Okay folks, this is probably the shortest video leak we've ever seen, but it's a leak nonetheless. We've got 5 whole seconds of the upcoming Nexus 10 tablet on video, showing the homescreen and opening the browser. If nothing else, you get a really good look at the front design of the device and the screen.

It seems like there are no more secrets to be leaked at this point, but unfortunately we're gonna have to wait until a later date to see everything unveiled officially.

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Nexus 10 shown off in extremely short video


First thing I'd do if I had that:
Root and change DPI for tablet UI

A phone UI on that big of screen is just bleh.... (to me)

Actually the video looks like it wasn't uploaded all the way, probably a break in connection while uploading.

I've never been a fan of the Honeycomb UI. Too much messing about in different corners.
I am quite comfortable with trying out the classic phone UI in this way. Much simpler to understand.

It KILLS me when people call this a "phone ui." It IS NOT. This is THE ANDROID UI that Google has created for phones and tablets. Everything pre-Honeycomb was a phone ui. Honeycomb was the only tablet ui, and the whole point of Icecream Sandwich was to merge the two into 1 consistant ui. Moving forward from ICS there is ONE ui...NOT a "phone ui." If you prefer Honeycomb, then fine, to each his own, but say you want to put Honeycomb on it, not a "tablet ui."

This. Those who are in uproar dont seem to understand that this is better in the long run. More consistance = more customers.

I think that's one of the initial negatives people have of Android tablets.
They pick one up and... "I don't get it. I don't know how to use it".

This is what people are talking about:

Phone UI: The standard interface. Buttons at the bottom, notification bar at the top.

Tablet UI: The buttons have been moved to the bottom left, while the notification bar is on the bottom right and doesn't cover the whole screen when you expand it.

Both interfaces are present in Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean.

When people want the tablet UI, they want Jelly Bean with the tablet layout.

It is a phone UI, it's a simplistic step backwards into Apple–like territory. It just so happens they're using it for tablets now too. I liked the layout of HC and ICS on my Xoom. I'm going to be picking one of these up because the Xoom is showing its age finally, even with the Jellybean update its still not as smooth and direct as my mother's Nexus 7.

It is a phone UI, it's a simplistic step backwards into Apple–like territory. It just so happens they're using it for tablets now too. I liked the layout of HC and ICS on my Xoom. I'm going to be picking one of these up because the Xoom is showing its age finally, even with the Jellybean update its still not as smooth and direct as my mother's Nexus 7.

I couldn't agree more. It is stupid on a tablet to have a top AND bottom bar like that, and a launcher bar too. I hope there are control options for that.... my Xoom doesn't waste anywhere near that much space.

What is with that video? 5 seconds???? What a tease!

is it me or the bezel edge is a bit too big :/. then the plastic look and roundness? Meh..

That's the first thing I thought... the bezel is HUGE...

but it probably looks even more exaggerated because of the softkey bar, which I have never liked. Taking up screen real-estate with a menu bar has always seemed stupid to me.

I'm sure there is a reason for the design and I'm sure it will be explained when the tablet is actually announced and we get to see it for more than 5 seconds....patience is virtue.

Exactly what I was thinking! Made me wonder for a second if they put a 7" screen in a 10" chassis with all that bezel.

According to all the leaked info thus far, the resolution should be 2560 x 1600 in a 10.1" display, which works out to be just about 299 DPI. Your wish came true :o

Which means the tablet UI is gone....unless it's an option or something.

Don't like that at all.

I don't understand your comment at all. ICS merged the tablet and phone versions into one. Why do you assume that means they have to have the exact same UI? Gingerbread was made for phones. Honeycomb was made for tablets. Ice Cream Sandwich was made for both. If that meant using the same interface for phones on a tablet, then what was the point in Honeycomb? Why didn't Google just modify the launcher to fit more icons on larger devices and slap it on Gingerbread?

ISC had two different layouts. The standard one used on phones, and one with the notification bar moved to the bottom right.

Shortest video leak of the ugliest tablet. I'm sorry for raining on the parade but I'm tired of seeing Android devices made from unappealing designs and cheap plastics. If the intention is to sway Apple fanboys, then Android isn't going to do it with internals alone. Devices need to look more aesthetic and premium. That's why I hope everything that's leaked so far regarding the Nexus 10 is fake; from the design, UI, and to the manufacturer. Why did Google even ask the chief offender to manufacture the Nexus 10?? What happened to Asus?! That tablet is ugly, reminds me of the HP Touchpad and it'll only destroy the hard work the Nexus 7 already put in.

yea, in my opinion asus's nexus 7 has a much more appealing design than this. I just want a 32gb nexus 7 so this doesn't really bother me at all

The only android tablet design I've ever liked was the HTC flyer and the transformer. Too bad we'll never see the Flyer 2.

