Samsung Nexus 10

Today Google announced the new Nexus 10 tablet from Samsung that offers both 16GB and 32GB versions on its brilliant 2560 x 1600 10-inch display. Set to launch on November 13 around the globe, the Nexus 10 will come stock with Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean). Check past the break for the complete gallery of Nexus 10 images.

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iamtofuboy says:

Beautiful. Samsung and Google should just marry each other.

a22matic says:

This will be my first ever tablet purchase. Can't wait...

eahinrichsen says:

Looks nice. I'll definitely order a 32GB. I do hope that you can alter the position of the back/home/recent apps buttons in settings, though. I like having those to the left.

grooks says:

I have the Nexus 7 and do not see a setting to alter the position of the software buttons either in portrait or landscape mode.

I do not expect a setting to exist on the Nexus 10 for this purpose.

They will now be in the center for consistency across products and for "Finger Memory" according to Matias D.

I'm glad to hear that the two-toned pics weren't final. This is one sexy looking device.

Evoken says:

Me too, I even said that I didn't like the design when I saw the leaked picks but seeing the final product now, it is one sleek and great looking device.

BruhMan says:

Galaxy Note 10.1 Destroys All! Quad Core, up to 64gb Expandable Micro SD, True Multitasking / Multiscreen, Real Feel writing experience with hidden Stylus


Besides Price (because you get less) how does Nexus 10 even compare?

siniux says:

I'll wait for full benchmarks but all signs point to Nexus 10's processor being a beast. Even in dual core. And don't forget the screen: Almost twice the resolution.
All the rest, yes, I agree. But price is the main diference here: with the price of a Galaxy Note 10.1, I can buy here in my country a Nexus 10 and a Nexus 7.

Hmmm a Samsung product competing against a Samsung product....Seems like Samsung wins here!

Zammo76 says:

Galaxy Note is an underpowered piece of junk

BruhMan says:

Hrmph! Thank you for clarifying.... :|