Our cousins at have been killing the iPad (3/HD/new) coverage today. The long and short of it is you've got more powerful iPad with a killer resolution, and a bunch of other cool stuff thrown in. You can't deny that it's still the tablet to beat, even though we're certainly bigger fans of the Android OS.

Anyhoo. The iMore kids worked up a comparison chart so you can get your specs on. Check it out.


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The new iPad versus the Transformer Infinity (and others)


Why are you comparing it to the Transformer Infinity when they is probably not going to be available for several months? They iPad2 and the BB Playbook are currently available. The Infinity doesn't even have a release date.

I'd like to see it compared to the Asus Transformer Prime instead.

EDIT: I now see you didn't make the chart...

Because we know the specs on the transformer infinity. Whether it's out at this moment or not is irrelevant as a comparison. This shows Android fans that they don't have to worry about the new TF Infinity "pimp slapping" (hehehe) the 'New iPad' (VW anyone?) when it comes out. I don't expect it'll be long before it's out, and those who want it will be willing to wait.

I agree with Miguel, you shold've had a Prime comparison up. Whether that's in addition to the Infinity or a replacement of is up to you guys.

I own a Transformer Prime and I love the thing. I was deciding between a Windows notebook, Chromebook, or a tablet (iPad or ICS).

Went with the Prime because I found that 90% of what I do on a notebook doesn't require a keyboard, since I just use my notebook to browse the web on the couch in the yard etc.

So the Prime gives me a keyboard when I need it, and a tablet to lounge with when I don't. It really is a well-built device. I have had zero issues with WiFi. I have not used GPS yet.

I wonder how many Primes ASUS sold. They are very hard to find. I would suspect that their 4% share of the tablet market is about to go up, especially since Google took notice and will probably have them build the Nexus tablet.

You know.. if they're going to post the CPU and GPU Combo on the iPad.. they should take the time to include the CPU/GPU info on the Tegra3 chipset too... (4+1 CPU, and 12core GPU for those counting)

Why can't I deny that the iPad is still the tablet to beat? Maybe at this very minute it is, but the transformer infinity is a better tablet IMO.

Ditto Miguel...the biggest problem w/ that comparison is the iPad 3 or HD or whatever it's called will be available in 2 measly weeks on March 16th.

That's always been the problem w/ Android devices. They get announced at MWC or something w/ really cool technology (the Infinity and Ubuntu desktop)...we get all excited...Apple gets to see what they have to compete against....nothing is available to buy in stores for 6 months or if it's available, it's so low supply (Transformer Prime during x-mas w/ bad wifi/gps reception) that it loses market buying windows.

Then before the cool Android devices like the Infinity become available, Apple pulls out a magic high res screen that even netbooks/laptops don't have. Sony's 13.3" 1080p laptops are the highest density laptop screens I know of and they cost $2K! Apple is pushing higher screen density on a device that's $500 :-P

I want Android devices to succeed, but it certainly feels like they're getting outflanked or they're shooting themselves in the foot....and I don't see how Android's Nexus tablet is going to turn the tide :-P

Although I prefer Android phones, the iPad is still the best tablet. Specs are rocking in the new iPad, the Retina Display is gonna be amazing, and like Tim Cook said, not many apps were updated for Android tablets, and it's not worth buying a tablet if it's only gonna run stretched out versions of the phone app.

C'mon developers and manufacturers, if you keep going that slow you'll never beat the iPad.

With this coming out, Samsung better be rethinking the Note Tablet..with a better processor and all > .>

"and it's not worth buying a tablet if it's only gonna run stretched out versions of the phone app"

Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Like something I heard about 2 years ago...

But 2 years ago, the tablet that people talked about didn't have competition.

Can't use that argument to defend Android tablets today.

The new ipad looks good for what it is, but the one comparison they didn't bother to put up on their board was against those announced 7" ASUS or Toshiba tablets with Tegra 3...

And that is the biggest issue I have with the ipad now. I can only get it in one size. Apple's size.

If I were invested with Apple, and owned an "old" ipad, I'd have very little desire to get a "new" ipad, because they are all pretty much still the same.

