Nexus 7 in the UK

We've been seeing UK Nexus 7 pre-order dates for a while, but today we have confirmation that Google and ASUS' latest 7-inch tablet will be arriving on British shores around the end of August. The Taiwanese manufacturer has confirmed to Android Central that the official UK launch date is Aug. 28, which ties in with what some retailers have been saying. (Though curiously, PC World and Currys are still listing a Sep. 13 release date.)

Retail prices for the new Nexus 7 are set to be £199.99 for the 16GB model and £239.99 for 32GB.


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New Nexus 7 hitting the UK from August 28


eBuyer are claiming to "Guarantee" a delivery date of August 24th (which conveniently is the exact day I want it), so something is still going on

eBuyer hasn't been totally reliable in the past, though. At least not in my experience. I'd take the word of someone inside ASUS as better collateral. Unless of course, eBuyer is sourcing their stock from outside the UK.

Did the Aussie LTE listing disappear? I was expecting to see the LTE version sooner rather than later because of it :(

Same in France. The local retailer is confirming end of August delivery. Pre-order on its site has been live fro last couple of days

Hmm try Ebuyer because they deliver 24th or PCWorld because they have £10 discount. What to do what to do.

Ebuyer has tweeted a picture of them ready in their warehouse today so I see no reason why they couldn't deliver these for 24th.

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Good to see Google has learned how to do currency conversion right, instead of just making 230$ to 230£.

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Then add on VAT at 20% = £176

But yeah, some manufacturers of electrical products or computer components have just done a 1:1 conversion in the past. It bites.

hi, no sorry it was very popular so im pretty sure they pulled it after a day or it was only applicable for 1 day (yesterday)

UK official supplier will receive NExus 7 2013 in their Warehouse on the 19th! (I know it because I buy from them!).
However I don't know when they will ship stock to retail store. I bought mine online on and my delivery date is confirmed on the 19th-20th...however If you buy it now on they have a new delivery date to September as it looks the initial stock has run out! Shame I didn't know my supplier was stocking the New Nexus before I ordered mine!