refund in a timely manner.

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Both models are still available on the UK store, if you don't live here then you'll have to get redirection services sorted

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I got my 16gig last week the day I seen it on Hot deals for £199 I ordered it @5:30am and it arrived next morning via Parcelforce @7:40am. So far no issue with mine

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