However, I have a 10" android tablet that still works perfectly well for videos and web surfing, but is a little large and awkward for gaming. Now I want a 7" tablet to compliment the 10" one and with android I will get that option.


Tried using the iPad, and various 10 inch tablets. They are fine around the house, but a bit bulky, cumbersome, and PIA to carry around all day particularly when using public transit. Took a 7 inch Galaxy Tab with 3G out with me every day for over a year when I went out. Recently upgraded to new 7.7 Tab. Both are much easier to carry around all day, and boh have the bonus of fitting in my winter jacket pocket.

Having used Android and iOS phones and tablets, I'm still on the fence. I have yet to purchase one for myself, as my Macbook Air is thin and light enough to serve me on the go. If I traveled more extensively for work that might not be the case.

That being said, I think I would still prefer one of the smaller Galaxy Tabs with the ability to run ICS. iOS, while stable and user friendly for more people still lacks the customization I've come to expect with my Android phone.

Perhaps the biggest reason I'm likely not going to pull the trigger on the iPad though is the size. I think it's too big and with the reworked battery, it's now even heavier. Give me a 7.5 to 8.5 inch tablet with that kind of screen resolution and I would be happier. I'll have to wait until I can actually see one in person, but I think my quest for the perfect tablet will continue.

Great coverage, guys!

So Apple continues with a non standard resolution, forced on them by iOSs inability to scale apps properly. The few extra pixels over 1080P are not worth it, it forces scaling of movies and because its still not widescreen you still get small movies. Rubbish.

Dont care about the rest of it.

I think he's saying that physically, as in measured in inches, movies on the iPad are a lot smaller as the screen is not nearly as wide in landscape mode, and then you have huge black bands at the top and bottom. That's a waste of space with no real benefits from the higher resolution watching 1080p movies. So movies are bigger with the same quality on the Prime.

Do you?
1080P is a standard resolution. On the iPad ALL movies get scaled, this introduces artifacting and other aberrations that reduce the experience. More pixels are not always better.

And yes, the aspect ratio of the screen means movies are smaller than they would be on a 1920 pixel widescreen.

The use of the retina was always about a limitation of the OS and Apples policies.

I would take a widescreen 1080P or even 720P screen over the iPad 3 screen any day, well i would if i was even slightly interested in a Pad of any sort. I still think they are pointless.

Yes that would make sense for them to have a 1080p tablet with a 16:9 aspect ratio if all you're doing on the iPad is watch movies. But it's a post-PC device. It's meant for multiple things therefore Apple have to prioritize the aspect ratio for what's best for things over what makes a movie look nice. What about apps, web browsing, design software, the feel of the device in portrait and landscape orientation. 10.1 in devices with 16:9 feel terrible in portrait. Should ALL those things be compromised for movies to scale nice. And if ur really watching a movie like that it should be hooked up to ur big screen neway.

It really depends what you are doing though. For movie watching, yes, the non-standard resolution is atrocious. For everything else (web browsing, reading, etc.) does it have any impact at all?

This is the problem with such ardent viewpoints. You are being doctrinaire about one particular usage case (watching video), when there's a whole bunch of things that make up the tablet experience.

I'm considering buying a tablet right now. And I'm leaning iPad. Why? Because I know it won't leave the house. That's what my large screen Galaxy Nexus is for. At home, I only care about software. And on this front, iOS is way ahead of Android. The operating system may have limitations. But the apps are hands down better. I'll be waiting till Google I/O before I make my final decision. But I really can't see what Google will have to offer that's better.

The retina display is over rated. My SGS2 looks every bit as good as an iphone 4S at much lower resolution. Really have no complaints about my Asus transformer now that it's on ICS. Sure I'll take a higher res screen but certainly wouldn't give up ICS for iOS, no way! I really hate the 4:3 form factor too, bad for widescreen video and really no better for anything. It's a nice improvement for iFans but nothing to make me jealous...

I'm sorry, I love Android too but the SGS2 screen looks nowhere near as good as the iPhone 4S, or the Galaxy Nexus or the Rezound for that matter.