Here's hoping that Samsung makes the build of the Note 10.1 v2 (if there is one) not crap. And a 7" note that doesn't suck would be something I'd be interested in.

Well apparently those devices didn't sell well.....so please guys stop complaining about devices.... go get whatever you want and be happy :-)

I really dont understand that cheap plastics comment.............Transformer prime was all metal, and has poor wifi signal strength..........the iphone so called premium feel, also comes with the highest dropped call rate........Second I dont know anyone that owns a tablet / smartphone that doesn't keep it in a case, so you cant see it anyways.........

I don't use a case, sleeve or even a screen protector on any of my devices, be it phones or tablets.
Now you "know" someone who doesn't believe in the extra bulk.

Partial recant..... I know of only one person who doesn't use a case anyways.......
Gimme a sweet looking composite, carbon fiber.... Color molded.... Any day over metal

"cheap plastics" is a misconception that's been around for decades but isn't really true anymore. People think that if anything is made of plastic, it's automatically cheap. Well sure it costs less to make plastic parts at high volumes but plastic engineering and design is huge now. If designed correctly, plastic feels just as good or better, and has better strength qualities, than metal/glass IMO.

Because people are stupid, fact. They don't understand that metal is not a good material for casing a device containing wireless radios and don't care to learn or understand how it can be detrimental to the performance of a device.

Because people are stupid, fact. They don't understand that metal is not a good material for casing a device containing wireless radios and don't care to learn or understand how it can be detrimental to the performance of a device.

Couldn't of said it better..... Uninformed consumers buying into the hype, without a clue what the misinformation that they're spreading really means............ A quality usually found amongst iDiots.......

I sure hope this isn't it! I've been on this Nexus train for a while, but the train seems to be losing steam! I still love my Galaxy Nexus better than anything I've seen upcoming. Sorry but I thought the Nexus 7 sucked, and very cheap quality product. I had so many burned out pixels within 2 weeks of purchase from Office Depot. I read how googles customer service was lousy, so I sold it on Craigslist and bought the unthinkable iPad 3. Exchanging for iPad 4. Project butter still had a bunch of chunks in it! Soooo choppy! And this tablet looks like a Nexus 7 with a 3 inch bezel. No thanks. I wouldn't pay any more than $50.00 for this junk! This train needs nitro methane instead of steam at this point!

Sounds like you just got a bad device, and that in no way reflects the quality of the Nexus 7. EVERY manufacturer (yes even precious Apple) releases a certain amount of defective devices...theres no way to avoid it. Too bad you went by what you "heard" and not what you learned for yourself, because I thought I had an issue with my device several weeks ago and called Google and they offered to send me a brand new replacement right then and there...no hassle. So, in fact, I'd say their customer service, at least in regards to replacing defective items, is excellent. (I ended up not having to replace mine, and am still enjoying it daily).

What a WASTE of the bottom bar! The whole bottom area just for those three buttons really. Not even a clock for a quick glance. Cell phone UI on such a big screen is dumb, its like mobile view is a primary on the browser too. disappointed.

Why is it a waste? Who says a clock has to be there? Because you saw Apple do something or other Android tablets do something, that means, Google has to do it in their ui? Google has some very brilliant people leading their Android team and I trust them to create a gorgeous, useful product, and I also know enough not to make a design complaint off of a 5 second video of a pre-released product. If you need to know the time and it takes too much out of you to pull the notification bar down, place a clock widget somewhere on that 10.1" screen.

Compare those three buttons with the bottom bar of the Motorola Xoom, there is so much more information at a glance easy to see. The clock just an example. I can understand the three buttons on a small screen like a cell phone but on a tablet its totally dumb. How did you even get to me comparing to apples stuff, I rather be far from it.

I'm loving this. Glad they made the merge for tablet UI and phone UI. Much simpler for users. :-)

I can't laugh anymore about how tall the search bar is, best thing is that there's a lot of launcher alternatives.