Well I have put the IP4 and GN next to my SGS2 and either I or the owners of those phones could say one looked better then the other at a 1ft+ distance...

Playing a 720p video the difference is clear to my eyes, but even text looks sharper to me on both the IP4 and GN. I think we can both agree that iOS sucks though ;)

The SGS2's screen is 4.5 inches and very nice looking regardless of pixel count. The 4s screen looks alright but it is 3.5 inches big. The SGS2's screen is way better than the iphones.

So sick of the spec wars. That high of resolution on such a small screen adds cost and processing overhead that simply can't be noticed unless you are looking at pictures with you nose about 6 inches away from it.

In the meantime there is not much content designed for it, so like others mentioned HD video won't look as good as it would on a 1920x1080 screen because it will be scaled.

On the flip side Google keeps trying to hide Android's flaws with processing power. Which has been somewhat successful so far, but I don't think it's enough to stop Microsoft from making a huge spash with W8.

*shrugs* It becomes a moot point. Within 6 months it will be outclassed by an Android device. The problem with Apple is they make some moderately good wares.....once a year. I've said it before and I will say it again: Apple can't compete against an industry. Their sales will spike for about 2-3 months as all the iFans get their new tablets and flood ebay with their old ones. Then it will be back to business as usual.

What I want to see is a Nexus Tablet.

Sorry, but Apple IS the tablet industry and to think there is anything out there can even come close to competing in terms of industry and market share is ridiculous. Hopefully Google is serious about doubling down on tablets, but it may be too little too late with Win8 around the corner. Even still, Apple IS the tablet industry.

Except for that one quarter when Apple *only* sold 17 million iPhones... Apple products increase in sales quarter after quarter.

The iPad especially has gone up since April 2010. I haven't noticed any spikes then reductions...

And don't forget... the "industry" of Android tablets is made up of a bunch of separate companies competing with Apple as well as other Android tablet makers.

Android OEMs are fighting with each other.

Apple hasn't even hit the top of the curve in tablets yet, either.

Apple is selling so many phones because they tricking people in buying old, slow, low resolution, 2 1/2 year old iPhones (3GS).

People buy this old crap because of the name iPhone. Apple know that people will not be happy with this old crap but they count on the fact that the people buy a few things so they have to stay in the Apple eco system.

They are pure assholes.

Android OEMs could do the same thing. Problem is they won't get away with it. Here's reality. ICS is the first truly usable version of Android that's on par with iOS. Gingerbread was decent. But battery life sucked on most Gingerbread handsets....mostly because of OEM skins. On the other hand, an iPhone 3GS is still usable with iOS5. Its battery life doesn't get killed by the OS. And it still has more quality apps available than the vast majority of Android handsets.

Apple is opportunistic to be sure. But sadly, for many consumers they still are the better option. For most of my friends and family who aren't technically oriented, I still point them towards iOS. It's simpler to use. And they don't miss out when some hot app comes out.

Let's face it, the grid of icons is exactly what most people need. I can't tell you how many Android users I've come across who don't even really bother with the one huge advantage of Android: widgets. Add into that, issues like battery life, and that's just too much for most people. This is exactly why people are willing to pay for an old iPhone 3GS.

Prefer my Samsung 10.1 rooted and a ton of Roms to run. I have my Pad all tricked out and the I-Pad will never be able to do that. Oh yah they have a hot spot, if you want to pay 30 bucks extra a month for it. Yep, I-Pad looks good but I much prefer the Android platform. The Asus Transformer with ICS is IMO a better pad right now and when the new Transformer roles out it will be better right out of the box. The I-Pad will never have the capabilities of the Android System.

Wow. Right as I actually started to be impressed with the specs I click over to iMore and read "Resolutionary"


Waiting for that Infinity release date now.

For Applications for the Transformer they need to add "OR ANYWHERE ELSE I WANT TO INSTALL AN APP FROM" to the list with Google Play. :)

The new specs on the iPad are pretty nice. I did notice that most of the keynote was talking about software for making videos and playing games which seems like a bit of smoke and mirrors for the actual hardware update. I also think that this launch was about as low key as any Apple has had without Steve Jobs to ramp it all up in his unique way.

My preference in a tablet is the Transformer Prime. It may have had a few issues coming out of the gate, but in reality it gives you everything you can need in a tablet.

- Small and light
- Keyboard dock
- Dock doubles battery life
- HDMI onboard
- SD card support onboard
- USB support on the dock
- 32GB & 64GB options
- Latest ICS OS
- IPS display (and super IPS for reading in the sun. I would like to know how the new iPad fairs in direct sunlight)

Nothing can currently compete with these features. And to boot it is at least $100 cheaper than anything that compares to it.

Regardless, I do like the fact that the competition in Tablets is moving at a crazy speed right now. With Microsoft pushing out Windows 8 etc. we can only expect great choices as consumers. I say keep it coming! This is win win for the consumer.

Can somebody explain why the Transformer Infinity has a resolution of 1920 by 1200 but can only record at 720p?! Does not compute!

The Transformer is larger, lighter, has expandable memory, and can fucking TRANSFORM into a laptop.

Oh and on an open platform made by a company that doesnt encourage the mistreatment of their manufacturers employees.

Very easy choice.

Encourage mistreatment? I'm sure Motorolla (monility w/e) that Google just bought never uses manufacturers with similar practices nor has any of the manufactures who's made Google's Nexus products...*rolls eyes*

I love Android. I love my Galaxy Nexus. But I vote iPad.

Why? Software. Apple has desktop quality software on the iPad. The whole iWorks and iLife suites alone make the iPad worthwhile. They are both pretty close to the experience you get on the desktop. And that's just Apple software. Just look at how much third party software there is for the iPad. Now look at how many apps on the Android Market (Play or whatever) have been upgraded to ICS.

Google really has to step up its game. If it's not going to build software to compete (Google Docs is nice...but it's not competitive with iWorks), then Google should start subsidizing companies who will.

Without software, even the most gorgeous tablet is nothing but a glorified eReader. And there's no way anybody is going to spend more than what the Kindle Fire costs for that.

What totally irks me is how they tried to sell that the A5x was a quad core processor. It's not. Same processing power as the current iPad, though I'll bet most of the reviews will say it has a "quad core" inside.

In the presentation they said quad core graphics. The CPU is still dual core and all the reviews I have seen reflect that.

It doesn't matter how many cores it has as long as it runs the software for it smoothly. In the unlikely event that Apple had decided to maximise profits by skimping on the CPU, it will show soon enough.

I want them to include the real break down of the T3 with a 5 core CPU and a 12 core GPU, add the prices and then throw in the memo 370t into the mix.

Oh and not too be a little off topic, but who is recording video that needs to be high definition on a tablet, anything more than friends hanging out or your kids bring cute should be on a much smaller device than a tablet.

That screen has got to be amazing on the new iPad, but I'm holding out for Google's offering that's coming later this year. My Xoom will do until then. ICS made it the tablet it should have been out of the box.

What I wouldn't give for a high end Nexus tablet right now. Seriously.

2K resolution is a win. everything else is just finally up to Android so meh, I'm still gunning for a Android Tablet when I can spare the cash

Its good for ios fans

But i will never get thing that doesnt support flash player especially tablets. And phones . I used all iphones but useless as i need flash player to watch my sports on the go . serioisly tablets ??? Without flash player ?? Give me a break . What it is useful for than ?? Browsing n gaming ?? I think there is a better ways for that

Android tablets are pretty much toast unless they do something drastic. There's now an iPad at the $400 mark. And there's now the Kindle Fire at the $200 mark. Android OEMs have to price and profit in between those two points. Good luck to them.

The problem with the Android OEMs is that they are reactive. Not proactive. They want to be the iPad on specs. But they barely do that....and with this release they don't. And they don't beat it on price. So what advantage do they have? Android tablets have no decent apps. As of today, their hardware is outdated. And their pricing sucks. Oh and support sucks. How many tablets are still on Honeycomb? What excuse is there for that?