Would be cool if (and I wouldn't be surprised if this were to be true, given the length of the search bar) they allowed text to be written directly in that search bar while on the homescreen, as opposed to linking to somewhere else, like it has been.

It really looks like my Touchpad, I'm running cm9 on it and it looks very similar, only with a much better processor and parts, I want one!

Wow kind of a step backwards going back to phone style ui on a 10 inch tablet other than that it just looks like a normal current gen Samsung tablet :(

Iam sorry I dont quite get what users mean by it having a phone UI.... my phones UI does not look exactly like this, neither does my UI on my N7... I think its a step in the right direction to unify the experiences between all android devices.

Traditionally the tablet ui for android has been like this http://cdn.theunlockr.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/Nexus-7-Tablet-UI-E...

Basically the software buttons (home back recent) are in the bottom left and the system tray is in the bottom right that pops up to show you your notifications.

It also traditionally does not have the dock bar at the bottom (fixed icons on every screen) and the app draw is a button in the top right and the google search is a lot smaller in the top left

You wrong, as many tablets with ICS been relses with this UI as well as this UI is available in Android emulator, including Jelly Bean when you turn it to 10-inch

You are 100% wrong on that even jellybean uses that layout the only tablet with jelly bean that does not use that layout is the nexus 7 but all the 10 inch ones do including the official XOOM update

The reason my Acer A500 sits around gathering dust is because the tablet apps stink. I really wish Google would focus on decent tablet apps instead of pushing out more and more tablets. BTW, the huge bezel and rounded shape is just plain ugly.

I really hate it when everyone complains about having a separate phone and tablet UI and then when they are merged people complain about that! Just be happy that Google is releasing new technology and this isn't an Apple product!

The problem with phone UI on a big screen is that instead of using the screen wisely to display more usefull information at a time it just streaches the screen image that a phone displays. I didn't pay to have a 10 inch magnified screen that one button stretches from side to side.

That is not even true lol. The Android UI is designed to scale depending on the size of the screen. That's why the quick-launch bar shows 4 icons on each side of the app drawer icon, rather than just two like on a phone. The Nexus 7 has 3 on each side of the app drawer. That means you can have more icons on a larger screen or more widget space if you will. If you are talking about iOS, then you would be right.

Look at any home scream of the Xoom, which is just straight Google, you get the three button on the bottom left and the rest of the information on the same bottom right corner. Instead of adding the top bar and taking more space away from viewing a web page etc.

"Cheap plastic" is a stereotypical misconception that's been around forever, but isn't true anymore. I'll take a nice, high precision, injection molded plastic shell over some aluminum/glass garbage any day.

Am I the only that actually likes that Google is merging UIs for all of its products? The fact that you're getting similar UI experiences in these devices is better for the average consumer. One of the reasons the iPad is so successful is because when people pick it up, they're instantly reminded of how iPhones work.

I don't think most people thought about it or cared but now that it's being done on this tablet I can see why it hasn't been done before. It really looks out of place.

Google.. What Have You Done To The Name NEXUS?

The Nex-4 has a Sealed Battery with 8 & 16 Gig Storage Options only?

And Now this HIDIOUS Looking Tablet?

Google.. Look At the PADPHONE 2 from ASUS.. It LQQKS 2013..

Then look at this.. this "Grandma's Picture Frame" Styled Tablet...

Oh My God..


2012 will be remembered as the year you slipped One-Notch Google.

IMPO the Padphone and Pad phone are hideous devices. This thing isn't the prettiest but I'll be slapping a TPU skin on it regardless, because I am willing to bet that the price point will be pretty great for A15 hardware.

Many custom "phone" roms let you force Tablet UI. Perhaps Google is running with that. However, I hope it comes set to Tablet UI stock or some people will demo it in the store and be turned off.

First Get over it. Google is unifying the UI. Hate to say it by Tablet UI that you may have liked is dead. If you didn't see it coming then you haven't paid attention. Look at who is doing this, Matias Duarte is giving a consistent UI experience. What needs to be done though is to get developers to make better tablet sized apps. That's the real problem. If you haven't noticed this is very much how the HP Touchpad looked before Duarte left.


All I can say is, "how gullible can you people be?!". This is just some cheap Taiwanese/Chinese tablet with Android on it. Do you honestly think Google would approve a tablet that looked like this after the Nexus 7? And here I thought Android users were suppose to be a little smarter than this.

To those complaining about the bezel size, what the heck are you supposed to hold onto when using it, without touching the screen?