Google seriously needs to take the lead and launch a Nexus tablet with iPad 3 specs, significantly better Google apps, all priced at $400 or less. If Google doesn't lead here, the deathblow to Android tablets will come with Windows 8. A tablet which runs Office for $400? Think of what that would do to the Android tablet market.

Am I the only person who would never buy another apple product because, quite frankly, itunes sucks. I will never buy something that requires me to use itunes. Over and done.

You really don't need to use iTunes anymore. I have a Mac and all I use it for is playing music. And thanks to Google Music Manager, I don't even plug in my phone to download songs to it. All through the cloud.

Same with iTunes. Not really needed for anything except transferring media. Apple does everything else through iCloud.

i love android. but.....
ipad is clearly the winner now... hope they can make some better android tablets. but even that is unclear as Windows8 looks better than android tablets.

Clearly winner with the wrong aspect ratio, heavier and thicker, no memory expansion, no wacom digitizer... based on what, bigg-ass screen resolution? All the processing power added is used up to draw to pixels that no one can see...

Isn't not being able to see the pixels the point. And you're comparing tablet resolution to phone resolution. It's a huge milestone that a tablet resolution can at least near a high-end phone resolution. Give some credit where it's due man you sound like a troll. Ps do you know the iPad because of its aspect ratio being closer to a square it has nearly equavilent surface area as other tablet screens with 16:9 n 16:10 aspect ratios. The 10.1 inches isn't only measure of size

I wouldn't use this chart as it isn't showing some of the information correctly. The iPad has a 45wH battery in it, not the 25wH that the iPad 2 has. It also has an LTE radio in it, so that microSIM spec is wrong on it just being 3G.

Also, why is everyone acting so crazed over the display. It has a lower pixel density than their iPhone 4 and 4S. The pixel density is even less than the Galaxy Nexus and its "horrible (;P)" pentile display. The Asus Infinity is only 42 ppi less than the iPad HD and it has a larger screen.

I don't know, I think this is just an over hyped Apple product that will not see a significant upgrade for another 2 years. These kinds of high res displays are going to show up in the Android Tablets later this year. I dunno, this feels, to me, how the XOOM was all hyped out of purportion and it wasn't THAT fantastic of a device. Especially for its price. I'll save any real judgment until I can play with the new iPad in my local Apple store. I doubt I'll be impressed though; it's not as if the OS was what got the major upgrade.

Because at that price point, displays like this are unheard of.

Closest thing I know of is the Sony 13.3" Z series laptops that cost $2K and they're 1080p displays.
I don't know how the display makers are making money off this except to bank on Apple's volume and get margins of $20-30 off each display :-P

I am still a bigger fan of Android's OS... but for the 1st time, Apple definitely has the edge when it comes to tech specs. I don't even think Samsung will match them before the fall unfortunately.

Seriously its the same a5 chip with a powervr gpu running quad core gpu at 42nm with a higher resolution screen its going to have greater power consumption and technically its minor updates to the ipad 2.

Hmm let's see.

Apple has lied about the Processor running this I have read many reports saying it is quad core.
The aspect ratio is still 4:3 which will cause the need for videos to be scaled and there actually be smaller than on a correctly sized 16:9 android tablet.
You are shackled to rubbish iTunes therefore the device is not truly stand alone. My Android tablet has replaced my laptop fully.
No flash so for instance I'd really struggle being able to watch streamed live sport events not to mention use loads of other websites unless i'd be willing to make do with the lame mobile/ apple friendly versions.
Its really limited on what formats it can play, I can play practically anything on my Android tablet. Including HD .mkv files and I can download these straight from bit torrent sites. Something an Apple product will never be able to do.
Also Android tablets now have 39% of the tablet market and will probably be on an even keel or overtake Apple by the end of the year. I'm not sure why one poster above is saying the tablet market is all Apple when it quite clearly isn't?!

VGA front Camera (in 2012??). No SIRI. These iPads are becoming less magical with each generation.

(and it has one of the stupidest names ever)